A Visitor’s Guide to Brisbane

A Visitor’s Guide to Brisbane

Plan your trip for maximum enjoyment in Brisbane. Here’s what you need to know before visiting.

Brisbane is one of the most popular cities in Australia for both natives and tourists. Many Australians move to Queensland because it offers a cheaper cost of living. In contrast, tourists go there for the great year-round weather, affordability, and gorgeous scenery. 

No matter what you plan on doing, Brisbane won’t disappoint. But before you book your ticket, learn these facts about the city to fully enjoy your stay.

Know the Region’s Seasons

Autumn is best time to visit Brisbane

If you want to know what to do in Brisbane first, you have to know when it’s ideal to visit. Catching the area’s best weather will allow you to see more and do more.

The period of March to May is autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and arguably the best time to visit. During this time, temperatures hover around the mid-80s and never drop below 50.

September is also a packed month due to the Brisbane Festival. But spring in Brisbane has very dry days compared to other seasons.

Getting Around Town

Getting Around Town of Brisbane

You have a couple of choices when it comes to transportation. 

Buses are rather cheap and could be preferable to taxis. You can also take advantage of the city’s efficient railway and use the Airtrain to get around. Many tourists, as well as locals, often use the ferries. It’s a great way to cut through the city center and get around the Brisbane River.

If you arrive at the airport, you should take the AirTrain into the city. It’s the fastest and most comfortable mode of transportation for the 10 miles into Brisbane City.

Once in Brisbane, the CityLoop buses are great to get from one end to another. They’re not only clean but they’re also free.

Beaches Everywhere You Look

Beaches Everywhere You Look in Brisbane

Most tourists go one hour north or south of the city to hit some of the best beaches in the country.

But what makes Brisbane beaches so popular? They’re clean and have crystal clear water and amazing weather. And unlike in Melbourne, you can swim all year round in Brisbane. 

But here’s what’s even cooler.

If you don’t have time to travel, the Inner City Beach might suit your needs, too. It’s a man-made beach right on the Brisbane River in the middle of the city. This novelty attraction isn’t something you can find in many other places.

Accessibility and Small-Town Vibes

Accessibility and Small-Town Vibes in Brisbane

Brisbane isn’t one of Australia’s biggest cities. Yes, it’s a capital city, but it has a small-town atmosphere that you might enjoy while on vacation.

It’s unlikely that you’ll run into long lines when trying to get lunch or dinner. You don’t even have to navigate a maze of tourists or deal with overly crowded areas.

There’s enough room on public transportation, too. And if you rent a car or travel in your personal vehicle, parking spots won’t be an issue in Brisbane city.

Loads of Fun Activities

Loads of Fun Activities in Brisbane

Not sure what to do in Brisbane during a heatwave? If you’re tired of sitting at the beach, why not visit one of the best Gold Coast theme parks?

Sea World is one of the hottest attractions in the area. But there are also other theme parks just one hour out of the city.

Whether traveling solo or with your family, Brisbane’s theme parks offer fun activities for all ages. Go on a thrilling roller coaster ride or find some shade and grab a bite to eat.

Safe Travel

Safe Travel and vibrant nightlife in Brisbane

Looking for another reason why you must do Brisbane for your next vacation? 

It’s one of the safest cities in Australia. In fact, it has a very low crime rate compared to Melbourne and other top tourist destinations in the country.

And if you spend most of your time in the Valley, you’ll notice the quiet and friendly vibes. The city has a vibrant nightlife, yet it still seems like a perfect place to settle down later in life.

Don’t Get Too Excited About the River

Don’t Get Too Excited About the River in Brisbane

Locals call the Brisbane River the brown snake, which gives you an idea of how appealing the body of water that divides the city is.

While it’s a step up from the Thames, it’s just not the best river to look at. Certain parts of the river are quite unappealing and it’s best to avoid lingering.

However, it’s still a great way to get around town while taking in some amazing city views. The part of the river at the Inner City Beach is usually clean enough for swimming or dipping.

Parks, Galleries and Museums

Brisbane has a bit of everything

Brisbane has a bit of everything. 

Its parks are gorgeous, free to explore, and offer plenty of shade for the dry days. Not even the Botanic Gardens charge an entrance fee. And as it turns out, that’s a great place to visit if you want to take in the local scenery.

The art galleries and museums are among the most popular in the country. And you can also find many institutions with no admittance fees.

Diverse Food and Bar Scene

Diverse Food and Bar Scene in Brisbane

Looking for affordable eateries and fine dining options? Brisbane has them. 

Although the majority of restaurants have Australian menus, you can find European and Asian cuisines as well. The food offers enough variation for most tourists. But due to popular demand, Mediterranean cuisine probably comes second to Australian in terms of options.

The bars of Brisbane won’t disappoint, either. You can find a variety of warehouse-style breweries, cozy cocktail bars, and vibrant nightclubs.

A Busy Australian City That’s Remarkably Relaxing and Entertaining

Don’t ask what to do in Brisbane. The more appropriate question is, what can’t you do in this city?

Brisbane offers fun activities for both adults and kids. It’s a busy place that’s not nearly as crowded as other tourist hotspots. The region also has many pristine beaches and a picturesque landscape that can fill a couple of memory cards with amazing pictures.

And to top things off, it’s among the most affordable cities in Australia for tourists, as well as to live in.

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A Visitor’s Guide to Brisbane