What to Know Before Visiting Las Vegas

What to Know Before Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the gem of the Mojave. But before setting foot in Sin City, it’s best to come armed with plenty of local info.

There are few cities in the world like Las Vegas. It’s a place that’s well-known for casinos and shows, and no less for clubs and restaurants. All of this packaged in architecture that ranges from stunning to that of highly questionable (and potentially comical) taste.

One thing is for sure: the city will leave you with lasting memories. If you’re visiting Las Vegas, here are some things you need to know first.

Must-Know Restrictions

Must-Know Restrictions in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is trying to become more family-friendly, the city is still geared towards adults. There are, of course, activities for underage people, but many are age-restricted. 

Casino dealers will check for a valid ID. So will the security at the bars. This means there’s not much to do in those places if you’re underage.

Minors can’t legally drink. They also can’t be on the street unaccompanied after 9 pm. Unless for family weekends, it’s best to wait until you’re 21 to visit Las Vegas.

Speaking of drinking, feel free to do so outdoors if you can legally drink. A few places in the US allow drinking in the open, and Las Vegas is one of them. The only limitation is that the beverage container should not be made of glass.

This freedom doesn’t mean disorderly conduct gets overlooked, though. Those that go stumbling around the streets causing trouble will find themselves facing charges and fines. Also, it’s forbidden to have an open drink container while driving a car.

Where to Stay on a Budget 

Las Vegas Strip

The most famous Las Vegas hotels have extravagantly high-priced accommodation. But there’s still a wide range of other options. There are places suited for every pocket – from budget rooms to elite lofts.

The location of your hotel is something to consider when planning for a budget. Cheaper accommodation that’s too far from key sites might turn out to be more costly in the long run. To avoid the transportation costs, it’s best to find a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Beware the Notorious Taxis (And Lack Thereof)

Las Vegas Notorious Taxis

There’s no chance of hailing a Las Vegas taxi on the street. This isn’t a figure of speech but a legal fact. It’s because cabs and other transportation services can handle passengers only in designated areas. As these areas are usually at the casinos, prepare to wait in line.

And once you get a taxi, beware of long-hauling. It’s quite common for Las Vegas cab drivers to take the longer route to build up the fare. If you’re riding from the airport, pay attention when the driver asks you if it’s your first visit – it might not be just innocent small-talk. The best way to counteract long-hauling is to get familiar with the route beforehand.

Before Painting the Town Red

Las Vegas nightclubs

While the desert climate brings scorching heat, the interiors are fiercely air-conditioned. This means you’ll need to wear light clothes outside to cool you off. But it would be a good idea to wear something warmer for casinos, shows, and dining.

Some venues also have strict dress codes, so it’s best to pack accordingly and come prepared.

An example of places likely to have dress codes are the Las Vegas nightclubs, places of extreme fun. Here you can experience exciting dance parties with light shows and celebrity DJs. Finding a good club will make your night feel too short.

But a counterweight to the fun is waiting in line for hours and not getting in at the end. To avoid this, stop by the concierge desk at your hotel first. You could get a good recommendation, a discount deal, or even get on the guest list.

Time to Indulge in Amazing Entertainment

Las Vegas Entertainment

Many visitors spend the majority of their time in the casinos. However, gambling is hardly the only thing worth your attention while there. That’s why you should plan your time and budget for at least one of the world-class shows.

Whatever performance you enjoy the most, Las Vegas has them all. Some of the most famous entertainers play in the city’s venues. Concerts, magic shows, comedy nights, and plenty more are available nightly. It would be downright wrong to miss out on the experience.

Aside from seeing the popular shows, you can also enjoy amazing food. In the past few decades, the Las Vegas restaurant scene has really taken off. Fine dining is becoming a staple of the city on par with gambling. You’ll find celebrity chefs with their restaurants all over Las Vegas.

Although buffets, cafeterias, and fast-food joints are still there, they don’t have the same allure. So if you’re spending some time in Las Vegas, reserve some of your budget for a unique dining experience.

Of course, Las Vegas casinos are famous for a reason – these can easily mesmerize and occupy your mind. They have much to offer when it comes to games and ambiance. Free cocktails, soothing music, the excitement, and the notable absence of clocks will make the time fly.

Most likely, you already know that the proverbial house always wins. That’s why every additional hour spent on the casino floor will mean less money in your pocket. Rather than limit the time and fun, plan a gambling budget – set a limit for spending and walk away once you get near it.

If you want to make the most out of your visit, plan your gambling expenses daily. That way, you’ll be safe to spend some time at the tables or the slot machines every day. The thrill will be there, but your funds won’t disappear overnight.

Return to Explore More of Las Vegas

Since visits to Las Vegas can be intensive, many trip advisors cite four days as the perfect visit length. If that seems short, it’s because there’s too much to see and enjoy.

However, no Vegas vacation will be long enough to discover everything the city has to offer. That’s why the best way to experience Las Vegas is in more frequent, shorter trips. 

You’ll get to recover from the overload of splendors, and the gem of the Mojave will be there for your next visit.

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What to Know Before Visiting Las Vegas