The 10 Most Stunning Tourist Attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland

The 10 Most Stunning Tourist Attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland

Switzerland is an incredible country with plenty of breathtaking tourist destinations. One of them is Lucerne, a picturesque small city in the German-speaking part of the country. Here’s what you need to see if you’re traveling there.

Lucerne is one of the most stunning cities in central Switzerland. It’s not terribly big, so many tourist locations are within walking distance from downtown. And when it comes to transport, culture, and economics, it’s the region’s central point

The city is now keeping up with modern architecture. Still, it’s preserved many of the medieval buildings, that’s why it has quite a few notable historic sites. Discover more about the tourist attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland, that you’ll want to see.

1. Chapel Bridge

Your first stop should be the famous Chapel Bridge. The view here is so beautiful that it’s almost begging you to do your best as a photographer and create some lovely memories as well.

The bridge is around 700 years old and lies over the Reuss River. Found below its roof is a beautiful collection of paintings that tell you all about Swiss history. Make sure you also check out the Water Tower. It’s perfectly preserved and its roof is the only reconstructed part.

2. Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne might not be Switzerland’s largest lake, but it’s one of the most beautiful. Its blue waters will charm you immediately and invite you to choose your way of exploring it.

If you’re optimistic enough, you can bike around the lake or follow a hiking trail. Still, the best way to explore Lake Lucerne is by boat. Several guided tours include a boat ride across the lake, allowing you to experience it to the fullest.

3. Culture and Congress Center

This gigantic center offers one of the most beautiful views of the Reuss River. It’s a sterling example of modern architecture, even though Lucerne is more famous for its medieval landmarks.

Tourists have great things to say about the concert hall within the complex and, in particular, the quality of the acoustics. Among all the things to see in Lucerne’s biggest Congress Center are a few cozy restaurants for you to catch a break. You may also want to visit the Art Museum and enjoy its precious Renaissance artworks.

4. Lion Monument

Just outside the Old Town is one of the city’s most significant landmarks. This beautiful monument features a 33ft-long statue of a dying lion carved into a sandstone cliff.

What does this monument mean? According to the inscription above the sculpture, it’s a tribute to the Swiss Guard. These soldiers protected the royal family with their lives during the French revolution of the 18th century.

5. Museum of Transport

Who would have thought that a museum dedicated to modes of transport could be so interesting? In fact, it’s actually among the most popular museums in the whole of Switzerland. And the exhibits aren’t limited to land travel but even include space, too.

Locomotives, ships, and planes are only part of the museum’s impressive collection. Perhaps the most interesting “vehicle” of all is the EURECA satellite from the 90s. There’s also a planetarium and other artwork and photo collections.

6. Mount Pilatus

If you’d also like to take in some natural sights while in Lucerne, here’s where to go. Mount Pilatus is a spectacular mountain whose nickname is the Dragon Mountain.

You have two ways to get to the top. If you’re in shape and raring for an adventure, you may prefer to hike your way up. But if you’d rather sit back and revel in the panoramic view, opt for the cable car ride to the 7,000ft-high observation deck.

7. Musegg Wall

Musegg Wall is one of Europe’s most magnificent walls. Built in the 13th century, this wall has been standing tall and remains almost in its original state. And restorations have been minimal so far.

It has nine towers, with the Zyt Tower being the best-known to tourists who come here to enjoy Lucerne’s panoramic view. It’s so famous probably because it houses Lucerne’s oldest clock. Its time’s a bit early, though, as you’ll find that it strikes a minute before all the other clocks in the city.

8. Richard Wagner Museum

Many houses that renowned musicians and scientists lived in have been turned into museums. That’s the case with the 19th-century composer Richard Wagner. You can find his former home-turned-museum on the southern shore of Lucerne.

It’s been a museum for almost 100 years and showcases many antiques and personal belongings of the composer. That exhibit covers the ground floor of the building. At the same time, you can see various musical instruments from Asia, Africa, and Europe on other floors.

9. Jesuit Church

This old church from the 17th century is one of the most elegant buildings in Lucerne. Italian and Austrian architects worked together to create this Baroque-style masterpiece.

When you step inside the church, you’ll see one of the oldest works of the famous Wessobrunner School of Germany. One of the chapels displays the 15th-century clothes that belonged to its saint protector, Brother Klaus.

10. Glacier Garden

A glacial pothole from the Ice Age! Doesn’t it sound impressive? It’s of little wonder that the Glacier Garden is one of the most popular tourist locations in Lucerne.

Although the aforementioned pothole is the main attraction of the museum, there’s so much more to see there. Its collection includes different artifacts throughout the city’s history, including fossils from a good 20 million years ago.

You may find the fee included in some of the city passes available.

The Dreamy Town by the Lucerne Lake

Lucerne is a dream come true for those who want a quiet vacation away from the hustle and bustle of life. Of course, this dreamy town has a great cultural offering, and you can always find something to do.

Still, it’s more suitable for families than certain more heavily populated cities. To begin with, you won’t find loud and shiny tourist attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland. This is where you can recharge your batteries and breathe in some fresh air. You can enjoy organized tours, sports activities, and boat rides all day long.

Don’t forget to let yourself unwind and get lost in your own thoughts after spending the day soaking up Lucerne’s peaceful spirit.

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The 10 Most Stunning Tourist Attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland