What to Do in Las Vegas During the Night

What to Do in Las Vegas During the Night

Casinos and shows are staples that don’t need special mentions. But a night in Las Vegas can be memorable for many other things as well.

The famous city of Las Vegas has much to offer – from casinos, clubs, restaurants, and many less prominent attractions. Because of the harsh heat and the appeal of nocturnal activities, the nightlife is vital to the city.

Below the surface, Las Vegas has a number of hidden gems to discover. Here are some of the best things to do in Las Vegas during the night.

1. See Shows and Take a Gamble in the Casinos

Las Vegas Casinos

It’s best to get the obvious out of the way first. 

Las Vegas is synonymous with gambling and casino floors. Besides the renowned gaming tables, the venues can surprise you with additional attractions. Some offer sports bets, while others have arcade machines if you’re not up for gambling. Plus, the restaurants and buffets open 24/7.

The dazzling lights also invite visitors to pay attention to the architecture, and with good reason. Exploring the various impressive buildings that house the casinos is an adventure in itself. Some will leave you awestruck with their scope and majesty. Others might take you to a different world and setting.

Las Vegas shows are also world-renowned. Many of the greatest entertainers have performed in Las Vegas and continue to do so today. You might not participate in gambling, but visiting some of the shows is an absolute must.

2. Take a Tour

las Vegas Tour

Night time is perfect for touring Las Vegas. The heat won’t bother you and the city looks much more impressive at night. There are open-top bus tours that showcase all important Las Vegas landmarks. You can also opt for the walking tours if the pace suits you better.

Some tours have themes based on the city’s history and popular culture. Others include cocktails and food. The sight-seeing possibilities are as varied as the indoor experiences.

3. Take a Ride on the High Roller

Take a Las Vegas Ride on the High Roller

Perhaps the most breathtaking way to see Las Vegas is from 550 feet up in the air. The High Roller is an observation wheel that’s amongst the tallest in the world. You’ll be riding for half an hour in a comfortable pod that offers a 360-degree view.

For those that want an extra kick with the spectacle, champagne offers and cocktail happy hours are available. These can also come in handy if you need some liquid courage to handle the height.

4. Have a Late Night Snack – or a Whole Meal

Las Vegas restaurants

There are plenty of places in the city that work around the clock. Las Vegas restaurants followed suit, so many of them never close. In fact, most restaurants offer breakfast meals for the whole day.

In terms of nighttime dining, you’ll find everything from fast-food to international cuisine. It doesn’t matter whether you’d like a snack or a full-blown meal – the night restaurant scene won’t let you down.

5. Be Entertained by Water and Fire 

Lake of Dreams in Las Vegas

The iconic Fountains of Bellagio work throughout the day but are most stunning at night. Jets of water synchronize with the light show, and these are all coordinated to backing tracks. The dark background will make the show almost magical.

In contrast, the Mirage Volcano bursts with explosions and spews fireballs. The show takes place in the evening hours, ensuring the massive fireworks stand out in the night sky.

You can also see an elegant, dreamlike show if you visit the Lake of Dreams. There are thousands of lights, holographic, and fog effects that play out to a musical background in front of an artificial waterfall.

6. Visit Fremont Street

Las Vegas Fremont Street

Fremont Street is a pedestrian zone where you can enjoy a variety of Las Vegas content for free. It is a lot of fun and almost serves as a preview of everything the city has to offer.

Festival parades travel along Fremont Street at a scheduled time and date. There are open-air stages where world-famous artists perform from time to time. The street is also known for spectacular light shows. Finally, you can enter many casinos and hotels from Fremont Street.

7. Zip Over the Strip

Las Vegas ziplines

There are several ziplines over the promenade. The rides are available during the evening and even late at night. You can sit upright or assume your best Superman pose while flying over other visitors. While the experience passes by quickly, it’s well worth it.

Las Vegas ziplines aren’t exactly cheap for the short time you spend on them. On the other hand, the price isn’t high enough to deter you from trying them out.

8. End the Day with a Coaster Ride

Big Apple Coaster in Las Vegas

The Big Apple Coaster is open until 9 pm, and the evening is an excellent time for a ride. It features exciting twists, turns, and a massive drop. You can get a VR upgrade for your ride, but the default experience seems better. Seeing the city light up as you’re soaring around is a sight to remember.

Meanwhile, the Strat resort offers a different kind of ride they call Insanity. The ride earns its name since it spins at a great speed. The grand finale comes when you’re suspended facing down from over 860 feet. While it sounds chilling, the view is worth the adrenaline rush alone. You’ll see the whole of Las Vegas downtown and the memory will stick with you forever.

Make the Most Out of Las Vegas Nights

The Las Vegas skyline is something to admire. No matter if you see the light show for the first or the hundredth time, it’s a treat. So, resist the call of indoor attractions and spend the night outside.

There’s always more of Las Vegas to experience, day or night. Make sure to revisit the city to catch everything worth seeing and doing in Las Vegas.

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What to Do in Las Vegas During the Night