Six Reasons Why Banff, Alberta Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

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Six Reasons Why Banff, Alberta Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

The Great White North is picturesque out and out. And one of its most pristine and beautiful locations is Banff National Park. If you’re ready to see something unique, this destination should make your list.

Planning a trip to Canada and already running out of ideas? Perhaps a trip to Banff, Alberta might be in order. A top tourist destination, it offers a bit of everything – especially activities for nature lovers and thrill-seekers.

It’s one of the finest places to visit in the winter. And for some, it’s even better in the spring or summer. Banff also lets you take some of the best wildlife photos to date. Whether you plan on traveling alone or with your family, Banff isn’t going to disappoint.

Here are some of the reasons why plenty of tourists make Banff their priority.

Reason #1 – The Scenery

Like any other unspoiled mountainous region, Banff has great scenery. But it’s a little bit more special.

The Canadian Rockies are remarkable throughout the year, with March perhaps showing them in the best light. Not only that, but the weather in the area is also advantageous, too. It’s one of the few mountain destinations that get a lot of sunlight throughout the year.

Banff is also home to Banff National Park, a World Heritage Site that spans an area of 2,555 square miles. It has everything you can expect and more in terms of fauna, geography, and wildlife.

Although the mountain range is not that high, it still offers a picturesque backdrop for all the resorts in the area.

Reason #2 – For the Lakes

Banff is not just snowy peaks, forests, and animals – there’s more to the park than that. One of the things that set it apart is the predominantly glacier-fed lakes. It elevates the scenery to a whole new level.

That’s why one of the most relaxing things to do in Banff is sightseeing. And photography, of course. You can visit any lake in the area by taking a tour or venturing off on your own. The lakes offer a great opportunity to see more wildlife.

Some companies also organize horseback rides and canoeing – two more great ways for nature lovers to get around.

Reason #3 – The Wildlife Experience

If you want to get close to moose and elk, Banff is a perfect place to do so. It’s because the varied mountain wildlife is easy to interact with. And apart from guided tours, you can also hike on your own and look for animals at your own pace.

Seeing bighorn sheep is also quite common. You’ll even find them sometimes near populated areas or on the roads. Of course, the black bear is the main attraction. It’s best to go near the lakes to spot one or more. Just keep in mind that Banff National Park is bear territory.

However, you can’t feed the wild bears or any other animals. But you can get close enough to watch them interact with the environment. And, of course, take fantastic snapshots.

Reason #4 – Dog Sled Rides

Of the many things to do in Banff, dog sledding is one of the best. Many companies around Banff National Park offer dog sledding rides. Whether for sightseeing or checking out the wildlife, this is an excellent method to get around.

The dogs you’ll encounter are native huskies. They are fast, very affectionate, and provide a unique experience to any tourist. Obviously, this activity is only available during the winter season. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t more things to do in Banff all year round.

Reason #5 – To Go Skiing

One of the main reasons to go to Banff in the winter is for the ski slopes. The area is home to some of the best slopes in the country. It’s where you can experience thrilling descents that excite even the most experienced skiers. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of places for beginners, too.

That said, Banff is an excellent spot if you like very long descents. And the occasional half-pipes along the way.

Another reason to choose skiing in Banff is the cross-country skiing experience. Many of the trails run alongside dog sled trails. And there are even more that take you through flat woodlands. It’s easy to get distracted by the beauty of the landscape.

Of course, some avoid this by going skiing in the moonlight. That’s another common activity here. Don’t worry, the headlamps on the slopes help skiers find their way.

The scenery you see from 3,000ft. and more above sea level is fantastic. Especially given all the sun that Banff gets in winter.

Reason #6 – Winter Outdoor Swimming

Swimming outdoors in the winter is a common pastime in the region. And Banff hot springs are famous throughout the country. So if you want to do something different during your vacation, this is one of the best things to do in Banff.

Going for a swim or simply relaxing in a hot spring is beyond fun. Even more so when you have Mount Rundle as a backdrop. One of the springs is, in fact, at an elevation of 5,200ft. Now, if that doesn’t make for a fantastic view, few things will.

You can also find numerous resorts with their own swimming pools. No need to fret about the cold because you’ll find these heated outdoor swimming pools open all year round.

A Canadian Rockies Experience Like No Other

Banff, Alberta, may be all about its national park. Yet given its size and all that it offers, it’s more than enough for any visitor.

Visit Lake Louise or take a dog sled ride to see as much as you can in a short amount of time. Spot iconic local wildlife in its natural habitat and see how the animals interact. Take one of the numerous hiking trails or horseback trails to see all that Banff has to offer.

Why not do something wild and swim (heck, skinny dip) in one of the outdoor heat pools or hot springs?

Whichever way you look at it, Banff offers a complete vacation experience in any season.

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Six Reasons Why Banff, Alberta Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination