10 Activities for a Memorable Barcelona Vacation

Barcelona ensures tourists have an extensive to-do list. Check out a city where ancient, medieval, and modern times converge to serve up the ultimate experience.

For many, Barcelona is a bucket list destination. With that in mind, a single trip just won’t cut it if you want to have the ultimate experience. 

There’s a lot to explore and tons of places to party, as well as opportunities to learn about the varied history and go on various adventures. Whatever it is you’re after, the city can provide you with it, and then some.

Make sure you have these on your to-do list.

#1 – Visit La Sagrada Familia

There’s nothing quite like admiring the works of Antoni Gaudi. And this world-famous structure he spearheaded is one of the top Barcelona attractions. 

The basilica combines various architectural styles – Gothic, Art Nouveau, Catalan Modernism, to name a few. Gaudi designed it more than a century ago and it’s on track to be completed 140 later after construction began. It’s also set to become the tallest basilica in the world due to its massive spires. 

You can look as hard as you want, but you won’t find any religious structure similar to this one.

#2 – Spend Time at the Beach

Going to the beach is among the top things to do in Barcelona. And, in fact, it’s what most tourists choose to do for the better part of the day. You can also take your pick of which beach to go to, as the city’s miles of coastline offer plenty of options.

Mar Bella, Bogatell, and the renowned Barceloneta are three of the most visited beaches. Although it can get generally crowded during peak season, the vibrant atmosphere and music make it a worthwhile experience.

#3 – Tour Camp Nou

You don’t have to be a soccer fan to appreciate the scale of Barcelona’s premier stadium. Aside from hosting home games of FC Barcelona, the stadium is also one of the most impressive in the world.

It’s Europe’s largest stadium with a capacity of over 99,000 people. And expansion plans to make it accommodate even more people are already underway. 

A tour of the stadium and the FC Barcelona museum where all the trophies are on display is one of the Barcelona activities you should not miss.

#4 – Visit the Barcelona History Museum Sites

It’s rare to find such well-preserved ancient spots in a bustling urban landscape. Fortunately, the museum makes it possible, as it takes care of over 43,000-feet of historical sites spread across the city. 

The Gothic Quarter, in particular, showcases excellent restoration works and beautifully preserved sites dating back to the Roman Empire. Imagine being able to see the city’s history in all its complex layers dating back to ancient times. This is precisely what awaits you at Placa del Rei. 

You can also explore the city’s first water pumping station and an air-raid shelter, among many other important structures.

#5 – Check Out One of Gaudi’s Quirkiest Creations

The famous architect shaped many of the city’s iconic landmarks and other recognizable sites. It’s no wonder that one of the top 10 things to do in Barcelona is to seek out and admire Gaudi’s works.

Casa Batllo is a particular favorite of many – it’s an apartment block like no other. You’ll find very few straight lines, meticulous attention to detail, and the legendary roof tiles that resemble dragon scales. It should satisfy everyone’s needed dose of fantasy.

Although with heavy Gaudi influence, he only worked on it during the 20th century remodel.

#6 – Get Amazing Panoramic Views of the City

If you’re on a roll to visit all things Gaudi, then you can’t miss the eccentric garden on Carmel Hill. The park, also designed by the architect, displays his unique architectural style – few straight lines, many fountains, sculptures, and other elements done in a distinctive fashion.

When on the hill, you can also visit the architect’s house, now operating as a museum, and learn more about the mad genius. Make sure to drop by the garden’s main terrace – it’s high enough to offer one of the city’s best panoramic views.

#7 – Explore the Montjuic District

The district dates back to 1929 where its initial purpose was to host an international exhibition. But since then, it has transformed into a cultural hub for the city. 

Montjuic District is now one of the top tourist attractions in Barcelona. It’s home to the Archaeology, Ethnology, and Catalan Art museums. The latter has spectacular exhibits as well as great views of the city.

Also present since the district’s inception is the Magic Fountain. On weekend nights, it becomes an even more spectacular sight thanks to its music and light shows that come on every 30 minutes.

#8 – Start Your Day at the Market

One of the best things to do in Barcelona is to get up early. It’s because early risers can head out to the Mercat de la Boqueria, a trendy food market in the Las Ramblas district.

This market is where you can find amazing local dishes, a wide range of fresh fruits, sangria, dry goods, and so on. It’s also where you can find some of the best tapas bars in the city. 

Keep in mind that the market gets very crowded past brunch time.

#9 – Party in Placa Reial

The Gothic Quarter has more to offer than a glimpse into the city’s history. If you want fun things to do in Barcelona at night, Placa Reial is the place to visit.

It has the city’s largest concentration of clubs and bars. And you don’t have to worry if you had a late day. After all, the square rarely comes alive when it’s earlier than midnight.

This square is the ideal spot for night owls, bar hoppers, and avid dancers. The variety in music, drinks, and vibrant atmosphere is perfect for any tourist looking to mingle and party with the locals.

#10 – Do Touristy Things at Las Ramblas

One of the most popular tourist hotspots is one that the locals don’t fawn over too much. But that’s great news for you because that means it has fewer crowds than other popular spots in the city.

Las Ramblas is the most prominent tourist hub in the city. It’s a sequence of promenades in downtown Barcelona that’s filled with everything from souvenir stands to alfresco cafes.

While strolling on the pathway, you can find local artists, street performers, and much more.

A Never-Ending Supply of Entertainment and Awe

The capital of Catalonia is a special place. And the locals are proud of their city, and for good reason. 

The city’s unique identity, friendly atmosphere, and towering landmarks of distinctive architecture make it one of the strongest tourist magnets in the world.

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