Nine Things Families Can Do in Port Douglas

Nine Things Families Can Do in Port Douglas

Planning a family vacation is always hard. But with Port Douglas as your destination, it doesn’t have to be. The place has amazing variety when it comes to fun for the whole family.

Port Douglas is home to two World Heritage sites. Both the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest meet at this popular tourist destination. When visiting Australia with your family, there’s a lot to see if you want to experience nature that’s unique to this part of the world.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to stick to only sightseeing and bird watching. There are plenty of family-style adventures and thrilling experiences to enjoy. Check out some of your options before you plan your next trip.

1. Take Your Family on a Skyrail Experience

One of the coolest family activities in Port Douglas is taking the Skyrail. The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is a top attraction in the area. It offers a unique birds-eye view of the North Queensland natural wonder.

It’s an immersive experience where you can see and learn about animals and plants. The tour is relaxing and bound to induce a sense of awe. Not to mention that you get to see a rainforest much older than the Amazon.

2. Check Out the Wildlife

If you want to get close to nature and see exotic animals from a safe distance, this is one way to do it. During your family vacation in Port Douglas, make sure to book your tickets with Solar Whisper Wildlife and Crocodile Cruises.

You can experience local wildlife without interfering in any way. The cruises are on solar-powered boats, with no loud noises and no fumes – nothing to disturb you or the animals. These cruises are some of the best if you want to see crocodiles, snakes, fish, and birds.

3. Plan a Full Day Discovery Tour

Seeing the rainforest from above is one thing. But you can get an even closer look at the animal habitats and plant life. That’s because Daintree Discovery Tours offers full-day and half-day trips through the rainforest.

It’s one of the best family activities in Port Douglas. Kids can enjoy watching colorful exotic animals while parents enjoy some peace and quiet. After all, the air is so clean and the scenery’s so breathtaking.

Not everyone has a chance to visit the oldest living rainforest on the planet. Those fortunate enough to visit, such as you, may want to make it count!

4. Visit the Nature Park

If you go to Rainforestation Nature Park, you can see some of the most iconic Australian animals. This 100-acre nature park is very close to Port Douglas. While it has guided tours, you can also wander around on your own.

You can get close to koalas and dingoes and see saltwater crocodiles in their environment. As opposed to other similar habitats, the nature park offers a more hands-on approach. That means you can even feed kangaroos if you want.

5. Engage in Some Watersport Action

On your list of things to do in Port Douglas, you’ve got to write down watersports. Windswell Kitesurfing and Standup Paddle is a company that provides a wide range of rental equipment. And also tons of fun out on the water.

If you’re the adventurous type, wakeboarding and tubing may seem like a nice change of pace. You can even try out kitesurfing. From July to October, the crowd is vibrant and you can’t get bored spending a few hours of your day at the beach.

6. A Tour for All Ages

Port Douglas offers something for every family member. If you travel with young kids, they might enjoy a train ride. That’s because you can embark on a ride with Bally Hooley Train right from the Port Douglas Marina.

The trip lasts two hours, traveling where the Daintree Rainforest frames almost the entire track. You can even check out the Daintree Mountains in the distance. And if you catch the train during the carnival season, you’ll find interactive onboard shows with animators.

7. More Water Adventures

If you want to cool off and give your kids plenty of fun activities to do, visit the Big 4 Caravan Park. This is a massive aquatic playground equipped with water slides, obstacle courses, and a lounge area.

You can even start a family BBQ there and get the dessert from the park’s own stands. It’s a place where parents can have fun or relax as they watch their kids go wild. Even the toddlers have their own wading pool.

8. Take a Nature Ride

When you get tired of Port Douglas tours, you can take matters into your own hands. Explore the area on your own with rented mountain bikes. Or, take a family trip to Four Mile Beach.

Ride through the parks, stop at playgrounds, and save money on transport. That’s because Bike Shop & Hire Port Douglas stocks many riding options, especially those with attachments. If the primary shop on Warner street is out of your way, many of the resorts and hotels in the area rent out bikes, too.

9. Go Snorkeling in the Rainforest

River Drift Snorkelling is one of the top attractions in Port Douglas. All you need to qualify is a decent swimming ability. The company provides wetsuits for all ages, as well as everything else you need.

This adventure grants you the opportunity to get very close to the fish and other aquatic creatures. You can float down cascading waters to see them, as well as ancient plant life.

It doesn’t take more than three hours of your time. But, it’s one of the few ways to check out a wildlife habitat from below the clear river.

Have Fun in One of the Oldest Slices of Paradise

Due to its unique scenery and World Heritage sites, Port Douglas is as close to paradise on earth as you’re going to find. The region offers fantastic wildlife tours and lets you see plants and animals not found anywhere else in the world.

Whether traveling with teenagers or toddlers, it’s easy to find something enjoyable to do. You have water parks, water adventures, rainforest tours, and more. And, if feeding exotic animals is on your list, then Port Douglas is the right destination to take your family.

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Nine Things Families Can Do in Port Douglas