These Are the Beaches That You Must Visit on Your Next Trip to Boracay

These Are the Beaches That You Must Visit on Your Next Trip to Boracay

Are you planning a trip to the Philippines? Here’s your guide to the best beaches in Boracay.

Boracay may seem like a lonely island in the Philippines, yet it’s a perfect vacation destination. Prices are relatively low so you don’t need a huge budget. And if you want a relaxing vacation, this is the place to visit.

Most of the beaches are ideal for tourists in search of solitude and gorgeous scenery. And if you visit in the windy season, there’s enough room for water activities, too.

A Bit of Everything in White Beach

If you’re not sure what you want to see or do, White Beach could be a perfect spot for you. It’s the island’s longest and most popular beach after all.

It features a commercial strip, many restaurants, and tons of bars. It’s also quite crowded with tourists, which is not surprising since it also has the liveliest night scene and best resorts.

Surprisingly, White Beach doesn’t offer a lot in terms of water activities. With that said, other island locations cater to adventurers, too.

A Quiet Day at Puka Beach

When you’re in the mood for some relaxation over fun-filled activities, Puka Beach makes more sense. The beach has a massive cliff that forms an idyllic backdrop that’s perfect for some soul-searching.

This particular Boracay beach is less developed than others, hence the rustic appeal. This could be your best bet if you don’t want to compete with tourists for a sunbathing spot.

You can find a couple of bars here, too, in addition to places to grab a bite. But don’t plan on finding lots of excitement in this part of the island. Most people visit Puka for the solitude and exceptionally clean waters.

Windsurf at Bulabog Beach

One of the best beaches in Boracay is Bulabog Beach. If you visit the island at any time from November to April, you’re in luck. That’s the windiest season and perfect for kitesurfing and windsurfing. 

In the low season, however, it’s not a great destination as that’s when the beach gets converted into a boat parking spot.

Go Underwater Exploring at Tambisaan Beach

One of the best beaches in the world for snorkeling enthusiasts, Tambisaan Beach is the richest in Boracay when it comes to marine life. It’s what makes it ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. 

You also don’t have to venture too far off the shore. Swim 25 to 30 meters into the bay and you’ll get to start your underwater adventure.

Another great thing about Tambisaan beach is that it harbors one of the island’s secret beaches. A trek through the forest brings you to a secluded part of the beach. It’s not accessible by any roads, so few tourists ever make their way there.

The Secluded Lapuz Lapuz Beach

Some of the best beaches in Boracay are the quiet ones. And Lapuz Lapuz is such a destination. 

It features a long stretch of sand and not many access roads. This makes it less popular with tourists and as such, it’s quiet and very clean. You can get to Lapuz Lapuz via Blue Water or Fairways. 

It may take a longer trip to get there compared to other Boracay beaches. But a day of peace is in a tropical paradise is more than worth the trip, isn’t it?

Fishing at Tulubhan Beach

Tulubhan Beach hosts a few local villages. That’s why you’ll see plenty of boats in the open and docked on the shore. Chances are you won’t meet many tourists, but you will meet the locals. So you can observe what their everyday life is like. 

One of the things that you can do at Tulubhan Beach is to fish. The locals use this spot to catch fish and sea urchins.

There are also a couple of resorts in the area if you want to extend your stay.

Bask in the Rugged Beauty of Ilig Iligan Beach

Are you tired of people recommending White Beach? Boracay has two very busy and popular beaches. But so many others seem more appealing once you find them.

Ilig Iligan Beach is a rugged and wild spot. It’s a gorgeous beach with fantastic scenery with little to no development.

The water’s great for swimming, and a trip through the forest will bring you to a secret beach. So if you want even more seclusion, Ilig Iligan will suffice.

Rent a Cottage at Balinghai Beach

What makes Balinghai Beach one of the best beaches in Boracay? It’s a top destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway. It’s a private beach owned by Balinghai Resorts. While not the biggest on the island, it has a variety of cozy beach cottages that you can stay in.

What’s also interesting is that it’s accessible during low tide. You can’t do much when the tide is high, as most of the sand will get covered by water.

Solitude is the main reason why people visit. After a wild night spent at White Beach, this could be a relaxing trip to enjoy next.

Escape the Bustle at Diniwid Beach

If you want to get some exercise in and find some quiet at the end of the road, check out Diniwid Beach.

It’s within a 30-minute walking distance from White Beach. The powdery white sands and rocky backdrop offer a great spot to stay in for the day. Just consider yourself warned that you probably won’t find the best accommodations there.

Recharge Your Batteries on This Gorgeous Island

One island and so many beaches. Although Boracay has a couple of places that may leave you wanting, most of the beaches look pristine.

Between the peace and quiet, secret beaches, and great food, there’s a lot to do. You can even experience the unique island nightlife if you plan on spending your time at White Beach.

The island offers a bit of everything, even for the most demanding travelers.

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These Are the Beaches That You Must Visit on Your Next Trip to Boracay