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Ten Boutique Hotels to Consider for a Wonderful Stay in Queenstown

You don’t have to rough it out in New Zealand’s adventure capital. Enjoy the luxurious side of Queenstown by staying at some of the finer hotels.

For all its rugged terrain, adventure tours, and picturesque scenery, Queenstown may just offer more pampering than most people realize. It’s actually a town that welcomes budget travelers, backpackers, and everyone looking to splurge on comfort.

In fact, some of the hotels in the region can put well-known European alpine resorts to shame. Sure, part of it has to do with the view. But guests appreciate when they can see the attention to detail, which Queenstown hoteliers know all too well.

Check out a few of the finest sleeping arrangements you can find in town.

1. Matakauri Lodge

Everyone looks for something different when searching for boutique hotels in Queenstown. But no matter what you want, few other lodging choices can beat the scenery you can see from the Matakauri Lodge.

The panoramic views of Cecil Peak, Walter Peak, and the Remarkables mountain range are unbelievably beautiful and the hotel makes sure its guests see it for themselves. Adding to the ambiance is the hotel’s airy design that gives it a relaxing vibe.

2. The QT Queenstown

One of the top hotels in Queenstown, the QT has an artsy air that often appeals to the more creative types. Sheepskin throw rugs and hanging lamps are among the most common decorations, but the art-clad walls are what creates an inviting atmosphere. 

Swimming pools are not that easy to find in Queenstown, so the fact that QT offers one should make a big difference.

Another highlight is the amazing view of Lake Wakatipu against the snow-capped mountain backdrop.

3. Hulbert House

Maybe you want something edgier? While it’s a small hotel with two floors and six rooms, the Victorian-style villa actually offers a very intimate vibe.

You’ll find canopied beds next to cast-iron radiators and each room has its own unique decorations. Not to mention the salon bar makes for a perfect spot to unwind. The Remarkables in the distance and Queenstown’s city center give the Hulbert House one of the best views in the region.

4. Heritage Queenstown

There’s no shortage of boutique hotels in Queenstown. Among them is the Heritage, which sits in a perfect location at the edge of a massive pine forest. It’s close to the city center and most rooms offer lake view windows. 

From both inside and out, the alpine lodge looks impressive through and through. It’s one of the many European-style hotels in the area, yet this one has fairly large rooms and a great restaurant compared to the rest.

5. The Spire Hotel

Don’t want to be too far away from all the action? One of the best places to stay in Queenstown, New Zealand, is the Spire Hotel located right on the famed Church Lane. Some of the finest eateries and bars in the city are a stone’s throw away from it. 

A couple of rooms offer great views of the lake. However, most of them look out at the nearby church spire, from which the hotel got its name.

The abundance of Kiwi art, large balconies, and rich textures make this one of the best boutique hotels in Queenstown.

6. Hotel St. Moritz Queenstown

With its minimalist design and wooden beams, the St. Moritz hotel occupies a special place in many returning adventurers’ hearts. 

The décor pays homage to the area’s fall season. But don’t mistake it for a hotel where you’d have it rough – walk-in showers are available in all rooms and the cozy feather mattress overlays add a perfect layer of elegance.

Hotel St. Moritz is simple yet very luxurious, an excellent lodging choice year-round. While it may not offer the best views, it certainly has its own unique vibe that keeps people coming back for more.

7. Azur Lodge

If you don’t want to stay at the cheapest hotel in Queenstown, how about looking at some luxury hotels? Queenstown is home to the Azur Lodge, one of the town’s gems. 

The location? A gorgeous and quiet hilltop spot. 

The design? It features a contemporary décor that complements the best view in the city.

Unlike other lodging options, Azur Lodge has nine private villas. So, you can get privacy, the best lake views, the massive Remarkables in the distance, and your private sun deck. Couples and families would enjoy places like this one the most.

8. Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel

Sitting in a stretch of private parkland, the Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel is just five minutes away from the city center. And that’s walking distance, too.

All rooms are luxurious and the pricey suite comes with its own fireplace. The mountain and forest views from the floor-to-ceiling windows are quite something to behold in the morning. 

Queenstown Park also offers a fine-dining menu featuring heavy use of local ingredients.

9. Sherwood Hotel

Why is this one of the finest boutique hotels in Queenstown? It’s the hotel’s zero-waste policy,  something unheard of in your typical hotel. Not to mention it runs entirely on solar power.

The restaurant grows its own food, and what it can’t grow it sources from local farmers. And the decorations comprise mostly recycled materials.

Guests also credit the 80s motor inn style for tying everything nicely together. 

10. Kamana Lakehouse

Moving on with our list of top hotels in Queenstown, we have to take a look at the Kamana Lakehouse. 

Forget about its Mediterranean dishes, top-rated wines, and luxury accommodations. What sets this location apart is the view from the hot tub. Each hot tub room overlooks the lake and gives the impression of towering over the distant mountains. 

Furthermore, there’s also an outdoor bathtub in one of the rooms that’s perfect for romantic stargazing in the summer.

Don’t Forget to Leave Your Room

It’s easy to get lost in the view from some of these hotel rooms. Waking up to snow-capped mountains, a gorgeous turquoise lake, lush vegetation – it’s the perfect recipe to let slip a few hours of sunlight.

No matter how great the view, don’t forget to get out and experience Queenstown and the surrounding area. With that in mind, it’s always nice to know that a cozy room is waiting for you after jumping off bridges, paddling raging rivers, or hiking rocky trails. All of these and more are what make Queenstown such a popular tourist destination.


