Visiting Corfu – The Eight Family Destinations That You Have to Check Out

Visiting Corfu – The Eight Family Destinations That You Have to Check Out

Greece is a beautiful location to take a vacation. But how kid-friendly is it? Discover the best places to visit in Corfu with the entire family.

Greece is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. And Corfu is a shining jewel that you definitely can’t miss.

Located in the Ionian Sea, the island of Corfu is often called the “Garden Isle” because of its lush landscape and iconic beaches. It’s the perfect setting for a vacation in paradise.

For starters, you can visit one of the smaller island villages, like Arilla or Saint Gordios. Or take a 1-day sailing trip and island-hop along the Ionian Sea.

There’s no question that there’s plenty to do in this little slice of Mediterranean heaven. This island boasts some of the best beaches. In Corfu, though, there’s so much more to explore.

While the entire island is very kid-friendly, here are some of the best places to visit in Corfu with the family.

Old Corfu Town

Corfu Old Corfu Town

Sure, the sunshine and beaches may capture your kids’ attention, but Corfu is more than just its beaches. Take a walk around Corfu Town and celebrate one of the most beautiful towns the country has to offer.

The town, also the island capital, is a cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll marvel at the Venetian influence of this picturesque town. And don’t forget to check out the Museum of Archaeology and the Venetian fortress.


Corfu Aqualand Water park

Would you go to Corfu, Greece to visit a waterpark?

Why not, when the waterpark is one of the most impressive in Europe. And especially when many of the designers worked on Universal Studios and Disney attractions!

The waterpark is set in the heart of Corfu with over 28-square miles of forest offering plenty of shade. That means there’s no need to head indoors when the temperatures soar and you need to cool off the kids in a hurry.

Take advantage of the park’s 15 adventure pools and 36 waterslides. The park features the usual waterpark suspects, like a lazy river, high-speed rides, and wave pool. But it also has very shallow pools with water features for the little ones in your family.

Corfu Aquarium

Corfu Corfu Aquarium

Maybe waterparks aren’t your thing. If you want to get out of the sun and away from the beaches for a couple of hours, this may be the perfect place for you.

For something a little slower paced that can still keep the kids excited, you may want to head down to the Corfu Aquarium. It’s where you can check out reptiles like iguanas, snakes, and lizards, as well as the island’s marine life.

You can explore the exhibits at your own pace or opt for a guided tour to learn about each of the aquarium’s residents.

Casa Parlante

Corfu Casa Parlante

While you’re in Corfu’s old town, don’t forget to stop by Casa Parlante. Even the most history-reticent family members can find something interesting here because it’s not your average history museum.

This interactive museum creates ‘real-life scenes’ from important parts of the island’s history. And it’s complete with smells, sounds, and even robotics!

Dive into the life of Corfu’s 19th-century nobility and explore rooms where history comes to life before your eyes.

Messonghi Beach

Corfu Messonghi Beach

Sure, Paleokastritsa is one of the most famous beaches in Corfu. But if you have little ones, you may want to head to Messonghi.

Messonghi Beach is one of the best beaches in Corfu for kids because it has some of the shallowest waters. These shallow waters continue hundreds of yards past the coast. And it’s the only resort on the east coast that features a sandy beach.

Achilleion Palace

Corfu Achilleion Palace

Venture outside of Corfu Town and you’ll find this beautiful palace and garden built by the Austrian Empress Elisabeth in 1890. You and the family can explore the grounds and take in the breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea and surrounding valleys.

And if your kids like Greek mythology, they’re in for a treat.

Not only is the palace named after the famous mythological hero Achilles, but there’s a statue of him in the garden, too!

Mavroudis Olive Farm

Corfu Mavroudis Olive Farm

Mavroudis’ museum tells the history of one of the most important productions in the region – olive oil. And this family has a history of making such world-class products for generations.

What’s impressive is that the Mavroudis family spent years hunting down old olive oil and making exhibits and machinery for the museum. Some of the exhibits even go as far back as the mid-19th century.

See for yourself how the island’s olives transform into liquid gold and enjoy an oil tasting session. The tour operators are very passionate about the craft, and even the owners themselves jump into this role frequently!


Corfu Angelokastro

If you have older children ready for an adventure, why not hike to these stunning Greek ruins?

The Angelokastro was an important Byzantine-era castle near the village of Krini. It now lies in ruins, but that may be perfect for the budding archaeologist in your family.

Keep in mind that it’s quite a hike to the top, as it rises 1000ft above the sea. But once you get to the top, though, you can take in the unforgettable views of Paleokastritsa and the northern part of the island.

It’s Time to Round Up the Kids

Corfu Greece has plenty of sunshine and beaches to keep the whole family occupied. But it’s also steeped in history and has a charm of its own.

When you tire of playing in the sand, head out to one of the destinations that Corfu has to offer. Or, take advantage of the many glass-bottom boat tours and horse treks available on the island.

Corfu may sing a siren’s song luring you to lull your days away on the beach. But your children may want something more from their vacation.

When they clamor for exploration, you can pull one of these many family-friendly destinations out of your hat. And show them the heart of this beautiful island.

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Visiting Corfu – The Eight Family Destinations That You Have to Check Out