Traveling to Ocean City? Check Out These Resorts

Choosing the best accommodation among the broad selection in the mid-Atlantic paradise is quite a challenge. Here’s a list of the best resorts in Ocean City to help you easily make the decision.

With white beaches hugging the ocean for miles and breathtaking views everywhere you look, Ocean City sounds like the ideal Maryland summer destination. Many excellent hotels will make your vacation all but perfect, adding to the atmosphere and natural beauty you’ll surely love.

But if you’re unsure about where to stay, check out these Ocean City resorts – you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for among them.

1. Dunes Manor

While located on the 28th Street boardwalk, this resort is conveniently distanced from the crowded epicenter of Ocean City. The hotel is somewhat tucked away but it is still close enough to all of the main attractions.

Among the many amenities of Dunes Manor are a hot tub, three restaurants, a room for exercising, and, of course, a swimming pool.

2. Atlantic Hotel

Located right on the Ocean City boardwalk, this Victorian-style resort has been serving customers for almost a century. Besides being a wonderful sight on its own, the Atlantic Hotel also boasts a gorgeous balcony ideal for watching the ocean at sunrise.

The resort is a great scenic location at the heart of the city that offers an excellent view and instant access to the lively Ocean City streets.

3. Francis Scott Key

Affordable and full of amenities, this hotel provides some of the best family accommodations in the city. There’s a pirate-themed outdoor swimming pool kids will absolutely love and an indoor pool available for all guests throughout the whole year.

That’s why if you’re looking for one of the best family hotels in Ocean City, look no further. 

Francis Scott Key resort also has a mini-golf course, as well as a playground, beach volleyball court, a movie theater, and many more fun amenities.

4. Grand Hotel & Spa

Suitable for all visitors, the Grand Hotel and Spa is located on the boardwalk and right at the beach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a family vacation, a holiday for two, or a business retreat. This resort will meet all your needs.

If you aren’t up for dinner in the city, there’s a great restaurant on-site, and the coffee shop will satisfy your craving for a soothing hot beverage. The hotel also has indoor and outdoor swimming pools and, of course, an amazing spa.

5. Princess Royale

With two-room suites and family-friendly amenities, the Princess Royale resort is ideal for families with kids looking for fun and parents looking for a real vacation. After all, the Creative Day Spa located in the hotel will ensure everyone has a great time.

The hotel features an atrium with a pool and glorious palm trees. And the relaxing experience gets even better with an open view of the ocean.

6. Atlantic House

Among the more unique hotels in Ocean City, the century-old Victorian home housing this resort is a sight to behold. Inside, the rooms are uniquely decorated in a variety of styles. While on the outside, the hotel boasts wonderful architectural features.

Although Atlantic House B&B has an old-timey charm, rooms include all modern luxuries like cable TV, WiFi, and AC. Hotel guests will also enjoy complimentary towels and beach chairs and be treated to the perfect breakfast to start their day.

7. Commander Hotel & Suites

This resort has counted among the best resorts in Ocean City ever since its opening in 1930. 

It has direct access to both the boardwalk and the beach, with many restaurants and shops within walking distance. Two pools, indoor and outdoor, are available to guests, and you can grab phenomenal donuts or a pizza in the hotel’s on-site eateries. 

Those interested in golf will find Commander Hotel & Suites ideal, as the resort’s concierge service offers a selection of golf packages.

8. Frontier Town

If you’re looking for an unusual experience, Frontier Town will give you just that. This resort has wonderful cabins and campgrounds with an immersive Old West theme that will give your vacation a unique twist.

Without revealing too much of the surprises waiting here, we should mention that there are real horse-ridden stagecoaches on the premises.

9. Residence Inn

The comfortable Marriott hotel provides possibly the best view of the bay. The suites are expansive and contain everything you could need to feel at home – there are a fully equipped kitchen and living areas in each suite.

Guests get to enjoy complimentary breakfasts, seafood lunches, or even outdoor barbecues. And if you can’t resist extending your stay at the Residence Inn, you’ll be in luck – the resort is perfect for a long vacation.

10. Park Place Hotel

This downtown resort has a 125-year-long tradition of welcoming visitors in search of a memorable Ocean City holiday. 

With the boardwalk and the beach right by, Park Place offers the perfect accommodation for those who wish to experience the city and the ocean at the same time. And if you’re not up for going on a night out, the hotel boasts an amazing pool deck and an outdoor barbecue bar.

Have the Best Ocean City Vacation

Ocean City offers a wonderful, fun holiday experience for visitors of every kind. Whether you’re vacationing alone or with kids, you’ll likely find the perfect resort overlooking the gorgeous ocean shore. It doesn’t matter whether you’re to spend the whole day on the beach or stroll through the lively city streets – your ideal accommodation will always be waiting for you at the end of the day. Choose one of the best resorts in Ocean City and you’ll get a vacation of a lifetime.

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Traveling to Ocean City? Check Out These Resorts