Château Frontenac (And Eight More Must-See Sights in Quebec)

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Château Frontenac (And Eight More Must-See Sights in Quebec)

Quebec’s attractions and iconic sites are crowd-drawers. It’s one of the most beautiful Canadian provinces and its offering caters to everyone, from nature lovers to history buffs.

If and when you visit Quebec, you can’t miss the Chateau Frontenac hotel. It’s easily the most recognizable building in the region, if not the entire country. But it’s not the only place you have to go to.

There are other sights to see in the area. Some of which are just as imposing and interesting as the old hotel itself. Before booking your trip, here are some other locations you might want to add to your itinerary.

1. Château Frontenac

Quebec Château Frontenac

Visible for miles, this is the province’s most iconic building. The Canadian Pacific Railway built the hotel back in 1894. And it’s still a popular hotel with tourists from all over the world to this day.

The hotel has a wide boardwalk with amazing scenic views of the St. Lawrence River. It’s also possible to see the ruins of an old fort from the main road next to the building.

Even if you don’t want to book a room in this picturesque hotel, it’s still worth a trip even if only to gaze upon its architecture and imposing stature.

2. Mount Royal Park

Quebec Mount Royal Park

Mount Royal Park is one of the most awe-inspiring places to visit in Quebec. Sitting on top of a 764ft. peak, the park offers one of the best vantage points over the city. Its often crowded platform allows you to see the St. Lawrence River and a panoramic view of Ile de Montreal.

During the winter, you can also engage in other activities in the park. There’s ice skating and cross-country skiing available, for starters.

3. Place Royale

Quebec Place Royale

You can’t leave the province without also seeing the actual birthplace of Quebec City. In 1608, Samuel de Champlain established the first settlement here. And this place now goes by the name Place Royale.

It has a collection of 17th and 18th-century buildings that are among the most impressive in Old Quebec. The highlight of the area is perhaps the Notre-Dame des Victoires, a stone church built in 1688.

Many other historic buildings are very close to Place Royale, so a tour of Old Quebec is always a good idea. Just start at the birthplace of the city and go outwards from there to truly see how it evolved.

4. Chutes Montmorency

Quebec Chutes Montmorency

Niagara Falls is the most famous waterfall in North America. But you can see one that’s even taller than it just outside of Quebec. The Chutes Montmorency waterfall cascades down from 275ft and is an amazing sight to behold.

There’s a pedestrian suspension bridge that crosses the river. From there, you can gaze upon the majestic waterfall. And you can also get to the top by riding a cable car. Aside from the bridge, you can also see the waterfall and its surroundings from the many trails and viewing platforms in the area.

When you’re done with sightseeing, you can also grab a bite at the restaurant.

5. Parc Jean Drapeau

Parc Jean Drapeau in Quebec

Another ideal place to visit in Quebec is the Ile Sainte-Helene artificial island. It’s where you can find Parc Jean Drapeau and a variety of family-friendly attractions and activities. The island also has an amusement park and the Montreal Biodome.

This is the biggest structure of its kind in the world. And as a biosphere, it houses green technology and many eco-friendly exhibits. 

Visitors under the age of 18 can get in for free – yet another reason why it’s one of the best places to visit in Quebec.

6. The Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens in Quebec

Another must-see site is the Montreal Botanical Gardens. It’s the largest botanical garden in the Quebec province, spanning over 185 acres. Here you can find both indoor and outdoor gardens.

The facilities take you on a tour of 10 exhibition houses with over 3,000 specimens. The outdoor gardens feature collections of Chinese, Japanese, and native plants. Very close to the botanical gardens is where you can find the Insectarium, a very entertaining facility that’s family-friendly.

7. Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant Quebec

The Mont-Tremblant resort is one of Quebec’s premier ski resorts. It offers the best snow during the winter, and it also has its own artificial snowmaking system. That’s why you can find some of the best slopes and skiing conditions of Canada here.

However, it’s also a perfect spot for sightseeing as the Laurentian Mountains provide a picturesque background. You can take one of the many hiking trails or ascend the mountain via the gondola. During the winter, you can get an even more fantastic experience riding a dogsled.

8. Hotel de Glace

Hotel de Glace in Quebec

Even if you can’t book a room at the Hotel de Glace, it’s still something worth seeing during the winter. It’s minutes away from Quebec City and definitely among the best places to visit in Quebec.

Make no mistake – everything is ice. And that includes the beds. That’s why the hotel looks different every year and has new features and concepts.

To see the hotel, it’s best if you visit from January to March. The work on the hotel begins in December, but it takes almost a month to complete. It’s one of the rarest of its kind, which is why it’s a world-renowned attraction.

9. La Citadelle

Quebec La Citadelle

Constructed in the 1800s, La Citadelle is a very impressive fortress. It’s the main attraction in Quebec City’s Cap Diamant district. 

This was initially intended as protection from an American invasion. Although that never happened, La Citadelle now serves as home to the Royal 22nd Regiment. 

You can check out the majestic star-shaped structure from up close. And you can even book a tour of the military museum.

Don’t Miss What Quebec City and the Best of Montreal Have to Offer

Both Quebec City and Montreal provide a variety of impressive sights. From historic buildings to diverse landscapes, they add to the province’s popularity with visitors.

The breathtaking scenery of the region is enough to make your jaw drop on more than one occasion. And if you’re passionate about culture, history, or nature, there’s always something new to learn.

Just try to hit the most iconic locations first before you venture off exploring on your own.

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Château Frontenac (And Eight More Must-See Sights in Quebec)