What to Do on Your Next Trip to Palm Cove, AU

Northern Queensland is known as the place where the rainforest meets the reef. For Palm Cove, in particular, it’s the meeting point of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

There are not enough words to describe how amazing this tropical village is. So, let’s just say for now that Palm Cove is a popular holiday destination for many travelers around the globe.

You’ll have to see it for yourself to understand why. 

And to give you a preview, here’s our list of the top 10 things to do in Palm Cove.

  1. Visit the Great Barrier Reef

The number one spot to explore on your Palm Cove trip is also one of the world’s natural wonders – the Great Barrier Reef. 

Due to the many available tours, it’s best to learn more about each type beforehand. You can choose from a Pontoon Reef trip, snorkeling, scuba diving, island day trips, and so much more. 

At the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll be exploring the Earth’s largest coral reef chain with more than 2,900 reefs and 900 islands over a total area of 132,800+ square miles – or at least part of it anyway.

  1. Get on the Kuranda Scenic Railway

Dedicate a whole day to the scenic railway tour across the UNESCO heritage-listed Kuranda rainforest. You’ll find yourself immersed in a forest ride that’s filled with awe-inspiring sights, bridges, and tunnels. 

You can also hop on a train ride to Kuranda Village in the middle of the rainforest. If you get hungry, there are mouthwatering culinary specialties for you to try out, after which you can continue on through scenic markets and pathways. 

  1. Take a Ride on the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Yet another scenic skyrail takes you across Barron National Park, which is the other UNESCO World Heritage Site in the area. 

Enjoy the sight of the powerful waterfalls, diverse wildlife, and numerous mountains and gorges at one of Queensland’s most famous parks. 

Dominating the park is the Barron River, which winds around some 37 miles across the Atherton Tablelands before entering the Barron Gorge and the Coral Sea. If you visit during the wet season, you might catch some spectacular floodwater at Barron Falls. 

The best view can be had at the Din Din lookout. 

  1. Enjoy the Delicacies in the Restaurants

Looking for the area’s culinary standouts? 

The great news is that there are plenty of top-notch beachfront restaurants in Palm Cove. Some of the most renowned include Nu Nu, which serves local seafood, and Vivo, which has some of the most delicious panna cottas on the coast. 

There are also plenty of bars like the Rising Sun and 27 Degrees that are great for a casual dinner or a relaxing sunset cocktail after a long day at the beach. What better way to enjoy the sunset than sipping a glass of a refreshing beverage at the beachfront while discussing your adventures for the following day?

  1. Go On a Cairns Hot Air Balloon Flight

Visiting Cairns from Palm Cove will only take around 30 minutes by car and will make for a day packed with exciting activities. One such adventure is taking a hot air balloon flight over the Atherton Tablelands and examining the tropical landscape of Queensland’s far north. 

This 40-minute flight offers a stunning view of the blue reef on one side and the rainforest on another. If you can’t drive yourself there, know that many tour agencies organize hotel pickups and returns. 

You’ll get to experience a sunset like never before during the air balloon flight. 

  1. Immerse in a Fitzroy Island Adventure

Looking for exciting family things to do in Palm Cove? 

Take the kids out for a snorkeling lesson at the nearby Fitzroy Island. Explore the adjacent rainforest walking trails or get on the ocean trampoline. This largely untouched island was once part of mainland Australia and is now a protected national park. 

Its many interesting tours include a ride on a glass-bottom boat, hikes on rainforest tracks, seeing breathtaking scenery, swimming tours, rainforest walks, and much more. You can book either a full day or a half-day tour with the many local operators. 

  1. Visit Hartley’s Crocodile Farm

Located just 15 minutes north of Palm Cove, this exciting crocodile farm is your best bet for seeing crocodiles and other local wildlife in Australia’s tropical region. 

Be prepared to travel the 2100-meter worth of boardwalks that run through woodlands and end at the natural habitat of tropical birds, insects, and other fauna. 

There’s plenty of lagoons and pools and even boat cruises for you to see the crocodiles and koalas during feeding time. If you’re looking for really fun kid-friendly things to do in Palm Cove, check out the entertaining wildlife shows on offer. 

  1. Take a Night Wildlife Tour

Interested in exploring Australia’s exotic wildlife? 

An Atherton Tablelands tour is your chance to see some of the animals in their natural habitat. Along with kangaroos and lizards, be ready to have your mind blown away by the rainforest landscapes amidst the many trails, waterfalls, and mountains. 

The tours start in the day and continue past sunset until you see the elusive platypus. And if you’re up for making new friends, there are afternoon tea get-togethers at Lake Barrine and country restaurant dinners. 

  1. Have a Romantic Rainforest Dinner

A candlelight dinner under the trees of one of the world’s oldest rainforests. Sounds romantic enough, isn’t it?

This is precisely one of the best experiences you’ll have if you’re looking for romantic things to do in Palm Cove. 

Surprise your better half with a lovely wine & dine named Flames of the Forest (located in Port Douglas). In addition to the fancy dinner and surroundings, there’s also music to round off the magical atmosphere.

There’s no better way to experience Aboriginal culture and gastronomy than at this unforgettable late-night getaway. 

  1. Spend a Day at the Spa 

You wouldn’t be doing the Spa Capital of Australia justice without treating yourself to one. Palm Cove alone plays host to six world-renowned spas. 

The next time you go down Williams Avenue while in town, consider the opportunity to rejuvenate at a Palm Cove spa. 

Go All-in in Palm Cove

Whether you have in mind a romantic getaway or a family vacation, Palm Cove has got you covered. Bask in the world’s most astonishing natural sights, taste the local seafood dishes, enjoy the scenic sky rail rides, and do it all within driving distance.

You’ll never regret going on a trip here.

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What to Do on Your Next Trip to Palm Cove, AU