Nevis Valley (And Nine Other Natural Wonders of Queenstown)

Are you ready to take in some of New Zealand’s top scenery? There’s a lot to see near the end of South Island.

Queenstown is a small resort town in the Otago region that’s surrounded by lakes, mountains, lush forests, and fantastic trails. For all you nature lovers, it’s simply one of the best places to visit in the whole country.

Despite its serene nature, there’s also tons of room for adventure. So much so that most of the tourism in the region actually revolves around thrill-seekers. 

With that in mind, discover some of the natural wonders of Queenstown that can put even the most energetic visitors in awe.

1. Nevis Valley

An idyllic location and one of the top places to visit in Queenstown, New Zealand, the region is within the Remarkables Conservation Area. 

Nevis Valley offers easy access to some of the best vantage points in the country. The road is also exciting as it’s off the beaten path,  so there’ll be a lot of scenery to take in on the trip. 

But there’s another reason for you to visit: it has the biggest rope swing in the world. If you’re a bungee jumping enthusiast or just looking for a thrilling adventure, you’re in luck – Nevis Valley is one of the world’s elite adventure sites.

2. The Remarkables Conservation Area

After leaving Nevis Valley, you can start fully exploring the Remarkables Conservation Area. It’s a vast piece of land around the southeastern shore of Lake Wakatipu. The picturesque mountain range backdrop makes it a perfect spot for nature loves.

In the cold season, it’s also a perfect place for winter activities like skiing and snowboarding. Meanwhile, arriving in the area on a sunny day with clear skies provides ample opportunities for memorable photoshoots. 

3. Shotover River

Fancy some water adventures? Know that the Shotover River is one of the best Queenstown attractions. You can explore 47 miles worth of water on either a jet board or a raft, allowing you to have a magnificent journey across fast currents.

Although popular among thrill-seekers, it’s also a prime destination for nature lovers. After all, the river flows along the Southern Alps and goes all the way into the Kawarau River.

4. Queenstown Gardens

Not all natural wonders are outside the town. You can stay in a comfortable urban environment and still enjoy nature at its finest.

Visit the Queenstown Gardens to experience tranquility right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the community. While you can join the occasional game of disc golf, most people chose to walk the garden’s gorgeous paths and admire the detailed landscaping.

5. Skippers Canyon

One of the most surprising natural Queenstown attractions is Skippers Canyon, a scenic gorge that spans 13.7 miles. 

Once upon a time, the entire region was actually a bustling gold mining area. But since then, the road to Skippers Canyon transformed into one of New Zealand’s most scenic routes. 

You can cross Skippers Bridge, towering 328 feet above the river, and admire the massive rock faces on both sides of the gorge.

6. Milford Sound

If you want to visit more Queenstown attractions, head further southwest. You’ll end up at Milford Sound, which is a spectacular fjord. It has clear waters and idyllic views and is a regular hiking hotspot. 

You can easily get there if you rent a car and go on a four-hour trip. The route is amazing, but most tourists prefer hopping on one of the regular tours out of Queenstown.

7. Queenstown Hill

The mountain of Queenstown Hill, or Te Tapu-Nui, is one of the smallest in the area. That said, it’s still one of the most scenic sites. 

You can hike the mountain on a very accessible trail, half of which allows you to take your furry companion. But once you reach the privately-owned land, you can’t take your pets with you any further.

Still, the trail, or the Time Walk, takes you gently up the hill and through a massive larch and douglas fir forest. It’s a great spot to visit if you also want to check out the native vegetation that’s abundant as you near the top.

8. Tiki Trail

The Tiki Trail is among the top recreational trails in Queenstown. But it’s actually more challenging than you think, as it boasts steep inclines, tons of scattered tree roots, and large rocky sections.

With good conditioning, you can reach the end of the trail in up to three hours, with downtown Queenstown as your starting point. 

It’s a popular alternative to taking the Queenstown gondola. While you’ll miss the bird’s eye view of the area, you still get to experience a picturesque forest trail and enjoy a terrific panoramic view from Bob’s Peak. 

9. Lake Hayes

In the Wakatipu Basin is where you’ll also find Lake Hayes. It’s a smaller but equally attractive lake with amazing mountain peaks in the background. 

Surrounding the lake is a vast grassland area where you can relax, explore, or engage in other recreational Queenstown activities. Many trails can take you all around the lake, a favorite thing to do of cyclists.

10. Kawarau River

If you want to see the river that drains Lake Wakatipu, prepare to make a 37-mile trip. That’s how long the Kawarau River spans, located to the east of the Kawarau Gorge. 

Both river banks offer spectacular views of lush forests and rocky faces. You can also stop to check out the suspension bridge, often dubbed the birthplace of bungee jumping.

Kawarau River is a perfect spot for adventurers due to its fast currents and narrow stretches.

More than a Thrill-Seeker’s Paradise

Queenstown has so much to offer than most people give it credit for. It’s a shame to call it a vacation destination just for extreme adventurers. The awe-inspiring beauty of its natural wonders also calls out to all nature lovers.

There are plenty of trails to hike, mountain peaks to see, and enviable photos to take in the region. Whether you want to explore on land or on water, everything is possible. 

Although some areas are harder to manage during the cold season, the scenery alone makes every moment worthwhile.

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