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Make Your Trip to Quebec Unforgettable with These 10 Activities

FEATUREDMake Your Trip to Quebec Unforgettable with These 10 Activities

Make Your Trip to Quebec Unforgettable with These 10 Activities

With its distinct European charm, Quebec continues to draw tourists from all over the world. Get ready for a holiday full of memorable activities in Quebec.

There are many attractions to visit and sites to explore in Quebec at any time of the year. 

The most striking is the city’s historic downtown. Fortified behind stone walls and adorned by cobblestone streets, the city center resembles Europe the most. Combine that with the prevalent use of French and you might just think that you’re in the south of France. 

Let’s explore the best activities in Quebec City. 

1. Taste Maple Taffy

Is there a better way to start your visit to Quebec than with a sultry sweet snack? 

Maple taffy is a typical winter treat made by drizzling maple syrup over snow. It takes only about half a minute for the syrup to harden and then you can dip a popsicle stick and bite into the treat. If you wish, you can do everything on your own. 

But there are also maple taffy shacks found all over Quebec in April and March. 

2. Unwind in a Scandinavian Spa

Whatever the season, there’s never a wrong time to visit a spa, especially if it’s a Nordic one. And there are two that stand out. 

The Strøm Spa is within walking distance from the city center and features many different pools. But the best ones are those with a view of the Saint Lawrence River. 

But the Sibéria Spa takes things up a notch. It uses thermotherapy to provide guests with a rejuvenating detoxification. Additionally, this spa offers an igloo and a yurt for you to lounge around in. 

3. Visit the Montmorency Falls

Some of the most fantastic spring or summer activities in Quebec are right at the Montmorency Falls. 

They are almost 100 feet taller than the mighty Niagara Falls and only 15 minutes from the city center. There are different ways to explore the falls as well. 

To feel the immense power of the water, it’s best to walk on the suspension bridge. There’s a cable car and also a zipline for those who don’t mind a hair-raising experience. 

The Manoir Montmorency restaurant is around whenever you decide to take a break. 

4. Go to the MNBAQ 

The MNBAQ (Musée National des Beaux-arts du Quebec) houses over 40,000 works that showcase the Quebec art scene from the 17th century to the contemporary times. 

The pavilions are located in the Plains of Abraham, with the Lassonde Pavilion particularly regarded as the most amazing for its exceptional architecture. And it’s an excellent opportunity to snap some Instagram-worthy photos. 

Furthermore, the MNBAQ is child-friendly and organizes specially designed workshops and tours for kids. 

5. Have a Blast at Village Vacances Valcartier

This is a vast waterpark complex and the biggest theme park in Eastern Canada.

Valcartier is open throughout the year and filled to the brim with indoor and outdoor attractions. 

In the summer, you can enjoy two adventure rivers, 35 waterslides, and the wave pool.  For the winter, the indoor water park offers 14 slides, one adventure river, a surfing wave, and the most impressive Ice Hotel, which is only open in February and March. 

6. Get to Know Huron-Wendat Culture

The Huron-Wendat people have a rich history and cultural heritage, for which the museum bearing their name is the best place to learn more. 

Every visit starts around a real campfire with a guide recounting the legends passed on through the years. And all of this happens in a reconstructed longhouse as used by the natives. 

You’ll get a chance to taste some of the indigenous dishes at Restaurant La Traite. And there’s a boutique hotel for those who’d like to spend a night there. 

7. Seek Adventure at Jacques-Cartier National Park

Jacques-Cartier National Park has all the memorable fun activities in Quebec. To begin with, it’s the top place for camping, hiking, and canoeing/kayaking. 

There are more than 62 miles of hiking trails with incredible scenery and chance encounters with the wildlife. Not to mention there are plenty of camping sites, some with yurts, wood cabins, or permanent tents. 

Whenever you like, you can jump aboard a kayak and explore the surroundings like the natives once did. 

8. Take in Old Quebec

Quebec’s 400-year history is evident the moment one sets foot in its historic downtown. 

Dufferin Terrace gives you a great view of the Château Frontenac and the St. Lawrence River. In the summer, you can expect live entertainment there. But it’s in the winter months that the place turns into an exciting toboggan run. 

If you want to see the place where the city was founded, head over to Place Royale. It’s a certifiable gem that combines British and French architecture.  

9. Visit ÎIe d’Orléans

A visit to ÎIe d’Orléans might be perfect for checking out the daily activities in Quebec. 

Home to many farm stands and artisan outlets, this is where you can expect what you’ll consider as probably the tastiest tour ever. 

Moreover, you can do that while transported back to 18th century Quebec, what with all the old farms, villages, churches, and heritage homes surrounding you. In fact, there are more than 600 historic structures that remain erect. 

10. Say a Prayer at Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré

For more than 350 years, this temple has immortalized Saint Anne. And it boasts impressive architecture with mosaics, stained glass, and sculptures. 

Most visitors favor the Vault section of the basilica for the stunning mosaic that traces Saint Anne’s life. You can also make a tiny pilgrimage if you walk past the stations that depict the Passion of Christ. 

Bon Voyage

When all is said and done, the numerous activities in Quebec will leave you wanting to come back for more. In this city, every season has its own allure, so much so that you can have a completely different experience in the summer and the winter.

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