Eight Things to Do On Your Next Visit to Palm Cove

Eight Things to Do On Your Next Visit to Palm Cove

Don’t miss out on some of the exciting adventures in this slice of paradise. Here’s how you can make the most out of your trip to Palm Cove.

The beautiful stretch of land that is Palm Cove is one of the top tourist destinations in Northern Queensland. It’s close to Cairns and Port Douglas, so there are plenty of scenic day trips and tours you can take from the village, too.

Palm Cove’s prime location allows access to two world heritage domains, one aboveground and one underwater. It’s a tropical paradise by any standards and it offers many exciting activities for visitors.

#1. Take Full Advantage of all Palm Cove Beach Experiences

Getting that perfect tan is one of the best things to do in Palm Cove. But don’t think that it’s the only thing the beach offers.

First of all, it’s one of the cleanest beaches in the country. Put swimming on your itinerary, too, because the crystal clear water offers an amazing experience.

Take a picnic with your travel companions and spend the whole day at the beach. The large palm trees can provide you with plenty of shade during peak sun activity hours.

#2. Explore the Daintree National Rainforest

If the air gets too dry for you, the Daintree National Rainforest offers an escape. You can take a cableway day trip and see most of the rainforest from above.

The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway takes you up to just above the rainforest canopy for a 360-degree unobstructed view. There’s also the option to go on the Kuranda Scenic Railway, which takes you on a dramatic scenic route. You can also stop at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary.

Another way that you can experience the rainforest is on a guided walking tour. You won’t see too much of the vast ancient wilderness, but it will get you an up-close experience.

#3. Take a Wildlife Tour

If you don’t want to get your tan in the morning, consider a wildlife tour. The best by far in the area is Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures.

This tour takes you to a crocodile farm. It’s a bit outside the village of Palm Cove, but the experience is worth it.

There’s other wildlife at the farm but the crocodiles take center stage. You can even check out hand feeding shows and take a boat cruise around the farm.

Alternatively, you can also visit Cape Tribulation. It’s a bit further north and has mesmerizing beaches. Yet its waters are home to many crocodiles.

While it’s not the safest place to swim, it does give you a chance to get up close and personal with the local wildlife.

#4. Underwater Exploration and Water Activities

When you’ve had enough of the sand and sun, how about going underwater? There’s as much to see below the sea level as there is above.

Palm Cove provides easy access to the Great Barrier Reef. In fact, it’s as easy as renting some gear and booking a seat on a cruise or private boat ride. You can get to the Great Barrier Reef from Palm Cove Beach or the neighboring beaches.

You can go scuba diving and snorkeling and interact with the local marine life. The underwater view is nothing short of spectacular thanks to the crystal-clear waters. It’s one of the top things to do in Palm Cove for tourists of all ages. 

If you don’t want to make the effort, don’t worry. You also have leisurely alternatives, like seeing the corals in a semi-submersible submarine. Even if a scuba dive and the freedom of motion offers a different experience, the submarine experience is something to remember.

At Palm Cove Beach, you can also engage in some water activities. Try your hand at canoeing or take a paddleboarding lesson. There’s even a group lesson that starts early in the morning.

Of course, don’t forget to watch the sun go down. Seeing the sunset while out on the open waters is nothing short of amazing.

#5. Book a Spa Day

Are you looking for some tranquility or rejuvenation? Take a break from the beach and book a spa day. Fortunately, many Palm Cove Resorts offer wellness treatments. Some even have the best offerings in the country.

You may not know this, but lots of tourists go to Palm Cove for the spa experience. That’s why if you have many outdoor adventures planned on your trip, setting a day of relaxation isn’t a bad idea.

You wouldn’t want to get home tired from your vacation, right?

#6. Spend an Afternoon at the Silver Crescent Park

Granted, the Silver Crescent Park is not as beautiful as the rainforest. But it offers a vast space to walk around in, including for pets.

If you’re traveling with your dog, there is a fenced dog run in the park. You can also find paved walking and biking trails to explore.

The park offers a nice opportunity to get some shade, breathe in the fresh air, and escape the winter season’s dryness.

#7. Enjoy the Local Cuisine

Among the best things to do in Palm Cove is eating. In fact, most restaurants and cafes have diverse menus. But what’s more important is the locally sourced food. 

Whether dining at a five-star resort restaurant or at a small place on the beach, the local food is just divine. 

Palm Cove restaurant owners take customer satisfaction very seriously. That’s why dining is one of the most pleasurable experiences in the village. Even the cattle come from nearby graziers, so don’t worry about getting frozen food dumped on your plate.

Try some tropical cocktails, too, while you’re at it.

An Amazing Vacation Any Time of the Year

It doesn’t really matter when you visit this idyllic tropical destination. There are so many things to do in Palm Cove year-round.

The stunning surroundings, weather, and unique attractions give the place its incomparable vibe. It’s not hard to find a bargain, either.

Yes, the village is perhaps most famous for its wellness centers and spas. But don’t think that the local resorts don’t cater to more budget-minded visitors too.

There’s really something for everyone to enjoy in Palm Cove.

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Eight Things to Do On Your Next Visit to Palm Cove