The Top Nine Hiking Trails for Your Next Adventure in Victoria

The Top Nine Hiking Trails for Your Next Adventure in Victoria

Victoria offers more than powdery sands and nightlife activities. Many tourists step away from the crowds and go on some of the many amazing hiking trails. Before you plan your trip, check out some of the all-time great circuits in Victoria.

For true nature-lovers, there’s nothing better than taking a long hike through amazing scenery. And Victoria is all about the scenery. Its landscape is so diverse that exploring the region is the only way to truly appreciate its natural beauty.

Many of the region’s circuits and walks are not high-traffic trails at all. Some are harder to complete than others, but each has its own draw. 

If you’re out of ideas, check out the following hiking trails to plan your next adventure.

1. The Viking Circuit

Vctoria The Viking Circuit

One of the best Victoria hiking trails spans 25.2 miles, which may explain why it’s called the Viking Circuit. And taking this trail head-on is a feat of endurance and strength.

The trail takes you through the most impressive alpine landscapes. Most of the area is raw, undisturbed land. And you’ll hike through grassy plains and mountain peaks, all with little guidance along the way.

If you want a real Australian mountain adventure, the Viking Circuit is going to be memorable. It takes most people four days to complete the circuit, as it has 1,677 miles of vertical ascent in total.

A word of caution: don’t attempt this circuit without proper hiking equipment.

2. Cathedral Range

Victoria Cathedral Range

This is another amazing trail and one of the top hiking trails in Victoria. Cathedral range is a southern circuit of roughly 6.8 miles. The course takes you to Sugarloaf Peak, the canyon, Wells Cave, and other important sites.

The entire region is part of the Cerberean Caldera. Most of the terrain consists of sedimentary rock, sandstone, and other conglomerates. That’s why you must prepare for a steep journey on narrow paths, surrounded by the most amazing forests and mountain peaks.

3. Sugarloaf Reservoir Circuit

Victoria Sugarloaf Reservoir Circuit

If you want an easier hike, the Sugarloaf Reservoir Circuit qualifies. It’s a popular Victoria trail for families due to its forgiving terrain and colorful backdrop.

The circuit spans 9.3 miles of mostly flat terrain. That’s why it’s accessible for all ages and stays open all year round. Although it’s easy to hike, there’s not a lot of shade nor places to stop and have a drink.

It’s best if you bring sunscreen and plenty of water, as well as bug spray. The circuit loops around a lake, which draws in plenty of bugs.

4. Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk

Victoria Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk

Another loop hiking trail with much to offer is the Werribee Gorge Circuit. It’s a moderately difficult circuit with a length of 4.5 miles. Due to its shorter length, it’s quite popular and usually sees more traffic than other trails.

But the scenery makes it worth the trip. The rocky landscape, lush forests, and marshes create a picturesque background for the hike. There are also many stops along the way to go for a swim or rest your legs.

5. The Pinnacle

Victoria The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle almost always comes up in any conversation about the top hiking trails in Victoria. It’s a relatively easy trail – one that you can go on with the entire family. There are a few routes to choose from, with the Sundial Carpark being the easiest.

You can also walk straight up from Halls Gap and descend through the Venus ponds. It’s a much harder trail but also more rewarding.

Reaching the top is the main objective for all hikers that take the Pinnacle trails. It’s because it offers a fantastic panoramic view of the mountain range and the lush forests that cover it.

6. The Great Ocean Walk

Victoria The Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk starts in Apollo Bay in Victoria. It’s one of the longest hiking trails in the region, spanning well over 20 miles. You can make it a multiple-day adventure as there are many stops along the way. Fortunately, there are great accommodations at Blanket Bay.

The trail offers varied landscapes and scenery as you hike through beaches, bush, and coastal terrain. And the journey ends at the Cape Otway Lighthouse. It’s not a difficult trail, but it is long. Yet, it’s a popular choice with nature-loving tourists that don’t want to sit in one place.

7. The Grampians National Park Trail

Victoria The Grampians National Park Trail

This is one of the most satisfying Victoria walks you can take on your vacation. You can hike through a heritage-listed park and admire the untouched natural beauty. The national park allows you to see many native animals in their natural habitats.

You can also watch awe-inspiring panoramas and gorgeous wildflower displays. The park also has its fair share of waterfalls and many Aboriginal rock paintings. It’s a nature hike that also brings you closer to the Aboriginal heritage in the region.

8. Mt. Oberon Summit Walk

Victoria Mt.Oberon Summit Walk

The Mt. Oberon Summit Walk is an uphill hike. It’s not among the most challenging, but it is highly rewarding. The trail takes you up to the summit of the mountain after all. From there, you can get a glimpse of both land and sea.

It’s not a long trail, either. Most tourists even complete it in around two hours. That’s not a lot to take out of your day for a great panoramic view of mainland Australia’s southernmost point. You can start your hike in Gippsland at the Wilsons Promontory National Park.

9. Great Otway National Park

Victoria Great Otway National Park

This is a great alternative if you want easy hikes. Victoria has the Great Otway National Park for those who want to take it easy. Here you can find a variety of trails that take you through lush vegetation.

Along these trails, you can also find interesting waterfalls hidden away in mountain forests. It’s like hiking through a rainforest. The terrain is easily accessible, and no trail takes more than three hours to complete.

Embrace the Wilderness

There’s something awe-inspiring about the untouched stretches of land in Victoria. While the coastal line sees much development, the deeper inland you go, the rawer the experience.

Many of the trails also look untouched. That’s why you can see native animals go about their lives. You also can swim in calm, warm waters under waterfalls. It’s also the perfect place to challenge your body to ascend rocky gorge terrain or mountain peaks. 

Victoria offers everything you could want in an authentic hiking experience.

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The Top Nine Hiking Trails for Your Next Adventure in Victoria