The Nine Fun Activities for the Whole Family in Nashville

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The Nine Fun Activities for the Whole Family in Nashville

Taking a family trip to Music City? There’s more to see and do here than just visiting museums. Nashville is a vibrant city with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities that kids and parents can sink their teeth into.

Visiting Music City is perhaps a music lover’s dream. But there are more things to do in Nashville than just checking out museums or catching shows. That’s because the city offers plenty of entertainment for the whole family.

There’s no reason to leave it off your itinerary during a family vacation to the South. Especially if you want to engage in some thrilling adventures, while also taking in some American music culture.

1.   Escape Berry Hill

Escape Room at Berry Hill Nashville

Were you looking for family activities in Nashville? How about trying your luck in an escape room? According to tourists and locals, the Escape Room at Berry Hill is the city’s top escape room.

The staffers take care to arrange plot twists and turns at every corner. If you want to feel as if you’re in a Hollywood blockbuster, this is where it happens. You and your family can take on a fun 60-minute challenge that will test you and surprise you.

2.   Spend an Afternoon at the Grand Old Golf & Go-Karts

Grand Old Golf & Go-Karts Nashville

Who doesn’t like a fun mini-golf course? If you want Nashville fun for families, you can find it on the Grand Old Golf & Go-Karts. You don’t even have to wait long in line. That’s because there are three mini-golf courses at your disposal.

If that gets too boring, you can pick up the pace by taking your kids to the go-kart track. But be aware that it’s one of the fastest tracks in the city. There’s also a bumper car range if you want to engage in some car-to-car combat.

3.   Check Out the Corvette Museum

Corvette Museum in Nashville

It’s true that not all kids like hanging out at museums while on vacation. But a Corvette museum is completely different. The National Corvette Museum has one of the finest sports car collections.

You can check out the history of Corvette in a display of over 70 cars arranged in periodic settings. The entry is in groups of 15, which is great because there’s no hurry.

The museum also has some unique prototype cars. And, for kids under 6, the interactive KidZone area offers plenty of hands-on activities.

The gift shop and photo op booth will warrant your attention, too.

4.    See Music City from Above

Monarch Helicopter Tours Nashville

If you want a real adventure, how about a bird’s eye view of Nashville? Monarch Helicopter Tours attract American and foreign tourists all year round.

There’s nothing like flying over the city and seeing everything it has to offer. Especially if you can’t spend too much time and get around on a tour bus or on foot. It’s certainly something that a family can do together to bring back great memories home.

5.   Engage in Outdoor Fun

Adventure Park in Nashville

You may think that a big city like Nashville has little to offer to the adventurous types. But here’s one of the family activities in Nashville you probably didn’t know of.

The Adventure Park offers one of the coolest rope courses. The zip-lining between trees and tons of obstacles makes for an exciting afternoon. It’s also fun for all ages, as there’s even an Adventure Playground that’s suitable for kids as young as three years old.

6.   Visit the Zoo

Nashville Zoo

Odds are your family members are no strangers to animals. Yet, it’s still fun to check out different zoos when you travel the country. And the Nashville Zoo is a hot tourist attraction due to its immersive animal habitats. You can see bears, tigers, kangaroos, and other exotic animals here.

It’s also among the top 10 zoos in the country. Not only that, but it also offers wheelchairs for rent to make the place more accessible to everyone.

7.   Expand Your Horizons

Nashville Adventure Science Center

Science can be fun at any age, especially when presented interactively. The Adventure Science Center in Nashville is a great place to spend some time with your family.

Kids can learn about space and technology and experience many things in Virtual Reality. They can learn about biology, check out one of the best planetariums in the country, and much more.

It’s a high-tech science center with many innovative and interactive learning experiences – including simulated weightlessness.

8.   Compete in a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt in Nashville

Not many cities organize scavenger hunts 365 days a year. Nashville is one of the exceptions. When it comes to fun family activities, a scavenger hunt can keep you occupied for at least three hours.

During that time, you have to figure out clues and compete in challenges while also learning more about the city’s culture. It’s a cool way to keep the kids engaged and have them learn something.

It’s also an outdoor activity suitable for anyone physically challenged. All you need is one smartphone for your entire family, and it’s off to the races.

9.    Cool Off at the Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort

Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort

If it’s too hot outside, which is totally possible in Tennessee, there’s a way for you to cool off without having to go to another museum. The Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort has great activities for the entire family.

You can cool off at the waterpark or challenge yourselves on the rope course. Why not take things one step further and rent a boat or a school of jet skis? Just keep in mind that the place is often packed during the weekend.

Nashville Has More Variety Than You Can Imagine

Most families wouldn’t think of Nashville as a vacation destination that you go out of your way to go to. It’s such an artistic city and has many landmarks and historical buildings to see. But if you know what you want, you can find it in Music City.

There is no shortage of cool family activities in Nashville – from escape rooms to go-karts, to the waterpark, and beyond. Nashville has a bit of everything, and nothing’s too far away that you can’t keep yourself entertained all day long.

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The Nine Fun Activities for the Whole Family in Nashville