Newcastle on the Cheap – What to Do on Your Next Trip

Newcastle on the Cheap – What to Do on Your Next Trip

You can make the most of your next visit to Newcastle, even on a tight budget.

Newcastle, or Newcastle upon Tyne, as is the city’s full name, is both a historical and urban center. Located in the north of England, the city’s unique and full of culture. As you would expect, there are plenty of attractions and fun things to do in Newcastle.

Best of all, you can have a great time in the city without overspending. 

Check out our list of the most affordable interesting activities for your next trip to Newcastle upon Tyne. Whether you spend one day or a week there, your Newcastle vacation will be both inexpensive and memorable.

Visit the Ancient Newcastle Castle

Newcastle Keep and the Black Gate

It would be hard to miss a visit to the main feature that gave the city its name. 

The castle is a medieval stronghold of Norman origins. Today, you won’t see much of it since it’s mostly lost to time. The remaining castle keep and the Black Gate are the only remaining buildings. Luckily, the restored castle remains open for visitors.

The history of Newcastle’s Castle is rich and fascinating. Starting from Roman times and lasting until today, its story encompasses centuries. You can learn a lot about it through the exhibits held at the keep and the Black Gate. Make sure to get to the top of the keep where you can enjoy an impressive view of the whole city.

Check Out the City’s Best Bars

BrewDog in Newcastle

It would be unfair not to mention some of the amazing nightlife venues the city’s famous for. The best bars in Newcastle often have great prices, so a drink or two certainly won’t empty your pockets.

97 & Social is a cozy, great-looking bar in the Jesmond neighborhood. Here you can grab a cocktail or a tasty bite to eat and get a chance to meet the locals. It’s no surprise many students frequent this comfortable bar.

Near Central Station, The Hudson is a beautiful place for a quick drink or a full meal. You can pick between sitting at a table or the stylish bar. Come alone, or with friends or family, and spend some pleasant time in this authentic location.

BrewDog is very near Newcastle Cathedral, making it a great stop on any city exploration tour. This bar offers excellent craft beers, with an accent on the Scottish sorts. The interior is straightforward and minimalist, making a visit to BrewDog the essential bar experience.

Of course, there are many more bars in Newcastle. But for budget’s sake, we recommend limiting the visits and staying for the atmosphere rather than the drinks. An evening at a local bar will give you that priceless, ‘real’ Newcastle feel.

Travel Back in Time in the Bessie Surtees House

Newcastle Bessie Surtees House

Buildings that belong to the 17th-century Jacobean architecture style are rare and quite interesting. This alone is reason enough to visit the Bessie Surtees House on Sandhill, near the Tyne Bridge. Admittance is free and the story behind the building is the stuff of romance novels. 

The story involves Bessie Surtees, an attractive socialite of the era, and John Scott, the future Lord Chancellor of England. The two had a loving relationship opposed by Bessie’s parents. One November day in 1772, with Scott’s help, Bessie exited the house through a window, and they eloped to Scotland.

You can learn the whole story through the exhibition housed in the building. There are even more examples of Jacobean architecture, as well as the lovely period interiors, on display.

Try Out Your Hand at Mini Golf

Try Out Your Hand at Mini Golf in Newcastle

When it comes to mini-golf, Newcastle is packed with amazing courses. Depending on the weather and your preference, you can choose between indoor and outdoor variations. Nothing can beat a mini-golf afternoon as far as affordable and fun things to do in Newcastle go. You can find courses scattered all across the city, so the game is on no matter where you are.

Mr. Mulligan’s Space Golf in Chinatown is an indoor mini-golf venue. The three courses are, as the name suggests, space-themed. Any group of friends or a family will have a fantastic time at the sci-fi mini-golf center.

If you find yourself north in Gosforth, the Parklands Golf Club offers awesome mini-golf courses. It also has standard courses, but these may let you go beyond your budget. 

Ghetto Golf has some of the best hilarious but edgy courses in the city. The location is terrific, and you’re guaranteed to have great fun. On the other hand, the place’s far from family-friendly and the price is a bit high.

Visit the Seven Bridges of Newcastle

Visit the Seven Bridges of Newcastle

When you hear about attractions near ‘the bridge’ in Newcastle, it most likely concerns the Tyne Bridge. While that’s the most popular, the other six bridges are also worth seeing.  Visiting the seven bridges is a great way to explore the city even if you’re not a particularly big fan of bridges

You’ll probably get familiar with the Tyne Bridge right away. Most of the main attractions and activities are somewhat near it. Plus, as we’ve mentioned, it’s one of the main orientation points in the city.

Following the Tyne downstream, you’ll get to the Swing Bridge. This is a moving sort, so it would be best to catch it in action. Colored in red and white, it’s a marvel to watch it swing to make way for passing ships.

Next is the High Level Bridge, a colossal steel structure and historical wonder of engineering. It’s a crucial Newcastle landmark that’s somewhat reminiscent of Roman aqueducts.

The three bridges located further downstream are less notable than the rest. The Queen Elizabeth II and the King Edward VII are metro and railway bridges respectively. Meanwhile, the Redheugh Bridge is the longest of all that span the Tyne in Newcastle.

The seventh and visually most distinct is the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. This pedestrian and cyclist bridge is the only one upstream from the Tyne Bridge. It’s also the youngest of the seven and stands out as one of Newcastle’s highest structures.

Turn Your Visit to Newcastle Into a Budget-friendly Delight

Newcastle is a city that welcomes all and opens up its beauty to every visitor. This helpful list will certainly come in handy on your next trip there. Even with minimal spending, you’ll have an excellent and memorable Newcastle vacation.

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Newcastle on the Cheap – What to Do on Your Next Trip