The 8 Essential Tourist Spots for Your Vacation to Canberra

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The 8 Essential Tourist Spots for Your Vacation to Canberra

Is Australia your next travel destination? If you’re visiting the Australian Capital Territory, here are the essential attractions to include in your bucket list.

Canberra, the largest inland city in Australia, can be an excellent choice for your next vacation. It’s full of cultural treasures and a must-see for anyone visiting Australia. In fact, there’s so much to see here that you’ll have to plan your vacation very carefully if you don’t want to miss anything.

Where should you go first? It’ll be hard to decide between the beaches, sightseeing, and the many outdoor activities it offers. Here’s a list of must-see locations in Canberra to help you out.

1.   Lake Burley Griffin

Canberra Lake Burley Griffin

Before you do anything else, make sure you visit one of the most beautiful places in Canberra. Lake Burley Griffin is a true masterpiece and an ideal place for a large number of activities. You can go for a picnic at one of the parks around it. And if you’re into boats, you can take a cruise or a ferry ride on the lake.

If you’re up for sports activities, you can choose between sailing, rowing, and kayaking. For those who don’t fancy water sports, fishing and biking can be excellent options. Cyclists can also enjoy 40km (25 miles) of shoreline that’s equally suitable for walkers. And don’t worry, there are many cafés and restaurants that you can stop for a bite if you get tired from all that.

2.   Parliament House

Parliament House in Canberra

The Parliament House is one of the top tourist locations in Canberra, Australia. Located high up Capital Hill, it has not only stunning architecture but also historical significance.

You can take a guided tour when visiting the Parliament of Australia to learn more about the place. There are historical documents and impressive art collections to check out, including one of the largest tapestries in the world. And if you feel like having a cup of coffee, stop by the beautiful Queen’s Terrace Café.

3.   Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial in Canberra

The Australian War Memorial is a cultural hotspot you can visit for free. It’s even the number one tourist attraction in Canberra for many. That’s because the complex houses a host of scientific and cultural centers, including a museum, a shrine, and a research center.

You can learn more about the Australians who served the nation in interesting ways. The many exhibitions display both artifacts and personal stories of Australian soldiers. All in all, the center can be a valuable experience for everyone.

4.    The National Zoo & Aquarium

Canberra National Zoo & Aquarium

Canberra houses the only combination zoo and aquarium in Australia. But that’s not the only reason the National Zoo & Aquarium is among the places to see in Canberra for tourists all over the world.

The unique ZooVenture experience could be of particular interest if you’re traveling with kids. Would you like to feed a bear or a giraffe? That’s among the many things you can do at the National Zoo! There are more fun activities in store, such as safari routes and night programs.

5.   Questacon, the National Science and Technology Centre

Questacon, the National Science and Technology Centre in Canberra

Would you like to experience something truly unique? The National Science and Technology Centre, with a slew of interesting exhibitions, is the best Down Under. The incredible programs make science look simple – the easier for kids to relate.

You’re also bound to find something captivating among its 200 educational exhibits, including a chance to experience augmented reality. Just make sure to devote at least three hours to this visit.

6.   Mount Ainslie Lookout

Canberra Mount Ainslie Lookout

If you’re looking to spend some time in nature, don’t think that the bustling city is devoid of green spaces. The Mount Ainslie Lookout is just asking for hikers to get up there for a panoramic view of Canberra and the attendant photo snapping.

The hiking trail isn’t too demanding either. But if you can’t handle that, you can just as well drive up and spend some time at leisure.

7.    South Broulee Beach

Canberra South Broulee Beach

There are genuinely wonderful beaches that you can visit during your stay in Canberra. South Broulee Beach, one of the loveliest beaches in this part of Australia, is less than two hours away.

It’s a long stretch of sand beach bordering crystal-clear turquoise waters and is ideal for surfing, tanning, and walking. For the majority of tourists, this is the number one beach within reach of Canberra.

If you’re on an active vacation, you can try snorkeling, diving, or fishing. You may also want to visit Broulee Island for a walk through the stunning nature reserve.

8.    Cockington Green

Canberra Cockington Green

Cockington Green is an oasis in the middle of the city and an ideal place to spend time with your family. Established in 1979, it’s fast become one of the most popular tourist spots in Canberra.

But the beautiful garden isn’t the only feature. There are also scale reproductions of famous buildings the world over and activities like the Stream Train Ride and the Waverly Dolls House.

The All-in-One City of Canberra

You’ll find what you desire in Canberra no matter the purpose of your visit. With all the cultural and scientific institutions and gardens to explore, it’s easy to lose track of time once there.

Questacon and the National Zoo are just two of the must-see locations in Canberra. And when it’s time for a break, there are beaches just outside of the city where relaxation or adventures await.

You can’t go wrong with the time of year to visit Canberra. That said, many do single out the spring and the fall as ideal.

Have you made up your mind yet to go on a trip? Don’t take too long now.

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The 8 Essential Tourist Spots for Your Vacation to Canberra