The 5 Top Theme Parks in Orlando (That Are Great for the Whole Family)

The 5 Top Theme Parks in Orlando (That Are Great for the Whole Family)

Looking for things to do in Orlando with your family? Discover the most exciting theme parks that offer something for every age group.

Planning a trip to Orlando? You’ve made an excellent choice. One of Florida’s few strictly family-oriented cities is full of life and offers endless opportunities to create lasting memories.

If you’re going with your family, theme parks are a must. But then, you also have to choose one or a few that will be great for every member of the family.

To help you with your search, let’s go over the best theme parks in Orlando:

1. LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Do your kids play with LEGO? Or maybe you’re a fan or a collector yourself?

Even if you’re not, LEGOLAND is a no-brainer if you’re vacationing with younger kids. Geared primarily towards kids 2-12 years of age, this multi-day destination can be a trip that your children will remember for the rest of their lives.

With more than 50 rides to choose from, your whole family can get that jolt of adrenaline time and again. You can also attend attractions and shows inspired by the famous characters your kids love. If you want to see something awe-inspiring, MINILAND USA is a must with its miniature LEGO cities (including Orlando).

And when you finally need to unwind, there’s the “5-gazillion-star” LEGOLAND Hotel waiting for you.

Whether you’re a raving fan or looking to experience something different, LEGOLAND Florida won’t let you down.

2. Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is where some of the world’s most popular movies come to life. It offers you the chance to enjoy incredible adventures worthy of your family’s memory album.

The resort features three massive theme parks, including a water park. You can go on numerous rides inspired by movies like Harry Potter, Transformers, E.T, the Marvel universe, and other legendary titles.

Of course, accommodations are waiting if you so choose. The Universal Orlando hotels in and around the theme park have everything you need to relax after your adventures. You can also explore the many restaurants, shops, and attractions within the resort.

3. SeaWorld Orlando

Any list of things to do in Orlando wouldn’t be complete without SeaWorld in it. Quite simply, there are few places in the United States that can provide such a unique experience.

Of course, SeaWorld Orlando has a number of one-of-a-kind roller coasters that fill the air with happy screams. But it’s not what is known for. People go here for the many exotic sea animals and shows. 

If you’re looking for something more relaxed, you can bask in the sun on SeaWorld’s pristine beaches. Meanwhile, the kids can have loads of fun in Sesame Street Land.

4. Disney World Orlando

Some of your childhood’s most beloved memories can come flooding back the moment they step foot in the legendary Disney World. Not to mention that it’s a dream destination for your kids.

With everything that Disney World has to offer, you may have to set aside at least a couple of days to enjoy it in full. Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park alone can take up to a full day to explore. And then there are also Animal Kingdom Park, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon Water Park for you to explore.

Each of these theme parks is jam-packed with opportunities to have fun for adults and children. The trip won’t be complete if you don’t spend time with their favorite characters. Epcot and Hollywood Studios are also a must-see if you want to learn more about iconic movies, space, and global culture.

And that’s just for a start! You may also want to visit Disney Springs for the unique dining and shopping experiences that can make your trip all the more memorable.

You don’t have to be a child to love Disney World.

5. Gatorland

For a less mainstream theme park, Gatorland can be a fantastic choice. 

Located just outside of Orlando, the 110-acre park lives up to its title of the “Alligator Capital of the World.” All fans of reptiles, nature, and just old-fashioned fun need to visit Gatorland when they’re in Orlando.

To begin with, the Screamin’ Gator Zipper Line will undoubtedly get your blood flowing. That’s what zipping over a swamp full of crocodiles and alligators can do for you (safely, of course).

And if you’d like to get up close to the alligators, what better way to do it than to wrestle with them? Under controlled supervision, you can get in a ring with an alligator and see if you can take one down.

All in all, Gatorland is perfect for those looking for an action-packed adventure. Don’t worry, the staff is well-trained to mind your safety throughout your stay.

A Trip to Remember

As you can see, Orlando has more than enough theme parks for any person or family. 

Resorts like Disney World and Universal contain multiple parks, each of which guarantees at least one full day of fun and excitement. 

So, choose your favorite theme in LEGOLAND and create the memories that your family will remember for a long time to come. Bring some magic into your kid’s lives by making them a part of their favorite movies or cartoons. 

Or, perhaps you’d rather become their hero by wrestling a live alligator in Gatorland? But if you’d rather have them see animals at a safe distance, SeaWorld is perfect.

In Orlando, the opportunities are truly endless.

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The 5 Top Theme Parks in Orlando (That Are Great for the Whole Family)