What to Do on a Romantic Trip to Benidorm

What to Do on a Romantic Trip to Benidorm

Spain is a mecca for tourists, so it’s hard to get some alone time with your significant other when vacationing there. Even so, you can always find ways to make your time together more romantic.

Benidorm is as authentic as Spanish cities get. A lot of its old buildings are still standing and the cobbled streets fit perfectly with the local architecture.

Its position on the Mediterranean Sea automatically makes it an idyllic spot for couple getaways. And if you plan your activities right, the crowds won’t bother you one bit.

To make your stay even more amazing, check out this list of what you can do in the charming city.

Explore Benidorm Old Town

Benidorm Old Town on a romantic getaway

Of the many things to do in Benidorm while on a romantic getaway, exploring Old Town is always a great idea. Even simply strolling down the cobbled paths can be very relaxing.

It’s an amazing part of town with narrow streets and tons of venues and stores. The view at night has a breathtaking quality to it and plenty of places there offer cozy settings for couples to enjoy dinner and a few drinks.

The markets in Benidorm are great if you want to pick up a symbolic gift to commemorate your date and stay.

Visit El Casco Antiguo de Benidorm

El Casco Antiguo de Benidorm the city center

Known as the city center, it has a superb tiled plaza that overlooks the sea and a huge selection of intimate cafes.

Although it’s a crowded area at times, the view is amazing. It’s perfect for a date, a relaxing stroll, and for indulging in some delicious dessert.

Plan a Picnic at Poniente Beach

Picnic at Poniente Beach, Benidorm with a breathtaking sunset

A romantic picnic is not as dated as you think. So why not enjoy the great weather when visiting Benidorm?

Before you experience the Benidorm nightlife, plan a trip to the beach. Choose Poniente Beach if you want to catch a breathtaking sunset. Pack a few treats and a bottle of wine and enjoy the calm it offers.

A Stargazing Getaway for Two

Stargazing Getaway, spend a night away from the crowds in Benidorm

Poniente Beach is great for one more thing: it’s a perfect location to do some stargazing. The low pollution in the area makes this one of the best spots in the country.

The vastness of the night’s sky can be a bit overwhelming. Still, it’s romantic for any couple who wants to spend a night away from the crowds. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that this activity is one of the most popular things to do in Benidorm. 

If you go a bit further, you can check out the Tossal. It’s close to La Cala de Finestrat and La Cala beach. The place offers a unique angle of view of the sunset. More so, it’s perfect for watching constellations or seeing the lights go up at night in the distance.

Dress Up and Hit the Local Eateries and Bars

Dress Up and Hit the Local Eateries and Bars in Benidorm

Benidorm may be a small, old town but it has plenty of premium establishments if you want to spoil or feel spoiled, dress up, and hit a high-end location.

For starters, try booking a table for two at Hotel Madeira. The hotel’s rooftop bar doesn’t have a crazy atmosphere, but just good views and a variety of exotic cocktails that couples can enjoy.

Also, make sure to do as the locals do and take your date to a five-course dinner. It’s a very Spanish thing to do.

Fortunately, many of the city’s restaurants offer five-course dinners. But you can also go restaurant hopping and get the best plate at each location. Just go easy with the wine if you want to hit multiple spots in one date.

Balcon del Mediterraneo also offers a great panoramic view of the city. You can enjoy a drink there before moving to a cozier spot for dinner.

Book Some Couple Activities

Couple Activities right in Benidorm

Spend a few hours at the spa and get a couples massage. It’s one of the most relaxing things to do in Benidorm – or anywhere else, really.

Are you and your partner more adventurous? Then check out the local escape room. Go on an exciting two-person quest to escape zombies or a Cold War-era puzzle room.

Try to Get Up Early

Catch the sunrise during the summer in Benidorm

Yes, you’re on vacation and you probably want to sleep in. But you’ll want to try to wake up early, around 5am, even at least once.

That’s when you can catch the sunrise during the summer. Make sure to go to Levante Beach if you want the best morning view.

Take a Boat Ride to Isla de Benidorm

Boat Ride to Isla de Benidorm

How about a visit to an island that’s basically just a big rock?

Benidorm Island is not a fantastic sight or a great place to have a picnic. But what’s great about it is the ride there.

You can book seats on a boat with a glass bottom. Once on the open waters, you can see the rich aquatic life surrounding the landmark island just off the coastline.

Step Outside the City

Step Outside the City in Albir, Benidorm

Benidorm can be a bustling city during the day. So if you want something a bit more secluded for a romantic day, take a short trip to Albir.

It’s a short bus ride away from the hustle and bustle of the old city. This eclectic Spanish town has no high-rises and a very cozy and mostly empty beach – perfect for some alone time.

Book a Guided Safari Tour in a Jeep

Book a Guided Safari Tour in a Jeep in Benidorm

Looking to plan something exciting? One of the coolest things to do in Benidorm is a safari tour. Book a ride for two in a 4×4 and explore the countryside.

The tour takes you deep into the hills above the city. It’s the easiest and one of the best ways to see some amazing views of the area without having to interact with crowds of people.

Make It a Memorable Vacation

Benidorm has lots of fun and exciting activities for locals and visitors. But when going on a romantic getaway, it’s a good idea to learn about some of the other things you can do.

While it’s good to experience everything the city has to offer, it also makes perfect sense to step away from the masses and do something different. Make it count and allow the local scenery to enhance your experience.

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What to Do on a Romantic Trip to Benidorm