Five Reasons to Visit Orlando, Florida

Five Reasons to Visit Orlando, Florida

Embrace the beauty of Orlando and the attractions of the city.

Orlando is a city densely packed with sights to see and activities to engage with. While it’s famous for theme parks and nightlife, there’s so much more to enjoy.

If you want fine dining in unique venues or a perfect nature escape, you can find it all in The City Beautiful. Here are five reasons to visit Orlando, Florida.

  1. Get Some Adrenaline Rush in its Many Theme Parks

Since Orlando is the famed theme park capital of the world, it’s only natural to start here. There are colossal fantasy-themed parks, as well as those focused on nature exploration. 

Resorts like Disney World and the Universal complex are the size of a small town. These two resorts alone house many well-known theme parks – you’ll need several days to visit them all.

Other heavy-weight theme parks include SeaWorld and Legoland. SeaWorld has water-based rides and an extensive showcase of marine life. Of course, Legoland has the theme of the famous Swedish brand. 

However, there are also other theme parks of less gargantuan proportions worth mentioning.

Gatorland is exactly what it sounds like. The wildlife reserve and theme park are all about alligators and crocodiles. Here you can watch the reptiles from an observation tower, walk through the swamp, or fly on a zipline. Daily shows and training sessions star the animals themselves. Although themed around the ancient predators, the park is family-friendly and safe.

Meanwhile, the Fun Spot Action Park is purely focused on fun activities. The park features various Go-Kart tracks, roller coasters, and fair games. And as a particularly sweet detail, there are many attractive carousels for you to ride if you want to slow things down.

  1. See The City’s Gorgeous Lakes

Orlando’s lakes don’t get enough attention as an attraction – the city’s teeming with them from downtown to the wider area. In fact, those who manage to take their eyes off the amusement parks would find freshwater all around.

The small yet touchingly beautiful Lake Eola lies in downtown Orlando. A park and the cityscape beyond surround it, perfect for a walk on the mile-long walkway around the lake. You can even see swans cruise the clear water among the greenery and a fountain all lit-up at night.

Lake Ivanhoe is also in the city, particularly in the historic Ivanhoe Village neighborhood. It’s a popular destination in Orlando, abundant with shops and restaurants. You can explore the lakeside on a paddleboat, bike, or on foot.

Meanwhile, the large Clear Lake is in the city center. It borders three parks that have fields for different sports. This lake has several canal outlets to the south and a fishing dock. Here you can ride a boat or take a stroll on the boardwalk.

Orlando’s downtown area already has an astounding number of gorgeous lakes and parks. But if you venture a couple of hours outside the city, plenty more are waiting. This includes Lake Okeechobee, the largest in Florida and the second-largest in the USA. 

These freshwater treasures are truly marvelous and memorable.

  1. Vast, Sunny Beaches

If you don’t mind taking a short trip, your visit to Orlando can become a beach holiday. Although landlocked, the city’s some 90 minutes away from both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Some you can even reach in an hour or less, like Cocoa, Canaveral, or New Smyrna Beach.

The Florida oceanside is well-known for expansive stretches of sandy shores. You can find developed beaches with plenty of amenities or a secluded area for peaceful relaxation. 

A day on the beach in Florida’s tropical climate is certainly worth the relatively short drive.

  1. A Vibrant Nightlife

Orlando offers a great choice of bars, restaurants, and clubs. There are places with live music and shows, as well as some amazing dance clubs. Whether you’re looking for fine cuisine or a place to dance the night away, Orlando’s got it all.

The Improv Comedy Club is a stand-out venue. During its decades-long existence, it’s featured some of the biggest names in the industry. So if you’re up for adult-themed comedy, this unique club will have you laughing for hours.

For a great night out, you should also check out Kings Dining & Entertainment. You can go bowling, play billiards, table tennis, and lots more. The dining part focuses on classics, like burgers, pizza, and chicken wings. In the two bars located here, you can find craft ales and cocktails, among other beverages.

  1. One-of-a-Kind Hotels

Although it might not be immediately synonymous with the city, there are many unique hotels in Orlando. Some accommodations have prices that don’t go too much over the average, while others are more exclusive. 

Whatever your choice and budget, there are many hotels in Orlando worth seeing for the attractions they have.

The Holiday Inn Resort houses a waterpark, activity centers for kids, and a cinema theatre, to name a few. The waterpark is enormous, surrounded by hotel buildings with modern apartments.

Meanwhile, the Gaylord Palms Resort has an enclosed atrium filled with trees and greenery. The wonderful, old-time architecture that encompasses the atrium represents Florida’s history. But if the somewhat pricier accommodation deters you from staying here, you should at least visit this hotel for the incredible sight.

The Grand Bohemian Hotel has a sophisticated style worthy of its name. In particular, the lavish design of the rooms contrasts with the clean, modern exterior. You’ll even find leather chairs and oak tables inside the luxurious, boutique hotel.

If you want more than a hotel, why not stay at a castle? The Castle Hotel has a Bavarian-style design. Inside and out, there’s a combination of traditional castle and modern elements. The decorative furniture further contributes to the uniqueness and luxury of the hotel.

Feel the Magic of Orlando

It isn’t easy to cover everything to see and do in Orlando. To experience it all in one visit is downright impossible. Far from being just a theme park hotspot, the city has all kinds of attractions.

Once you visit Orlando, chances are you’ll crave to see it again. It’s a special place deserving of its name, The City Beautiful.

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Five Reasons to Visit Orlando, Florida