The 13 Reasons Why Whistler, Canada Could Be the Best Skiing Destination for You

The 13 Reasons Why Whistler, Canada Could Be the Best Skiing Destination for You

There are plenty of ski resorts in North America, but have you ever wondered why Whistler is a top choice for over 2 million people every year? Discover why it may be the best choice for you, too.

Whistler, a small ski town in British Columbia, Canada, is among the most popular resorts in North America. Millions of tourists choose to spend their winter and summer vacations here year in and year out.

The locals know how to keep visitors comfortable, too. They certainly know how to find everyone something to do when skiing isn’t an option anymore. Between the amazing view and excellent skiing weather, there are many more reasons to make Whistler your next destination.

1. Snow Across Two Mountains

Snow Across Two Mountains Whistler

One of the top reasons to visit Whistler is the setting. The resort makes use of two mountains, Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain.

The idyllic setting alone is worth the trip for many. But it’s the snow between two mountains that provides you with unparalleled slopes and thrills.

2. Long Ski Season

Long Ski Season Whistler

Whistler has one of the longest ski seasons in North America. So, what are the top things to do in Whistler from November through April? Skiing and more skiing.

Winter temperatures hover around freezing but rarely go below. Although it’s not as cold as other places, the unique geography and climate help extend the ski season. That means you can spend almost the entire spring in Whistler and still have great snow on the slopes.

3. Massive Resort

Massive Resort Whistler

A Whistler vacation at the Blackcomb resort can be both great and overwhelming. 

Did you know that there are over 200 slopes at the resort?

However, this shouldn’t surprise you. The ski resort covers 8,000 acres of mountain terrain after all. And these are all traversable by land and air.

There are also 37 lifts and a record-breaking gondola that connects the two mountain peaks. It’s a lot to explore. But, you do get to experience a full range of slopes in terms of difficulty and excitement.

4. Vehicle-Free Village

Vehicle Free Village whistler

At the top of the resort is the main village, a great place to spend some time going around. Although littered with tourists, there’s little to no pollution in the air. It’s almost as clean as the air on the slopes, yet easier to breathe.


It’s because the central part of the village is a pedestrian-only zone. Cars aren’t allowed, which makes it a great place to walk and enjoy some outdoor activities.

5. Ziplining Across the Peaks

Ziplining Across the Peaks Whistler

Two of the most impressive ziplines in Canada are in Whistler. And one of them spans over 1.2 miles and goes between the peaks.

This is just one of the ways you can sightsee or get around the resort. It’s the kind of activity that suits both nature-lovers and adrenaline junkies.

6. Access to Fine-Dining Establishments

Dining Establishments Whistler

Whistler may seem like an ideal destination for outdoorsmen and thrill-seekers, but it’s more than that. One of the top reasons to visit Whistler is food.

Most of the restaurants in the village are fine-dining establishments. Not only can you get high-quality service, but you can also rest assured that most of the ingredients are local.

7. Gorgeous Scenery

Gorgeous Scenery Whistler

Dense forest areas, turquoise water lakes, and fantastic mountain terrain. Above all of that tower two mountain peaks that make up the entire ski resort.

There’s a reason so many tourists fill up their memory cards with photos and videos. Everywhere you look, there’s something that will catch your eye. Whether you walk around the village, explore the trails, or rush down any of the slopes, the scenery is awe-inspiring.

And that’s regardless of the time of year you visit.

8. Fun Outdoor Activities

You can engage in other outdoor activities, too. If skiing isn’t your thing, why not try snowboarding? You can also rent mountain bikes and explore some of the trails.

It’s also possible to book a snowmobile tour. Some places even offer snowmobiles for kids. Ax throwing is another cool pastime, which you can try at Forged Axe Throwing.

Snowshoeing is always available if you want to add a bit of challenge to your treks. Or if you’re going to explore some of the narrower snowy trails.

9. Easy to Access

Sea to Sky highway Sea to Sky highway Whistler

Another reason to visit Whistler during the ski season is its accessibility. The town is easy to get to via car or bus. And, it’s only a two-hour drive away from the airport in Vancouver.

Furthermore, the Sea-to-Sky highway lets you drive through the amazing local landscape. You have the mountains on one side, and on the other, you can see the sea. This kind of view goes on for at least half the entire trip.

10. World-Class Ski School

World-Class Ski School Whistler

Whistler has one of the finest skiing and snowboarding schools. The town welcomes everyone – from beginners to experienced skiers. If you ever wanted to learn from one of the best places to do so, this is it.

It’s also another reason why the best time to visit Whistler is usually the skiing season. You can find something to do all year round. But during the winter and spring, you have access to so much more.

11. Heli-Skiing

Heli-Skiing Heli-Skiing Whistler

Heli-skiing is another top tourist attraction. It’s a service/adventure that takes you far away from the most crowded slopes.

You can take a helicopter ride to the farthest and most challenging slopes. It’s one of the best things you can put on your itinerary if you’re after a thrilling adventure and unforgettable memories.

12. Amazing Trails

Amazing Trails Whistler

When and if you ever burn out from skiing, you can still enjoy the outdoors. That’s because most of the trails in Whistler and around Blackcomb Mountain stay open in the winter and spring.

You can either hike or drive a snowmobile on some of the fantastic trails in the area. This can help you get away from the crowds and take in the beautiful landscape.

13. It’s Easy Enough to Find Deals

Find Deals Whistler

Whistler has a reputation as a premium destination for skiers. Yet, it’s not that expensive as some may think. The trick is to book your trip early.

For all its pricey accommodations and lift tickets, there are so many deals, too. If you plan smart enough, you could even get a bargain on your trip and stay.

Don’t Forget to Experience Everything

Skiing can burn you out eventually, so don’t forget to engage in other activities, too. And Whistler has so much to offer for everyone.

Even if you aren’t in the best shape, it’s worthwhile to spend some time outdoors. This gorgeous setting may give you the peace needed to recover from the toil of work.

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The 13 Reasons Why Whistler, Canada Could Be the Best Skiing Destination for You