The 10 Things to Do in Beautiful Benidorm

The 10 Things to Do in Beautiful Benidorm

Viva España! One of the most stunning European countries is rich in cultural and historical landmarks and gorgeous beaches. If your next travel destination is Benidorm, here are 10 ideas on what to do in this beautiful city.

Spain is the favorite summer destination for many tourists worldwide. Anywhere you look, there are beautiful beaches waiting for you to literally throw your towel and run to the sea.

Benidorm is one of those coastal cities that never sleep. It’s full of tourists all year long, courtesy of its ideal climate. When planning a trip to this Spanish city, make sure it’s for long enough. You shouldn’t leave without experiencing the Mediterranean spirit in its full glory.

So, here’s a list of 10 things to do in Benidorm to manage just that.

1. Levante Beach

There are two must-see beaches in Benidorm, and Levante is one of them. It’s the best-known beach in this city – it’s the one you’ll see on all the postcards from Benidorm. It’s also where the organizers of the Low Music Festival hold the opening party.

There are plenty of restaurants along the beach promenade, so you know where to take a break from swimming and have lunch. Note that Levante is the busiest beach in Benidorm so it can get crowded, especially in peak season.

2. Poniente Beach

Another beautiful beach with golden sand, Poniente Beach has fewer visitors and a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s one of the best places at the Costa Blanca, and it’s suitable for those who don’t like being in a crowd.

Poniente Beach is fully accessible even for people in wheelchairs. It’s also a better choice for families with kids. But you’ll need to be careful when swimming here, as the strong undercurrents can surprise an insecure swimmer.

3. Aqualandia

Although Benidorm’s beaches are more than perfect, there’s no reason to miss all the fun in Aqualandia. This waterpark is one of the best tourist locations in Benidorm, and it’s been open for visitors since 1985. Although it’s old, you’ll experience something new every year there.

If you’re brave enough to try the tallest and fastest slides in Europe, don’t waste your time. The Aqualandia waterpark should be the next destination on your Benidorm checklist.

4. Mundomar

This and the previous attractions are next to each other, and it’s even possible to buy combined tickets for them. That’s why it’s a given to pay a visit here.

Mundomar, which means “sea world” in Spanish, is home to different sea creatures like penguins and sea lions. But it’s not just that, as you can also see monkeys and birds here. If you love animals, you’ll enjoy a walk through these enclosures.

And, that’s not all. If you make a reservation on time, you can even swim with dolphins!

5. Alicante

Evenings are ideal for romantic walks around the city. If you don’t know what to do in Benidorm, take a walk to Alicante. It’s around 35 minutes from Benidorm by car and it’s certainly worth the drive.

The Old Town of Alicante is a good place to start. Referred to as Casco Antiguo by the locals, it’s a beautiful sight with charming, narrow cobblestone streets, white houses, and balconies full of flowers.

If you go during the daytime, make sure to soak up the sun on one of the city beaches and stop by for a meal at the Central Market of Alicante.

6. Terra Mítica

Almost every tourist location in the world has a theme park, and Benidorm isn’t an exception. In fact, Terra Mítica is one of the most popular theme parks in all of Spain. It offers plenty of rides, performances, and fun activities for all ages.

There are three zones in the park, which are known as Rome, Greece, and Egypt. You can also choose whatever suits your preferences – from adrenaline-inducing rollercoasters and water rides to the more laidback street shows.

7. Guadalest

Spanish people coexisted with the Moors for eight centuries. The effects of this relationship are visible in the culture today, especially in terms of architecture. If you can squeeze in another one-day trip into your vacation, Guadalest is an excellent choice.

It’s a small Moorish town around 20 minutes away from Benidorm. Your first stop should be the Castle of San José, built by the Moors. Then, you can enjoy the panoramic views and walk over the rocky cliffs high above the water.

8. Sierra Helada

If you’re interested in exploring nature, you’ll love the Sierra Helada Natural Park. It’s located on the mountains surrounding Benidorm and is the perfect getaway after the city rush.

It’s excellent for hiking and admiring the breathtaking landscape and cliffs covered with Aleppo pines. The hiking trails have good signposts, so you can choose where you want to end your walk. One of the trails even leads right to the Benidorm cross, another famous landmark of the city.

9. Go “De Tapas”

You haven’t really visited Spain if you haven’t gone “de tapas.” This means to go for a quick snack chased with your favorite drink – beer or vino tinto. The common tapa ingredients include jamón serrano, olives, and cheese.

Benidorm offers excellent nightlife. There are plenty of bars that serve tapas and restaurants where you can enjoy a full meal. A must-try is the paella Valenciana, a traditional Spanish dish with seafood and rice.

10. Plaça del Castell

“Balcón del Mediterráneo” is a beautiful little terrace located between the two most popular beaches. It’s one of the favorite tourist places in Benidorm, Spain, and a quiet spot to enjoy the sea view or take photos that will become your most wonderful memories of the trip.

The terrace is where the old Benidorm castle used to be. The centuries-old fortress survived plenty until it was destroyed in the Napoleonic wars.

Life’s Beautiful in Benidorm

Visiting Benidorm may be one of the best decisions you’ll make. Charming Spanish cities like it that are full of simple life pleasures can guarantee an unforgettable trip from the jump.

Whatever type of vacation you’re after, there are always plenty of things to do in Benidorm. The offering includes everything you may ask for in the sun, culture, and fun. Authentic and delicious Spanish cuisine is just a bonus.

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The 10 Things to Do in Beautiful Benidorm