10 Best Activities for an Unforgettable Las Vegas Adventure

Few cities are as vibrant as Las Vegas. Here’s what you can do day and night if playing cards or hitting the slots aren’t your primary concerns.

Often associated with gambling, Las Vegas went hard at work to rebrand itself as a family destination. Fortunately, the city’s efforts paid off – it now caters to far more than those who want to beat the house.

Sin City is a tourist hotspot with many activities to offer, from indulging in its infamous casinos, seeing gorgeous scenery, to going on amazing rides and attractions. It’s hard to choose which activity to indulge in during a short visit, so here’s a list you can use as your guide.

  1. Check Out the City’s Skyline

There are so many spots to go to if you want to take in the views of the city, but the Las Vegas High Roller is one of the best places to do so. The Ferris wheel towers over 500-feet above street level and has multiple cabins that can hold up to 15 people.

You’ll get to enjoy a different kind of wheel ride that lasts 30 minutes – it shows you an incredible 360 degrees view of the skyline and features a bar service. It’s one of the top things to do in Las Vegas on your first day there.

However, the city’s most important observation point is at the Stratosphere Casino. It’s the home of the country’s tallest free-standing observation tower.

  1. Explore Nature

Most people go to Vegas for its casinos. But did you know that just outside downtown Vegas is where you’ll find one of the most gorgeous desert sceneries?

Go on a 12km loop around the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It’s a National Park with many hiking trails, breathtaking scenery, and ideal spots for photo ops.

Be mindful of the local wildlife, with the likes of scorpions, snakes, lizards, and other critters freely roaming around. Bring plenty of water and get ready for an unforgettable outdoor Vegas adventure.

  1. Learn About the Mob

You may have heard that the mob built and shaped Las Vegas. So, why not find out whether that’s true, and more, at the Mob Museum?

Going on a tour here for a couple of hours is, in fact, one of the most exciting things to do in Las Vegas. 

You’ll get to learn about the connections between the criminal organization and the city’s history. You also uncover facts about infamous figures in that period, what they did, and how the law enforcement agencies caught up with everything. 

  1. Tour the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden

Its five rotating displays provide different floral shows that offer jaw-dropping experiences. But keep in mind that this exhibit changes throughout the year. 

And, since Vegas isn’t exactly cheap, this is one of the better tourist attractions if you’re on a budget. Visiting the 14,000-square foot indoor garden is among the top things to do in Las Vegas for free and can be great, too, if you’re traveling with kids.

  1. Explore the Las Vegas Strip

It’s the city’s most recognizable artery and arguably the most prime stretch of real estate. So, get ready for some sightseeing… free-of-charge!

Walking or driving on the strip brings you close to some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. You’ll get to see their version of the Eiffel Tower, the Bellagio Fountains, the sphinx, and the pyramid. Even The Venetian’s famous Grand Canal is on the Las Vegas Strip.

Following the strip takes you from Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere Casino and you’ll get to hit most of the city’s hotspots along the way.

  1. Check Out Some Shows

Every casino in Vegas puts on a variety of entertainment acts. Guests get treated to concerts, sporting events, awards, magic shows, and so much more.

It’s part of Sin City’s draw and a staple of the local nightlife after all. 

And if you want an unforgettable Las Vegas vacation, you can double down on the entertainment factor. The MGM and Mandalay Bay, in particular, put on some of the most elaborate shows. For example, you can also catch Cirque du Soleil acts at both places.

  1. Satisfy Your Need for Speed

There are more ways to get your thrills in Vegas other than gambling. If you’re looking for unique Las Vegas attractions, look no further than the Speedvegas experience.

The track offers you a chance to drive some of the fastest luxury cars in the world. Think Ferraris, Jaguars, Lamborghinis, and other auto industry gems. 

But keep in mind that the facility requires you to have a valid driver’s license and that you’re over 18. You’ll need it before they let you pick a car and put the pedal to the metal in this unique driving experience.

You can even have your kids as passengers as long as they’re over six years old. 

  1. Cool Off on the Grand Canal

If Italy is too far for you, Vegas can give you a taste of Venice. The good news is that Sin City doesn’t feature the infamous Venetian smells or dirty water.

The Venetian famously recreated some of Venice’s most iconic highlights. So, why not take a gondola ride on the Grand Canal? It’s one of the top Las Vegas activities for tourists of all ages. 

And it’s not a bad way to cool off, listen to some music, or spend a romantic evening.

  1. Mingle with the Pros

If you want to rub elbows with some high-rollers or catch a card tournament, then you have to visit the Bellagio.

It’s where you’ll find the city’s most popular high-stakes tables. In addition, the casino hosts the World Poker Tour and numerous other competitions.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you can’t join a table. You’ll still run into many celebrities and pro players that you may want to see in action or ask for an autograph.

  1. Go on a Roller Coaster Ride

Maybe a roller coaster doesn’t sound like a fantastic idea while you’re in Vegas. There has to be something even more exciting, right?

Well, the Big Apple Roller Coaster offers a different experience. 

Aside from the ride itself, New York-New York on the strip also has scale models of New York City’s most important attractions – the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, etc. That means when you’re on the roller coaster, you’ll get to zoom past the faux Manhattan skyline and get some fabulous views of the city along the way.

Sin City Offers Plenty of PG Fun

You can gamble anywhere in Las Vegas, so that shouldn’t be your main focus if you want an unforgettable vacation. Remember that there’s a lot more to do whether you’re inside or outside a Vegas casino.

However, some of your best experiences, aside from winning big, are likely to happen away from the table.

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