Here Are Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Majorca

Here Are Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Majorca

Give sunbathing a break and go exploring. Most of the things you see in Majorca are those you probably won’t find anywhere else.

Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. But that’s just one of the best-known bits of trivia. Few people understand just how much the island has to offer outside the beaches, nightclubs, and designer retail therapy.

Its rich history, unbelievable architecture, and other unique attributes make it a great vacation destination all year round. 

Check out some of the things you didn’t know about Majorca that might just get you extra motivated to go.

Massive Underground Lake

Massive Underground Lake in Majorca

Starting the list of Majorca facts few people know about, there is the underground lake. 

The island has a very vast cave system. And tourists primarily visit to gaze at stalactite formations and intricate underground geology. 

However, the main attraction is undoubtedly the Cuevas del Drach cave system. It has a few underground lakes, including one of the largest in the world.

You can hop on a boat and sail the turquoise waters while taking in the spectacular scenery.

A History of Making Wines

Majorca History of Making Wines

Today, Majorca exports many award-winning wines. So it’s not surprising that there are dozens of vineyard tours on the island, which benefit the local tourism.

But, what most people don’t know is that Majorca has been making wines for centuries. 

Even after an unfortunate infestation wiped out the local vines in the 19th century, the island bounced back. Farmers turned to almond groves to revive the industry.

Unique Sailing Experiences

Unique Sailing Experiences in Majorca

The Balearic Islands make for an excellent setting if you love sailing. But not every tourist knows all the Majorca facts when it comes to this experience.

It’s because the island offers a rather unique type of boat tour along the coast. 

Up to six people can hop on a traditional Ilaut – a wooden vessel with a design that dates back to the Middle Ages. 

Initially popular for fishing, it also became a staple of coastal navigation.

Gorgeous Countryside in the Offseason

Almond Trees in Majorca

Most people think that a Majorca vacation is all about catching the best beach weather. But the fact is that the island is beautiful all year long.

Here’s one of the Majorca facts you probably didn’t know: February is one of the best times of the year to visit. 

That’s when the island’s famous almond trees are in their peak season. You can check them out in the countryside for a unique experience and scenery.

Late fall is another good time to visit if you’re not one to party heavily in midsummer. It’s the best time to see the olive harvest or the grape harvest in a vineyard.

There’s a Reason the Waters Are So Clear

Crystal clear water in Majorca

The crystal clear transparency of the water is among the Majorca facts everyone knows. However, few people know why that’s the case.

The secret to the transparency of the seawater lies with the local algae. It’s called Cynical Posidonia, a species with excellent oxygenation abilities. 

The extra oxygenation makes the water more transparent and a great environment for swimming or underwater exploration.

An Incredibly Old Lighthouse

An Incredibly Old Lighthouse in Majorca

When visiting Majorca, odds are you’ll also check out some island landmarks. Here’s an interesting fact that will catch your attention:

The island is home to the third oldest lighthouse in the world that’s in operation.

Portopi’s Lighthouse is one of the hottest attractions on the island. Although built in the 14th century, it’s still operational even to this day. 

Largest Gothic Cathedral Rosette in the World

Marjorca have the Largest Gothic Cathedral Rosette in the World

With a diameter of roughly 42.6 feet, this eye-catching rosette holds a total of 1,236 crystals that let the light into the Palma Cathedral.

There are two lesser-known Majorca facts regarding this rosette: first, it’s the largest in the world that’s found on any Gothic cathedral. And second, most locals refer to it as the gothic eye.

You can’t miss seeing it if you visit the cathedral. But without taking a guided tour, you might fail to realize its magnitude.

Another fun bit of trivia has to do with the altar. 

The altar on the island’s most iconic cathedral doesn’t face Jerusalem but Mecca. That’s because the building sits on the site of a former mosque.

Don’t Miss Out on Majorca Food Experiences

Don't Miss Out on Majorca Food Experiences

It doesn’t take long to find a great restaurant in Majorca, as the island has amazing eateries wherever you look.

But an authentic experience in a cellar restaurant is something you don’t want to miss. There are many such venues throughout the island. And most of them are, in fact, retrofitted old wine cellars.

The décor often involves traditional cooking equipment and farming tools. You should also know that cellar restaurants tend to offer very generous portions and a good number of unique dishes.

A Circular Castle Turned Museum

Bellver Castle in Majorca

Majorca facts that are well-known often include something about the island’s dedication to preserving its history. But there’s one unique piece of old architecture that people don’t know much about.

Bellver Castle is a circular castle, which makes it an oddity in Europe. There are very few of them on the continent and Bellver is the only one in Spain.

King Jaume II commissioned the castle in the early 1400s. It features three semi-circular towers and one larger one attached via a bridge. 

The Palma City Council didn’t receive ownership of the castle until the 1930s. Since then, it’s housed a popular museum and even hosts the occasional concert, as well as other events in the courtyard.

A Traveler’s Paradise

Too many people limit Majorca to a party island with great beaches, clear waters, and lively nightlife. But the biggest of the Balearic Islands has a lot more to offer.

The emphasis placed on cultural and historical preservation is something easily noticed when taking a stroll. After all, the island has superb Gothic architecture and some very old buildings fully restored and open to the general public.

Whether it’s the cathedral, smaller churches, castles, or other locations, there’s always something unique and exciting to visit and explore. Check out the plentiful attractions beyond the ivory sands and clear waters to get the full Majorca experience.

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Here Are Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Majorca