10 Fun Activities to Enjoy On Your Trip to Sydney

Are you going to Australia’s most visited city? Don’t miss out on these activities while you’re there.

Sydney is a harbor city that’s one of the most famous in the world. It’s always packed with tourists since the city offers tons of interesting experiences for all.

With fascinating landmarks, adrenaline-pumping adventures, and nature trips, you can try a bit of everything. To get you started, here are 10 activities that are constantly on tourists’ bucket lists that you should try out for yourself.

#1 – Have an Outdoor Movie Experience

If you have in mind fun activities in Sydney, look no further than the harbor-side cinema. The St. George Open Air Cinema is one of the hottest attractions in the city, especially during the warmer months.

It lets you watch classic and new film releases on a massive screen on an outdoor yet immersive soundstage. 

Grab a drink, sit back, and relax before you go on another adventure the following day. The cool harbor breeze and a movie with your family and loved ones make for a perfect Sydney night out.

#2 – Take Flight for an Hour

Of all the things to do in Sydney, a hot air balloon ride is perhaps the most exciting for some. One flight can last up to one hour – enough time to immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery.

Have a bird’s eye view of the Camden Valley and get your adrenaline going for whatever adventures you have in mind next. Just try not to plan anything that involves driving, as every balloon flight usually ends with a celebratory glass of champagne.

#3 – Climb the Harbor Bridge

Is it a touristy thing to do? Maybe. But that isn’t going to take away anything from the experience. 

When visiting Sydney, you have to see the city from this unique vantage.

The Harbor Bridge is a well-known city landmark. While it’s one of the busiest bridges, you can traverse the entire length of the bridge on foot. It’s a cultural and historical journey every tourist will enjoy. Best of all, it doesn’t take too much effort to reach the iconic landmark and see the spectacular views.

Note that it’s usually best to do it as part of a guided group tour.

#4 – Explore the Sydney Opera House

The city has no shortage of iconic and globally-known landmarks. And the Sydney Opera House is perhaps the most famous in the entire country.

As a member of the general public, you can see parts of the building and take photos. 

But it’s only when you join a guided tour that you get to see the architectural wonder in all its glory. Here, you can listen to some of the stories about the world-renowned building and check out the most exciting sections. The best part is, you can opt for the VR experience if you want to know what it’s like to perform on stage with the orchestra.

There’s even a special after-dark tour that’s similar to the daytime tour, except with a spooky theme.

#5 – Test Your Hiking Prowess

Hiking is simply one of the top things to do in Sydney. It’s considered a fun activity and some of the treks can take you through fantastical regions.

Don’t know where to start? Know that Sydney has the famous Bondi to Manly walk. It’s what you may call a mega-hike that connects a variety of inner-city and coastal tracks. 

Of course, you don’t have to tackle the entire path as there are plenty of exits along the way. But if you plan on spending enough time on a hike and you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, taking on this challenge may be just the thing for you.

#6 – Grab a Drink Above the Streets of CBD

Bar 83 is one of the most popular venues in the city – and for good reason. Having a drink while enjoying the view here is one of the fun things to do in Sydney at any hour. 

It’s the city’s highest place to have a drink since it sits about 83 stories above the street, hence the name. And it offers great views of Greater Sydney, the Pacific horizon, the national park, and the Blue Mountains. 

The quirky décor of the lounge creates a friendly atmosphere that makes it a spot that’s not to be missed.

#7 – Take a Bushwalk Tour

Dharawal National Park is one of the top Sydney attractions. And to make the most out of your trip here, make sure to join one of its tours.

Bushwalk tours in the park are popular among locals and tourists alike. Between the stunning scenery, guides telling stories, and sharing knowledge, it’s a perfect way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday. 

You can also check out the Minerva Pool, which is a sacred place for the Dharawal People. do note that only kids and women are allowed in the pool.

#8 – Go Kayaking

The city has no shortage of water activities. In fact, kayaking is one of the top things to do in Sydney. 

You can paddle on the harbor’s smooth and calm waters, and even go under the bridge and explore the area around the Sydney Opera House.

If you don’t have experience, you can book a seat on a guided tour and have instructors show you how to do it.

#9 – Get the Best Views at Bronte Baths

Bronte Baths is an ocean pool built into a rocky Cliffside. It’s particularly famous these days for its Instagram pics potential, though tourists have been visiting Bronte Baths for years.

Usually, the waves at Bronte Beach aren’t kind to inexperienced swimmers or kids. But that’s why the saltwater pool is a great alternative. 

Know that it also offers a lovely vantage point if you want to catch the sunrise, so try to get up early.

#10 – See Most of Sydney in a Few Hours

Is it even possible to do that? Only if you don’t plan on physically visiting each iconic landmark or cultural hotspot.

You already know about the hot air balloon ride. But if you really want to take flight, why not try one of Sydney’s helicopter tours? 

A ride can take you above all the essential landmarks in the city, allowing you to see them all quickly, and it’s definitely among the most fun things to do in Sydney.

More Than Sand, Water, and Sun

Everyone wants to spend a few days lying on the beach, surfing, swimming, and enjoying the good life. It’s what many vacations to a city like Sydney are all about.Just remember that there are more things to do in Sydney than being under the sun all day long. Make sure to check out some of the other fun and unique activities the city has to offer.

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10 Fun Activities to Enjoy On Your Trip to Sydney