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The 10 Things You Must Do in Darwin, AU

The 10 Things You Must Do in Darwin, AU

The 10 Things You Must Do in Darwin, AU

Don’t waste any moment during your Darwin trip. Make sure to hit all the right attractions and sights to create some unforgettable memories.

Darwin, a former frontier outpost, acts as a gateway to Kakadu National Park. It’s also home to a popular waterfront area and easily has some of the most scenic sights in the Northern Territory.

It may not be an Australian party town, but it’s still a fantastic tourist destination for anyone who enjoys nature and outdoor activities. Discover 10 of the best activities you can do here.

1. Spend Time With the Crocodiles

If you’re ever in the mood for thrilling experiences, then getting up close and personal with crocodiles should make your list. 

One of the top things to do in Darwin is to take a trip to the Crocosaurus Cove, where its Cage of Death attraction puts you in croc-infested waters. Don’t worry, you won’t become the dinner of these majestic creatures.

Crocodylus Park is another tourist hotspot with a similar theme, although it has a more family-friendly vibe. You can check out many of the over 1,000 crocs living there.

2. Beat the Heat

You’ll most likely get a lot of sunshine no matter when you decide to visit. Yes, even during the winter season, too. So, you’ll have to hit some relaxing places where you can cool off when the heat gets too much.

That’s the reason why hitting the Wave Lagoon to experience the wave pool is one of the best things to do in Darwin. Its waves can go up to 6 feet, but it also has wave-free areas that children can freely explore.

Note that this artificial tropical resort probably has the safest waters in and around Darwin. Besides, it’s right within the Waterfront complex, so you’ll have access to many amenities, facilities, and eateries nearby.

3. Visit the Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

Whether you’re a history buff or an art lover, you’ll get a kick out of this museum. It’s where you can see displays outlining the prehistoric history of the Northern Territory from up to 60,000 years ago to modern times.

The art gallery focuses on the works of local artists, as well as traditional and contemporary collections. It’s also where you can see a bit of everything and learn more about the province. 

And when you get too tired from exploring, you’ll be able to relax on the waterfront and simply take in the scenery.

4. Cruise the Wetlands

Darwin offers year-round cruises of the Mary River wetlands. It’s a perfect way to get close to the local wildlife, such as fish, crocs, and birds.

The area’s teeming with life during the wet season. But the dry season is also an interesting time to hop on a cruise – as the sea dries out, it makes it easier to spot the crocodiles in their natural habitat. 

The dry season is also the best time to visit the Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve, which acts as a home for over 250 bird species.

5. Get a Dose of Tranquility

The city is all about nature. That’s why one of the coolest things to do in Darwin is to visit the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens.

It’s where you’ll find countless unique tropical plant arrangements and fantastic color displays. Anyone can easily get lost in the beauty of all the fauna when escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.

6. Spend Time at the Beach

Looking for free things to do in Darwin? Look no further than hitting the beach.

Unfortunately, the famous Darwin Waterfront can get quite crowded. But you’ll find a great alternative in Mindil Beach. It’s an iconic location with a spectacular sunset viewpoint, a massive market, various craft stalls, and plenty of live entertainment.

It’s a great place to be with your family or your significant other, especially during the summer.

7. Learn About the City’s Involvement in World War II 

Did you know that Darwin was one of the few locations in Australia to experience direct attacks by the Japanese during WW2? 

In 1942, over 300 bombs hit the city, creating significant damage. As a result, Darwin became a pivotal harbor town during the war.

Today, you’ll see various military-themed attractions in the city, such as the Military Museum, the Defense of Darwin Experience, the Aviation Heritage Center, and many other landmarks.

History buffs will have a great time visiting the many facilities and sights that played pivotal roles during WW2.

8. Explore the Berry Springs Nature Park

Go for a picnic in this idyllic spot. Discover the park’s waterfalls, ponds, and outdoor pools. Breathe in the freshest air around Darwin and interact with the local wildlife. These are just some of the things you can do in the park.

You’ll also find plenty of BBQ spots with seating areas around its legendary springs, making it an ideal place to bond with friends and family.

The park has no entrance fee and it’s a great place to go hiking or simply relax. So, make a day of it if you prefer nature walks over concrete jungles.

9. Cruise the Harbor

No Darwin Vacation would be complete without a sunset cruise. In fact, seeing the sunset aboard a luxury yacht or something cozier is simply one of the best things to do in Darwin.

For the ultimate experience, enjoy a seafood buffet or gourmet diner paired with sparkling wine as you sail along the calm waters. It’s simply an experience you won’t forget.

10. Opt for the Open-Air Market Experience

Did you know that Darwin’s markets are among its popular attractions? You’ll have to visit the open-air markets yourself to understand the hype.

And if you want to sample local fruits and veggies, this is the place to be. In addition, you can find other fresh produce and local delicacies in many suburban areas like Nightcliff, Palmerston, Rapid Creek, and others.

The Mindil Beach Sunset Market happens on Thursdays and Sundays from April to October. It’s one of the best places to visit and grab something to eat and drink before you head to the beach to chill and catch the sunset.

A Busy Harbor City in a Paradise Location

Situated far up north in Australia’s Northern Territory, Darwin is nothing short of a tropical paradise.

This city is a destination with plenty to offer between its unique tropical climate and fantastic flora. Both nature lovers and gallery-hoppers alike can indulge in their favorite activities almost year-round.The consistency of the Darwin weather alone makes a case for this being one of the best cities to visit in Australia. So, are you ready to plan your itinerary?

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