Seeing the Sights in Santorini – Seven Tourist Spots You Have to Visit

Seeing the Sights in Santorini – Seven Tourist Spots You Have to Visit

Greece is the cradle of European civilization. It’s also one of the world’s favorite vacation spots. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss if your next travel destination is Santorini.

This gorgeous island on the Aegean Sea has been attracting tourists for years on year. Santorini is pretty much heaven on Earth, after all.

You’ve probably seen those popular photos with white houses, high staircases, and lovely sunsets in the background.

Yeah, that’s all right here on this island.

If you need more than a picturesque landscape to call a vacation amazing, here are the best tourist spots to see in Santorini.

1. Caldera

Caldera is yet more proof of how powerful nature is. When you look at it, you’ll only see the sparkling Aegean Sea. 

But do you know what’s underneath the water?

It’s actually a crater – the consequence of a volcanic explosion that happened more than 3,500 years ago. The blast destroyed the center of the island. And there’s still volcanic activity from time to time.

If you wish to visit this spectacular spot, you can do it by boat. Your trip may include a walk along the cliff so you can enjoy a beautiful view of Santorini and a bath in the hot springs.

Note that Caldera’s unique position also gives you a chance to plan a romantic night out if you’re traveling with your partner. The view contributes to a unique atmosphere for an everlasting memory.

2. Akrotiri

Are you in the mood to learn more about Greek history?

If so, make sure you stop by the Akrotiri archaeological site. Many compare it to the ancient Roman city of Pompeii.

Santorini’s Caldera isn’t the only attraction created by the volcanic eruption that happened on this island. Akrotiri was a prehistoric Minoan settlement that got wiped off the face of Earth when the explosion occurred.

Today, a visit to this site will teach you about the prosperous past of Santorini. You can see clay buildings, drainage systems, and other excavations that are impressive for that period.

3. Firá

It may not be as big as other capital cities in the world, but its beauty is beyond compare. That’s why when visiting Santorini, you must ensure to check out Firá, its capital.

This city will charm you with its whitewashed houses that create a wonderful contrast with blue-domed churches. It looks like something people would put on a postcard. 

However, the city’s not very accessible if you’re planning to visit it by car. A cable-car or a mule is a much better option since the paths are quite narrow and steep.

Still, the small squares and the beautiful view spreading across the sea will make this place one of your favorites.

4. Museum of Prehistoric Thira

During your visit to the capital of Santorini, you may want to get your daily dose of culture.

The Museum of Prehistoric Thira could be an excellent choice, especially if you’re curious about old Akrotiri. It’s a great place to complete your knowledge of the past civilizations that lived on this island.

This museum occupies the space in a modern-looking building near a church that dates back to the 50s. Its exhibitions will provide valuable insight into the heritage of Santorini. Here you will find artifacts from the Akrotiri site, in addition to stunning frescos like the famous Blue Monkeys

Interested in ancient tools and weapons? You’ll also see them here, along with ceramics and small marble sculptures.

5. Red Beach

One of the most popular Santorini beaches is, indeed, famous for a reason – the red sand. And if you look up while lying on the beach, you’ll see an enormous red cliff wall. It’s especially impressive in contrast to the gorgeous blue water.

The landscape is breathtaking and as soon as you arrive at the location, you’ll see why this isn’t your average beach. And if visiting during the summer, you should know that it can get quite crowded.

You can access the beach on foot from Akrotiri or go by bus from the capital. If visiting by car, make sure you’re able to climb down since the path isn’t the most comfortable one. Those who opt for a catamaran cruise can also access the beach from the water.

6. Profitis Ilias Monastery

Located on a mountain carrying the same name, the monastery may remind you of a fortress instead of a sacred place.

Yet, it’s a sanctuary two centuries old that is also the island’s highest point and one of the most beautiful hidden gems Santorini has.

The whole complex includes a few monastic buildings and churches with remarkable iconostases. And not only do you get to enjoy the walk inside these walls, the view spreading from the top of this mountain is just as breathtaking.

You don’t want to forget to bring your camera as this is the place to take the most magnificent photos of your trip.

7. Open Air Cinema

Out of things to do in Santorini? Suppose you’re planning a trip to this island in the spring or summer, you wouldn’t want to miss the incredible open-air cinema adventure. Watching a movie under a night sky of stars can truly be memorable.

When you’re done visiting historic sites and hiking across the island, make sure you leave some time to have fun. And you’ll find it right here at Kamari’s cinema.

The whole event includes much more than merely watching a movie. You can also enjoy some delicious cocktails and popcorn. Just make sure to arrive early at the location for the best seats.

The Perfect Blend of History and Fun

This stunning island offers a perfect mix of culture, history, and fun. Whether you want to enjoy the beach or explore old civilizations, this is a location where you’ll find it all.

Moreover, taking long walks along the steep cliffs may be more than enough if you’re looking for an active vacation.

Be sure to make a detailed list of all the tourist spots to see in Santorini and free up some memory on your camera’s storage. You’ll want to capture all those astonishing sunsets known for leaving tourists speechless.

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Seeing the Sights in Santorini – Seven Tourist Spots You Have to Visit