The 10 Best Bars in Boracay

The 10 Best Bars in Boracay

Are you getting the impression that sunbathing and swimming is all that Boracay has to offer? The truth is that the island has a livelier bar scene than you might have thought.

There’s only so much that you can do in terms of water activities or thrilling adventures. Would you believe Boracay island sets the stage for an amazing pub crawl scene, too?

If you want to relax, have fun, do shots, or dance, White Beach has some of the best bars on the island. Overall, Boracay plays host to modern, unique, and old-timey venues.

One thing’s for sure – there’s not a dull moment from the time you’re up and about. And if you’re up to experiencing the nightlife in Boracay, make these bars part of your destination.

#1. Manic Monkey Crew

One of the best bars in Boracay opens on a bi-weekly basis and is not on the island per se. In reality, this is a yacht party that you simply can’t miss.

Think jungle BBQs, snorkeling in secluded bays, and sunset cruises. Cocktails, food, and popular DJs are also part of the deal.

If you want to see more of the island, party hard, and spend more time on the water, you can’t miss the cruise. Just make sure you book your seats in advance.

#2. Paraw Beach Club

A hot attraction for night owls, Paraw Beach Club can accommodate some 1,000 people. It’s in the crowded White Beach Station 1 and caters to both tourists and locals daily.

The club stays open until 3 am, so that should give you plenty of time to party until you drop. Both local and international DJs grace the stage and create beats you can dance to.

If you want to grab a bite or sample a variety of cocktails, the bar can easily accommodate you.

#3. Epic Boracay

Do you want to experience more of the Boracay nightlife? Epic is arguably among the most popular spots on the island.

It’s on the luxury and premium end of Boracay clubs and it caters to customers day and night. You can hit the club in the morning or at lunchtime. And you can visit later in the evening for a romantic dinner.

But arrive at Epic after midnight and you’ll find one of the liveliest clubs on the island. Unlike Paraw, the gem of Station 1, Epic is in Station 2, White Beach.

#4. Aplaya Beach Bar

Aplaya Beach Bar is towards the end of Station 1 in White Beach. It features Mediterranean cuisine, a live DJ, and often hosts fire shows.

The open-air restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere and a great bar. The extensive menu appeals to both locals and visitors from 9 am to 1 am.

What’s cool about the place is that you can enjoy a hookah session, too, while sipping your favorite cocktail.

#5. Cocomangas

Do you want to cross off drinking unique shots on your Boracay activities list?

If so, take a trip to Cocomangas. The bar has been around since 1987 and is one of the most infamous on the island.

Exclusive and mysterious shots set Cocomangas apart from other bars in Boracay. The local B-52 or the Screaming Orgasm can put a smile on your face in many ways. If you’re game enough, you can try your luck with the 15 shots and still standing challenge. 

There’s no other place that puts as much emphasis on crazy combinations and hard partying.

#6. Prisma

If you’re up for some bar hopping, Boracay’s Prisma is a can’t-miss location. As one of the most unique establishments on the island, it’s no surprise that Prisma offers a pool bar.

You’ll find it at the Hue Hotel, one of the more modern venues in Boracay. Despite all the hustle and bustle on White Beach, Prisma is a rather quiet place. It offers a relaxing experience, with the largest rum collection on the island.

#7. Boracay Sports Bar

Who doesn’t like a good sports bar?

The Boracay Sports Bar is an excellent spot for vacationing sports fans. It’s open seven days a week and puts a variety of live events up on the big screen.

You can catch all the important action in football, boxing, racing, and even ice hockey, among other sports.

What’s great is that the bar also caters to bargain hunters. It serves some of the cheapest beer on the island and good food, too.

Although the operating hours can vary greatly, the bar always stays open longer on important game days.

#8. Area 51

Ever wanted to visit Area 51? Boracay has its own out of this world party facility called Area 51 Secret Party Facility.

The locals know it as an underground party hosted on Bulabog Beach. It’s a no-frills venue with minimal entrance fees.

What sets it apart? It opens late at 11 pm and always when there’s a full moon. You can also catch a massive New Year’s party at Area 51 and enjoy a variety of local drinks.

#9. Exit Bar

Exit is, hands-down, among the best bars in Boracay. The venue draws massive throngs of visitors that enjoy a variety of music.

You’re as likely to hear modern house hits there as 60s rockabilly and 90s pop songs. And the large dance floor allows you to freely showcase your moves without worries.

The place is usually very packed. Even so, you can still have a relaxing evening at the Exit Bar if you stay closer to the bar area.

#10. Sandbar Beach Club

Although Boracay nightlife is quite famous, you can also find a lively daytime bar scene on the island.

The Sandbar Beach Club is one of the hottest spots during the day. It’s a Station 1 destination famous for its fire dance performances.

Here you can sip local favorites, like the Mangojito and Bamboojito, while sitting on bean bag chairs. Local beers and cocktails are also on the menu. And you also have happy hours every day after 7:30 pm.

Embrace the Bar Hopping Boracay Is Famous For

Take your time and relax on the world-famous pristine island beach. But don’t end your stay in the Philippines without experiencing the bar scene, either.

You can party in Boracay from day to night to day again.

The island’s bars offer live music, amazing DJ set lists, unique shots, and more. But the open-air venues are where most of the fun happens.

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The 10 Best Bars in Boracay