Best Restaurants in Dubai for a Lavish Dining Experience

Best Restaurants in Dubai for a Lavish Dining Experience

Here’s a cheat sheet for the places and dishes you shouldn’t miss out on.

Dubai is a luxe, exotic city. It’s famed for its architecture, exclusive hotels, and nightlife. However, Dubai is also famed for their excellent dining options. Visit the best restaurants in Dubai and you’ll find a worldwide selection of national cuisines.

Plenty of prestigious restaurant chains and renowned chefs opened up shop, making the city’s dining scene all but extravagant. 

With such a wide choice, it might be challenging to decide on the best experiences. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best restaurants in Dubai you should visit.

1. Zuma

Dubai Zuma Restaurant

This is a Tokyo-inspired restaurant in the style of casual Japanese bars. The interior is a minimalist mix of traditional and modern Japanese design. With a location at the financial center of Dubai, Zuma oozes class and subtlety.

Naturally, one should expect the best Japanese dishes here, and Zuma has plenty of those. The dishes are in complete harmony with the restaurant’s minimalist style. And just like the interior, the food is perfectly prepared. The ingredients are of top quality and the specialties are delicate and tasteful.

2. La Petite Maison

Dubai La Petite Maison

Part of the international restaurant chain, La Petite Maison in Dubai is one of the best restaurants in Dubai. It’s inspired by French cuisine, specifically the style of the French Mediterranean coast. La Petite Maison Dubai offers the most authentic dishes of this cuisine in the city.

The inconspicuous exterior will leave you in awe after you taste the incredible dishes. Meanwhile, the interior is all in bright, soft tones with several carefully picked art pieces adorning the walls. 

As is customary in French cuisine, the presentation is flawless, whether you decide on seafood, grilled meat, or a vegetarian dish.

3. Ossiano

Dubai Ossiano

Ossiano, Dubai is a fascinating place. The restaurant is underground, with a massive aquarium that encompasses the walls. Naturally, the cuisine focuses on seafood. Order the tasting menu and you’ll receive a procession of unforgettable seafood dishes. The plating is as amazing as the taste.

The restaurant has a unique atmosphere, with tens of thousands of marine species swimming in the aquarium. Tasting the incredible specialties while watching sharks, fish, and stingrays swim by is an experience like no other. When you’re presented with one of the avant-garde dishes, the atmosphere will completely transport you to a different world.

4. Al Iwan

Dubai Al Iwan Restaurant

Al Iwan represents the best culinary traditions of the Gulf and the Emirates. And you can find the restaurant, quite appropriately, in the famous Burj Al Arab – a recognized symbol of Dubai and UAE. Enter it and you’ll feel the full impression of modern Arabian luxury. The restaurant itself doesn’t fall behind the lavish interior of the Burj.

The cuisine is true to the uncomplicated yet tasteful Arabic roots. You can indulge in hearty and authentic dishes that have been the staples of the region for centuries, like hummus, baba ganoush, delicious lamb dishes, and many more. Order a selection of mezze to try out different combinations of exquisite meals.

5. Armani/Amal

Dubai Armani Restaurant

Indian cuisine is among the most interesting in the world. The regional variations give a broad palette of dishes and styles. It’s no wonder that Armani/Amal attracts patrons in droves. Also located in the majestic Burj Khalifa, this is a top-class Indian restaurant.

Of course, you’ll get to order many varieties of curries. But, in Armani/Amal, you’ll get the full experience when its top chefs prepare the dish tableside. The restaurant represents the cuisine of almost every corner of India. Those that are familiar with the country know this means the menu is quite extensive. You’ll see vegetarian, poultry, meat, or seafood dishes that represent different regions. 

All based on traditional recipes, the dishes have a modern touch. The preparation and presentation are also world-class, as one should expect.

6. Pierchic

Dubai Pierchic Restaurant

This restaurant, focused on seafood, presents a one-of-a-kind romantic experience. Located far into the Persian Gulf waters, Pierchic Dubai allows fine dining with an unforgettable view of the city and the sea. Among the lavish dishes are different servings of fish tartare, tiger prawns, and Galician octopus. The menu also contains entries like cold-cut beef and rib-eye steak, but it would be a shame to miss out on the seafood specialties.

If you can take your eyes off the windows, you’ll enjoy the tastefully done interior. The style is pretty straightforward, with an accent on wood that perfectly fits in with the surrounding water background. It’s modest in the best way. Gorgeous, but not extravagant.

7. Zheng He

Dubai Zheng He Restaurant

The design of this restaurant is a subtle blend of Arabic and Chinese influences. Usually, when lesser venues go for this kind of a combination, the results can be underwhelming. However, Zheng He’s done it with just the right measure. The different elements blend with one another, rather than compete. And the interior displays as much taste as you’ll find in the wonderful dishes.

The menu has plenty of traditional dishes, including the famous lush sweet and sour combinations. There are even more luxurious choices like the jasmine tea-smoked wagyu beef ribs. The food here is exceptional, and every regional Chinese cuisine finds its place on the menu.

8. Dubai Mall Restaurants

Dubai Dubai Mall Restaurants

To finish off on a different note, we have to mention the best restaurants in Dubai Mall. There’s plenty to choose from and you’ll find various price ranges fit for every budget. Katsuya restaurant has excellent Asian cuisine, while Peppermill represents India. Tribes Carnivore offers African dishes. We probably don’t have to explain the cuisine of the excellent Texas Roadhouse.

If you’re interested in exploring the best restaurants in Dubai Mall, prepare yourself for a hard choice. Like the luxurious places in the city, the Mall has almost every world cuisine represented. One major plus with the Dubai Mall is that you can find some more affordable yet quality dining options.

Indulge in the Food Extravaganza

Dubai is perhaps not praised enough for the impressive range of its eateries. The restaurants will present you with both exquisite dishes and fascinating experiences. Fortunately, visitors on a budget can discover many places with first-class cuisine and reasonable prices. 

While the city vistas are captivating, the food can easily match them.

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Best Restaurants in Dubai for a Lavish Dining Experience