Boston Travel Guide – Ideas for a Fun Vacation

Boston Travel Guide – Ideas for a Fun Vacation

Are you planning a trip to Massachusetts? Don’t forget to spend some time in its most well-known city.

Most people who think about going to Boston only see it as the home of some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

But there are more interesting things to do in Boston than people realize, especially for those who like spending some time outdoors. The city’s parks, zoos, and waters provide plenty of entertainment for all.

Take a look at some of the cool things you can see and do on your next Boston vacation.

Tour the Museum of Science

The Museum of Science isn’t just a Boston landmark. It’s also home to hundreds of interactive exhibits that will grab people’s attention and spark their imaginations.

While at the museum, you may also be able to catch a live presentation that’s sure to captivate you. And the museum also houses the Charles Hayden Planetarium where you can learn more about what lies beyond earth.

Guests of all ages will have plenty to do in a few hours spent at the Museum of Science.

Immerse Yourself in Aquatic Life

It’s one of the coolest things to do in Boston, especially if you’re traveling with kids. There are whale-watching cruises that start at the New England Aquarium and more in and around the harbor area.

The aquarium is one of the most popular Boston attractions as it features tons of exhibits that replicate the different natural environments of aquatic life. And one of the most entertaining is the coral reef rich with fish and plant life. You can also check out the penguin colony or get close to stingrays and sharks. 

Once you’re through with the aquarium, hop on the cruise to get up close to a variety of sea creatures. This is one of the most popular tours in the summer, not just for the exciting marine life interaction on tap but also because it provides an escape from the city’s heat.

Catch a Game or a Tour of the Fenway Park

Even if you’re not a fan of the Red Sox, or pro baseball in general, going to the iconic Fenway Park is still a good way to spend a few hours.

Catch a game if you’re visiting during baseball season. Alternatively, take the tour and explore the park, its history, and its impact on Boston’s sports culture.

Visit the MIT Museum

The MIT Museum is another one of the best things to do in Boston. 

In many ways, it’s similar to the science museum. However, it has many unique artifacts owned by the world-class university. Some of the exhibits cover holograms, architecture, and even ship-building processes over the years.

It’s a much more eclectic museum than you would expect. Plus, it’s also in a great spot surrounded by restaurants, bars, and shops.

Relax at the Franklin Park Zoo

For more fun things to do in Boston and a bit of relaxation, check out the Franklin Park Zoo. It has a variety of exotic animals like giraffes and tigers for you to observe.

The zoo also houses multiple massive habitats. You can tour the different exhibits and enjoy the rest of the park too.

What’s even better is that you can bring pets to Franklin Park if you happen to be traveling with one or more. You can also enjoy a discount when visiting with the family, so you can all spend hours exploring the zoo without going over your budget.

Go Ice Skating

If you’re visiting Boston in the winter, the Frog Pond in the Boston Common is a nice place to drop by and enjoy one of the favorite activities of locals during this season. 

Of course, the Common itself is one of the oldest parks in all of America. But during the winter, you can skate on the former natural pond even late at night. 

The lush trees in the backdrop add more appeal to it, as it makes the park a scenic location.

Cool Off While Riding in a Swan Boat

Boston’s swan boats are quite famous – so much so that they’re now considered icons. 

Enjoy one of the city’s favorites by renting one of the foot-pedal boats and explore the four-acre pond in Beacon Hill. This activity is especially great in the summer because it allows you to cool off. 

When riding one, all you have to do is take in the mesmerizing scenery as you go cruising – someone else does all the paddling for you.

Test Your Wit in an Escape Room

Among the best things to do in Boston with kids is to try your luck in an escape room. RoomEscapers is the most popular attraction of this kind in the city.

Most sessions last one hour, and the puzzles and clues might teach you some history, too. It’s because everything appears to be based on events that happened in the New England area.

So if you’re looking for an interactive history lesson or reenactment, RoomEscapers is a sure bet.

Indulge in Something Sweet

Whether traveling with or without kids, a trip to Captain Jackson’s Historic Chocolate Shop can bring you a good measure of joy. It’s one of the country’s most iconic chocolate shops after all.

Aside from sampling the goods, you can also learn the history of chocolate during colonial times. The fact that the staff wears period-appropriate clothing is a nice touch in addition.

Check Out the City’s Skyline

There’s a lot of Boston entertainment at your disposal, no matter which part of the city you visit. And one of the city’s most popular hotspots is the Skywalk Observatory.

No trip to Boston should end without a visit to the city’s highest vantage point. Here you can get a 360-degree view of the city. And if you’re interested in learning more about the local history, there’s also an Acoustiguide tour available.

While visiting during the day is great, you can experience an even more amazing view in the evening.

Great for a Visit Any Time of the Year

Boston is such an important city in US history. At the same time, it’s also a very fun vacation destination.

Plenty of clubs, bars, restaurants, and attractions cater to adult visitors. And the city’s gorgeous architecture, amazing museums, and scenic outdoor locations could hold anyone’s attention for days on end.

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Boston Travel Guide – Ideas for a Fun Vacation