The Top 10 Bars in Majorca for a Fun Night Out

The Top 10 Bars in Majorca for a Fun Night Out

Palma de Majorca keeps the party going 365 days every year. Here’s the easiest way to find the best bars in the city before the massive offering overwhelms you.

Majorca has hundreds of bars that are perfect for any partygoer. And whether you want to grab a late cocktail or dance until sunrise, each district has its own popular spots.

The city’s blend of indoor and outdoor locales means that you can never get bored or have to go to the same place twice. Feel free to meet new people and have fun every night you’re in Majorca.

Here are our top picks that guarantee a great partying experience.

1. Panoramic View From the Sky Bar

Majorca Sky bar hostal Cuba

The Sky Bar is on the rooftop of Hostal Cuba, one of the city’s most luxurious hotels. Despite the hotel’s reputation, Sky Bar isn’t an over the top venue. It’s quite accessible to a wide range of visitors.

But most of all, it offers a relaxed atmosphere and breathtaking views of the city, harbor, and cathedral. Local DJs entertain guests at night. And this is an excellent place for a date or group fun. 

Be sure to book a table in time to see the sunset, too.

2. The Bohemian Café L’Antiquari

The Bohemian Café L’Antiquari in Majorca

If you want to discover the local music scene and bask in an authentic Majorcan atmosphere, know that Café L’Antiquari is one of the top bars in Majorca.

It’s an elegant yet quirky venue with artwork on walls and non-matching furniture. And it offers fresh tapas, great drink prices, and frequent live music.

For a chill yet fun night out, Café L’Antiquari is a must-visit locale.

3. Frozen in Time – Bar Abaco

Majorca frozen in Time – Bar Abaco

You can almost call it a theme bar. What matters is that Bar Abaco rests inside a 17th-century mansion that features restored Baroque architecture and period décor.

Candles light the rooms and the arrangements of flowers, fruits, and antiques give it an authentic Spanish vibe. And like many other places, Bar Abaco generally stays open until at least midnight.

It’s not just one of the top bars in Majorca, but also an excellent place to enjoy cocktails or local specialty wines.

4. Dancing Under Palm Trees at La Cabana

La Cabana in Majorca

La Cabana is a bar at the Portals Hills Hotel. The bar has indoor and outdoor areas, as well as a swimming pool and big palm trees.

Its beachfront location makes it a popular choice day and night. And for most of the week, you’ll find DJs setting the mood and entertaining guests.

The view of Portals Nous at night is another good reason to give La Cabana a try.

5. Flavored Shots and Dancing at Goodfellas

Goodfellas in Majorca

Palma de Majorca is famous for its beaches and nightlife. And Goodfellas is one of the top bars in Majorca where you can go and dance until you drop.

The venue puts on everything, from party music to live bands, and keeps the party going until sunrise. 

Best of all, it has good-priced drinks, a diverse menu, and leaves lots of room for socializing.

6. Authentic Tapas at Bar Espana

Authentic Tapas at Bar Espana Majorca

You can find Bar Espana right in the heart of Majorca. As an authentic tapas bar, it offers some of the best native food you can ask for. It also has a nice selection of local and import beers. 

It’s not a pretentious venue, so guests of all ages and walks of life make it their venue of choice.

It may be of particular interest to older crowds for its preference for playing indie and 80s music. But the skill of the bartenders is another reason many locals and tourists often spend time there.

7. Themed Nights at Tito’s

Themed Nights at Tito’s Majorca

Tito’s is a legendary Majorcan nightclub. Would you believe that during its prime, the venue attracted many Hollywood A-listers?

Although that’s no longer the case, Tito’s still maintains its luxurious atmosphere. 

You always walk on a red carpet before entering the venue. And you can still ride the glass elevator up to the dance floor.

It’s a perfect place to experience the nightlife in Majorca. Even though it’s slightly pricier, the venue puts on incredible shows and keeps the party going all year round.

8. Everything You Want at Ritzi’s

Ritzi is one of the top bars in Majorca

Ritzi is one of the top bars in Majorca and sits at the heart of Puerto Portals, the city’s glamorous harbor that offers fantastic views and excellent venues.

If you book a table at Ritzi, you get a bit of everything. After all, it has a restaurant, lounge, bar, and a massive dance floor. This means you can go there for dinner and then move upstairs to join the party.

Its waterfront location affords gorgeous evening views and the variety on the menu can satisfy any guest. You may also be lucky enough to spot a celebrity or two.

9. Visit Magaluf to Party on the Beach

Majorca Magaluf to Party on the Beach

Magaluf is home to the popular Nikki Beach, which is a luxurious part of Majorca but also one that’s famous for its nighttime parties.

Here you can visit two amazing bars: the Oceans Beach Club and the Pirates Beach Bar. At both locations, you can attend moonlight pool parties, wide selections of cocktails, and mostly live music.

10. An Unforgettable Night at the Galactic Club

Unforgettable Night at the Galactic Club Majorca

Although known as a cocktail bar, this downtown location is an excellent place to dance the night away.

In fact, the Galactic Club is an exceedingly popular dance venue that’s easily one of the best bars in Palma de Majorca, 

The music selection is mostly blues, rock and roll, swing, and soul. It’s also often packed with Majorcan residents, so it’s a great place to mingle and party with the locals.

Do Majorca in Style

Some people may want a more relaxing trip. But it’d be a shame to miss out on Majorca’s amazing nightlife and lively venues. After all, many bars offer fantastic local cuisine, flavored shots and cocktails, and great music.

Whether you want to dance inside a luxurious bar or attend moonlight pool parties, Majorca has it all. The top bars in Majorca guarantee a fun night out and you should have no problem finding tons of affordable places, too.

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The Top 10 Bars in Majorca for a Fun Night Out