The 10 Most Exciting Activities in Orlando, US

Rightfully called the Theme Park Capital of the World, Orlando has plenty of activities that can get your adrenaline going. 

Orlando is the place to be if you want to experience some of the coolest zip lines in Florida, among others. Many might think it’s just for those looking for plenty of adrenaline rush, but it’s also an exceedingly family-friendly city. 

Whatever you choose to do, here are the top 10 activities in Orlando that you wouldn’t want to miss.

#1 – Take the Airboat Ride at Boggy Creek

You can find Boggy Creek Airboat in Kissimmee, which is close to Walt Disney World. The ride itself takes 45 minutes and takes you into Florida’s untouched nature. Don’t be surprised to see some of the exotic wildlife endemic to the region during your trip. 

Once aboard an airboat, you’ll get to whizz down the Florida Everglades at up to 40 mph. But if you think it’s not safe, rest assured that every boat has the U.S. Coast Guard’s approval for operating.

And if you want a genuinely thrilling experience of the Everglades, night rides are available and they last 15 minutes longer.  

#2 – Visit the Botanical Gardens and Florida Zoo

This is among the most kid-friendly activities in Orlando. 

The zoo and botanical gardens take up 23 acres and host over 500 animals. Its highlights include the Seminole Areal Adventures, insect zoo, and reptile house. 

There’s also a children’s area where the youngsters can pet and feed some of the animals. Best of all, this attraction is just a short drive from the city center. 

#3 – Jump Aboard a Balloon

Arguably the best way to see the city is from above, and the balloon ride can deliver that experience. 

These hot-air balloons take off near Walt Disney World, making it a potentially great way to round off your day after visiting the theme park. 

You can count on plenty of opportunities to snap great photos as your balloon floats across the city’s skyline. 

#4 – Go Go-Karting

How about some fun indoor activities in Orlando? 

There’s Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, which bears the name of legendary race car driver Mario Andretti. 

The karting area spreads across multiple levels and has tracks suitable for both beginners and veteran drivers. But if that’s not your cup of tea, you can get in one of the VR racing simulators instead. Or check out the curved zip line, extreme ropes course, and motion theater. 

If you feel famished after all that activity, know that the facility also has a full-service restaurant. 

#5 – Visit Chocolate Kingdom

This Willy Wonka-inspired attraction takes you through a myriad of chocolate creations, many of which must be seen to be believed. 

A prince and his sidekick will take you on an interactive tour of the chocolate factory. There are several memorable stops like the Mystical River of Chocolate, the Cacao Tree Greenhouse, and the Chocolate Museum. 

The main attraction is the Bean-to-the-Bar Factory where you’ll get to learn all about vintage chocolate-making. And if you’re so inclined, this is where you can make your personalized chocolate bar. 

#6 – Stop by the Kennedy Space Center

Want to do something unique?

The Kennedy Space Center is an hour away from Orlando and well worth the drive, as it’s where you can learn the history of space travel and the associated technological marvels. 

This is where you can find the Saturn V rocket and Space Shuttle Atlantis, as well as various artifacts, displays, and replicas that commemorate the relevant space missions. 

Before you leave, make sure to take the Heroes & Legend experience for an immersive story about the pioneers of NASA. 

#7 – Check Out Topgolf Orlando

One of the coolest daytime activities in Orlando, Topgolf can appeal to golfing connoisseurs and novices alike. 

The venue is next to the Orange County Convention Center and equipped with more than 100 driving bays. These are climate-controlled and blessed with excellent music selection and HDTVs. 

Interestingly, Topgolf uses a scoring system more akin to darts and bowling than golf. That’s not a bad thing, though, as it makes it easier to keep track of your progress when you’re playing for fun. 

The venue also has an impressive drink and food menu that won’t make you think twice about ordering some refreshments so you can do as well as you can on the course. 

#8 – Walk Around Bok Tower Gardens

Bok Tower Gardens may just be Orlando’s best-kept secret. 

Just 10 miles off LEGOLAND, the Gardens is a National Historic Landmark and a gift from Pulitzer Prize winner and humanitarian Edward Bok. The 700 acres of land cover nature trails, citrus groves, and lots of endangered plants. 

Like all things Florida, the gardens are open all year round.  

#9 – Spend an afternoon at Gatorland

Those who look for cheap activities in Orlando, Florida, should go to Gatorland. But don’t let the low ticket price fool you, as there’s plenty of excitement to be had here. 

The place spans 100 acres and has thousands of crocodiles and alligators on site. There’s also an aviary and an observation tower overlooking the reptile breeding marsh. 

Gatorland houses Florida panthers as well, in addition to a splash pad and a petting zoo. Memorable exhibitions include Gator Jumparoo, Gator Wrestlin’ Show, and Stompin’ Gator Off-Road Adventure. 

#10 – Get Your Fill of Revolution Adventures

This may be a countryside attraction, but it’s not far away from the major theme parks of Orlando. Off-road adventures are the focus at Revolution Adventures. 

Get behind the wheel of the most outrageous ATVs, including ARGO Mucky Ducks and dune buggies. And yes, everything is guided so you’ll be perfectly safe at all times. 

When you’re done driving, you can try your hand at shooting clay pigeons or archery. Revolution Adventures has all the necessary gear for it.

Excitement Never Stops

There are enough activities in Orlando to make you book an extended holiday. It’s the city where you can experience a mix of activities unique to Florida, while still have time for the theme parks.

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