Experiences You Should Not Miss in Cairns, Australia

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Experiences You Should Not Miss in Cairns, Australia

With so many things to do in Cairns, planning a trip can be a bit overwhelming. Why not focus on the most exciting activities when creating your itinerary?

Cairns is Australia’s gateway city to the Great Barrier Reef that is situated in an area with a tropical climate. And the city offers impressive landscapes and many historical sites worth seeing.

With so many picturesque sceneries, seeing as many sights as you can is a must. But for a truly unforgettable experience, you can embark on unique adventures the city offers almost any time of the year.

For Those Who Love the Water

cairns water rafting

You can go snorkeling in many places, but you wouldn’t find a comparable experience to snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. It’s the world’s largest coral reef that spans over 344,000 kilometers. This massive coral reef system is truly a sight to behold.

For those who would rather keep themselves dry, a visit to the waterfalls is a must. But it’s not easy to hit all the waterfalls around Cairns without a car. Fortunately, renting one for a day is cheap enough.

There are a couple of spots that offer fantastic views. Crystal Cascades is one of the closest waterfalls to Cairns. Another great drop is the Stoney Creek Falls. And Millaa Millaa Falls and Atherton Tablelands are another two you can add to your itinerary.

But if Cairns weather allows it, give water rafting a chance. While it’s not something for the faint of heart, it’s an exciting adventure nonetheless. 

The Barron River has grade 2 and 3 rapids, so they’re more accommodating to beginners. But if you want a thrilling activity, try the Tully River. It’s challenging and goes up to grade 4 rapids in some areas. 

It’s also possible to stop and have a barbeque on the banks of the river. There are even a few activities that provide thrills and relaxation in the same package deal.

The abundance of marine life and many tours ensures that you get to see something truly unique. Whether you want an above water tour or to immerse yourself in the marine environment, you can do it all.

For Culture and History Buffs

cairns chillagoe caves

If you want to experience Cairns on a budget, you can do that, too. One of the best things to do in Cairns is head to the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. Located 15 minutes outside the city, the park provides an authentic indigenous experience.

Here you can check out traditional music and dancing, as well as storytelling. When traveling with kids, these interactive activities certainly generate more excitement. Such an immersion often beats going on a trip to the museum.

For a unique experience, the underground world around Cairns is nothing short of impressive. After visiting the lava tubes, you can also check out an abandoned mining town. While the town itself doesn’t offer much, it’s what’s underneath it that matters.

The Chillagoe Caves is one of the most famous limestone cave systems in the country. You can visit some of the estimated 1,000 caves on your own or with guided tours. And once above ground, you can also go to the museum to learn a bit more about the local history.

For Nature Lovers

cairns daintree rainforest

What’s a trip to Australia without a visit to the rainforest? The Daintree Rainforest is one of the most amazing on the entire continent. It’s the place to visit for picturesque sites and varied flora and fauna.

A trek in the rainforest is just what you need to relax. What’s also unique about Daintree is that most of the rainforest evolved in isolation, untainted by any modern influences.

Do you want to see actual lava tubes? Cairns certainly delivers. After all, Australia is just one of the 23 countries in the entire world where you can visit them. And the ones at the Undara Volcanic National Park are also arguably the longest that you can see.

The tubes are part of an extinct volcano. A visit here is one of the most unusual things to do in Cairns and the most satisfying. When you’re done gazing at millions of years of erosion, book a stay in a pioneer hut or nearby tent village.

For Those That Don’t Fear Heights

cairns cableway

You can easily walk on clear trails in the rainforest. But for a different experience, why not see most of it in all its splendor by booking a ride on the Cableway? The ride is 7.5 kilometers long and goes above the Daintree Rainforest. It also covers a large portion of the Barron Gorge National Park.

The bird’s eye view of the stunning scenery makes for some unforgettable memories, so don’t forget to bring your camera. If you’re lucky or patient, wait until you can buy a ticket for the gondolas with glass floors. An unobstructed view of the lush landscape is always worth the wait.

But if the Cableway isn’t exciting enough, go one step further – book a ride in a hot air balloon and get a thrilling view of North Queensland. Most rides start early in the morning, so you can cover as much ground in good weather conditions.

Balloon pilots know their stuff and can point out iconic locations. It’s an immersive experience for anyone without a fear of heights. What’s more, you can even help with inflating the balloon and packing it up after the ride.

Are You Ready to Experience the Tropical North Queensland in Unique Ways?

There’s not enough time to see all that Cairns offers in a single vacation. That’s why it pays to know all about the most unique adventures available. Take advantage of exciting activities and create unforgettable memories for you and your family.

Cairns is a truly great region you can explore by land, air, underground, and underwater means.

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Experiences You Should Not Miss in Cairns, Australia