The 10 Spectacular Sights of Dubai That You Can’t Miss

The 10 Spectacular Sights of Dubai That You Can’t Miss

Dubai is worth an extended vacation. The sights are impressive and it’s near impossible to pick only a few to visit. Here’s a selection of the top 10 that you definitely can’t miss.

The largest city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is one of the most contemporary cities in the world. It’s well-known for its spectacular architecture, beaches, and theme parks, among others.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends or family, the sights of Dubai are practically unlimited. And if you’re planning to visit this spectacular city, you should make it between November and April for the best weather.

Here’s a list of what you can see in Dubai.

1. Burj Khalifa

Dubai Burj Khalifa

One can hardly start to describe Dubai in any other way. The skyline was already impressive even before the construction of the Burj Khalifa tower. As it stands today, it’s the tallest building on the planet and the central point in Dubai.

One way to experience the heights of this monolith is to go for a meal at one of the tower’s restaurants. Also, check out the observation deck on the 124th floor for the best view.

Those who visit around New Year’s Eve stand to feast their eyes on the fireworks launched from this building.

2. Burj Al-Arab

Dubai Burj Al-Arab

Would you like to stay in the world’s tallest hotel? Burj Al-Arab is a sail-shaped hotel that’s 321 meters tall (1054 feet), but that’s not even its claim to fame. This hotel stands on an artificial island specially created for this purpose.

Burj Al-Arab lights up in an array of colors at night – it’s a real treat for the eyes. If you think you ought to get your camera ready, you wouldn’t be the only one. But that’s the extent of the experience for most tourists, as it’s known to be incredibly expensive.

3. Dubai Fountain

Dubai Dubai Fountain

Below the towering Burj Khalifa is the near equally impressive Dubai Fountain. And it’s not just for watching its famous shows. The fountain is so big that you can take a boat tour to watch the water shows on the inside.

The music and light shows begin every evening at 6 pm and starts again every half hour after. The choreographies of the geysers may be akin to the Bellagio Fountain of Las Vegas, but it’s a unique sight in this part of the world.

4. Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Dubai Aquarium

Dubai is a coastal city, so it’s no wonder that almost all of the sights are about water. One of the most acclaimed tourist locations in Dubai is the Dubai Aquarium right below the enormous Dubai Mall.

It’s home to almost 150 marine creatures that you can observe from the mall. If you’d like a close-up, you can go to the Underwater Zoo.

You also can take a glass-bottom boat tour or a walk through the zoo tunnels. And if you’re up for more, cage snorkeling and shark diving are available.

5. Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

The Desert Safari is an excellent choice if you’re feeling adventurous. Although Dubai is ultramodern today, there’s still a vast desert to explore.

The city organizes a good number of desert tours that include camel riding, sandboarding, and more. For those who want the full experience, there’s even camping that includes a belly dancing show and a traditional Arabian dinner.

6. Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

The Miracle Garden is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Dubai. It’s not only for the large number of flower species but also for the stunning creations within.

The one-of-a-kind garden is the largest natural flower garden in the world. Spanning a vast area, there are places to sit where you can get some rest. Do take note that it’s only open to visitors from November to May.

7. Global Village

Dubai Global Village

As the name implies, this is a place where the whole world comes together in harmony. Over 90 countries display their local food, crafts, and traditions at the Global Village. You can try anything, from regional cuisines to burgers and sushi. It’s one of the best places in Dubai to have dinner at – any time after 4 pm.

But what can you do before or after dinner? Try live performances, music, and fireworks on Thursdays and Fridays.

8. Palm Jumeirah

Dubai Palm Jumeirah

This artificial island has the shape of a palm tree and plenty of exciting activities to offer.

You can cool off at the Aquaventure Waterpark. Or head on over to the Lost Chambers Aquarium and learn more about the sea creatures on display.

Above all, the most exciting way to see Palm Jumeirah Island is to go on a 15 to 25-minute helicopter ride over Dubai.

9. Legoland Waterpark

Dubai Legoland Waterpark

The best tourist destination in Dubai can vary from one person to another. For those traveling with children, however, this place is an absolute must. Legoland Waterpark is the ultimate fun place for the whole family with its collection of slides and other fun water attractions.

This theme waterpark is primarily for children aged 2-12. Even so, everyone will enjoy the interactive rides, the Splash Safari, and boat and raft-building activities.

10. IMG Worlds of Adventure

Dubai IMG Worlds of Adventure

A visit to Dubai can be a very active affair. Adjacent to the Global Village, there’s another theme park filled with entertaining rides and events.

You can ride with dinosaurs, step into the Marvel zone, take in a unique cinematic experience with motion-seats, and do a whole lot more at the IMG Worlds of Adventure. Haunted house connoisseurs may want to check out the Haunted Hotel, too.

The best thing about this fantastical park is that it’s entirely indoors, making it an apt hiding place for when the heat becomes unbearable.

The Fun Never Stops

Dubai is a city that never sleeps. There’s always something to do and some of them may just make you fall in love with the city.

The above are just some of the best sights of Dubai, but there are more. You’ll likely need more than one trip to fully experience everything that this remarkable city has to offer.

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The 10 Spectacular Sights of Dubai That You Can’t Miss