Nightlife in Benidorm – The Eight Clubs to Check Out

Nightlife in Benidorm – The Eight Clubs to Check Out

For some, Benidorm gives off the impression that it’s a quiet, sleepy city. But its booming nightlife begs otherwise. 

Located only 30 minutes away from Alicante airport, Benidorm has one of the liveliest nightlife scenes in the region. 

Many of its clubs put on performances that you wouldn’t expect. There are many DJs entertaining crowds all around town. So many other venues, in contrast, prefer hosting live performances every day of the week.

It’s all a matter of picking your poison. Whatever you like on a night out, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in Benidorm.

And to make things even spicier, most clubs keep their doors open until the morning. Ready to see if you have what it takes to last? Hit some, if not all, of the eight clubs in this list.

#1. KM Playa

Benidorm KM Playa

If you want to party, KM Playa embodies the Benidorm nightlife. It’s the city’s number one party venue after all.

Located right on the seafront, it regularly hosts bikini beach parties and live gigs. The club also has great dancers that entertain the crowds. KM Playa hosts a diverse group of local and international DJs, so guests can dance to modern playlists all night long while sipping exotic cocktails.

You can also catch major sporting events on the big screens. And, if you visit in spring, you can join the St. Patrick’s street parties, too.

#2. Club Ku

Benidorm Club Ku Club Ku

You can find the liveliest nightlife in Benidorm at Club Ku. Some of the biggest DJs in the industry grace its stage and the party often lasts until right before dawn. 

There’s not as much variety as in other places, but there is the occasional theme party and special DJ appearance that adds electric beats or RnB tunes. Just note that during certain events or live performances, the place gets extra crowded.

This club has an outdoor pool that’s perfect for cooling off after working up a sweat on the dance floor. Locals also praise Club Ku for its amazing laser shows. 

Whether it’s techno or house, it’s easy to lose track of time when partying at Ku.

#3. The Benidorm Palace

Benidorm Palace

The Benidorm Palace has one of the best bars in Benidorm. What’s even better is that it hosts a variety of performances at night. It’s the city’s premier night venue where you can see everything – from magicians to popular bands.

You can also go there earlier and enjoy a nice dinner before the show starts.

#4. All Night Long at the Hippodrome

Benidorm Hippodrome

Do you want to experience the nightlife in Benidorm until 7am? If you’re fit and still able to party hard, then the Hippodrome is the club for you. It’s not the busiest in town, but it stays open past sunrise on most nights. 

The DJ does a great job of keeping the crowd alive throughout the night. Not to mention the bar has some amazing cocktails and the bouncers do a great job of maintaining peace.

It has a crazy atmosphere that’s ideal for the younger crowds.

#5. Klee Kafee

Benidorm Klee Kafee

European nightlife can be very different from what you see back home. And Klee Kafee offers a perfect example of how the Spaniards party.

This club puts on a variety of acts at very late hours. You get singers, entertainers, and a long night of fun. It’s the region’s top cabaret nightclub and it offers a truly unique experience. The drinks are good too, and the staff is very friendly.

Check it out if you want a different taste of Benidorm nightlife.

#6. Bahamas

Benidorm Bahamas

Wondering about things to do stag in Benidorm? Check out the Bahamas Club on Avenida Mallorca.

The venue opens at around 8pm every night and the party keeps going well until the morning. If you’re going solo, it’s a great chance to meet other tourists or locals.

Bahamas hosts amazing parties as a disco club that sees equal action inside and out in the streets.

#7. Penelope Disco Beach Club

Benidorm Penelope Disco Beach Club

Clubbing is one of the top things to do in Benidorm. But every now and then, you might get tired of dancing and drinking.

So why not spice things up a bit?

The Penelope Disco Beach Club often hosts theme nights and competitions, as well as comedy acts and live gigs. It also has various party packages for those that want to keep the party going for more than one night.

It’s a fancy venue but an affordable one, too. Exotic cocktails and guest DJs await at the Penelope Disco Beach Club.

#8. Valentine’s Disco

Benidorm Valentine’s Disco

Much of the nightlife in Benidorm is about live performances and bringing people together. Valentine’s Disco specializes in cabaret nights and gigs.

The club keeps the party going until 3am every day of the week. And it’s a perfect venue to hit for older generations.

Most of the music is from the 80s or 90s. But every now and then, you can hear some modern stuff, too.

The club serves cocktails and has plenty of tables and also a huge dance floor. The regular show that features comedy, dancing, and singing entertain thousands of people every week.

Benidorm – Where Most Tourists Go to Sleep After Sunrise

Benidorm nightlife is nothing short of wild, and both locals and tourists like it like that. Best of all, you should also know that many of the hottest spots don’t have admittance fees. 

You don’t have to go out of your way to find a great club to spend the whole night in. And there’s no need to look hard for DJ setlists or live gigs. Benidorm offers a nice balance of both. 

What’s also cool is the fact that many clubs take their parties outside. Some are right on the beach, which leads to regular bikini parties. Others take the party to the streets if the clubs get too crowded. 

So, do you think you have what it takes to last one night on Benidorm’s party scene?

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Nightlife in Benidorm – The Eight Clubs to Check Out