What to Do In Phuket with Friends

From scenic vantage points to exhilarating nightlife, you’ll have plenty of experiences to share with your friends when in Phuket.

As Thailand’s largest island and perennial tourist hotspot, you won’t have to wonder what to do in Phuket besides beach activities. 

There are adventure and theme parks, animal sanctuaries, and cultural landmarks to begin with. And your visit probably wouldn’t even be complete without checking out one of Phuket’s night markets.

One thing is for certain – you and your friends can enjoy the island’s vibrant nightlife no matter which part of Phuket you’re staying. Have a look at the activities and experiences you wouldn’t want to miss.

Slip N’ Fly Phuket

If adventure water parks are your thing, a visit to Slip N’ Fly is a no-brainer. Plentiful slides and other adrenaline rides are how this park lives up to its name. 

When you’re tired of all the slipping and sliding, you can retreat to a beach gazebo and enjoy your peace and quiet. And should you feel like partying while you’re there, there’s a stylish bar in addition to a chic restaurant with the neighboring mountains serving as a backdrop. 

Patong Boxing Stadium

Have you ever been to a live Muay Thai match? If not, make it happen when visiting Phuket with your friends. 

An intricate part of Thai culture, Muay Thai is quite an experience to match. You’re likely to have a great time, or at least an unforgettable one, watching this action-packed sport with your friends. 

The best seats are, needless to say, right next to the ring, which will require VIP tickets. And each match consists of five 3-minute rounds. 

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

One of the most fun attractions on the island, the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary gives you a chance to get up close and personal with Thailand’s national animal. 

You can feed or bathe the gentle giants within the sanctuary. But swimming with baby elephants is undoubtedly the experience you’ll remember for years to come. Who wouldn’t want to take a dip in a mud spa with elephants in the vicinity, right?

There’s also an option to organize a traditional meal in the forest or, if you wish, take a hike around the nearby woods and hills. 

That the elephants are obedient and professionally trained makes the experience even better. 

Hype Luxury Boat Club

What to do in Phuket clubs? 

Enjoy great music and food and have a great time with your friends, of course. But imagine doing that for a full day on a boat! 

Hype is a luxury vessel with the amenities to satisfy the most demanding visitors. The menu is second to none and ranges from sushi to traditional Thai meals. There’s also no shortage of cocktails, spirits, and champagnes. 

The boat will make a few stops along the way, including to the popular James Bond Island. Whether this means you’re going to have a 007-like experience is perhaps up to your imagination. 

Bangla Road

Every visitor to Phuket checks out Bangla Road in downtown Patong, the center of the city’s nightlife. The road is teeming with activities and treats for the senses. That’s why you’ll experience a sensory overload as you walk along Bangla and find a joint that appeals to you. 

Without a doubt, this is the place to be for bar-hopping. 

Spa Treatments

Is there a better way to unwind after all the adventures and partying than getting a Thai massage? The top spas have several locations around the island and they offer different types of massages, including hot rock and aromatherapy massages. 

The facial scrub, in particular, combines Indian and Chinese healing techniques to give your face a pampering that is unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Best of all, the masseuses are skilled at acupressure and stretching techniques for the rejuvenation of your muscles. 

Skyline Adventure Phuket

If you’re not sure about what to do in Phuket for a much-needed adrenaline rush, look no further than Skyline Adventure. This park stands out as an excellent outdoor destination with plenty of activities in store. 

You can go ziplining for a start, tree or net climbing next, and take a heart-thumping walk over the cable bridge if you’re so inclined. While at Skyline Adventure, you can also traverse neighboring heights and forests. 

A tasty herbal juice awaits upon your arrival, as well as the park’s Thai buffet for later. 

Simon Cabaret 

Arguably the largest transgender variety show in the area, Simon Cabaret has a glamorous stage and a cast of famous performers. You’ll be amazed by a rapid succession of elaborate costumes, choreographies, and backgrounds.

The fun starts as soon as you arrive, as will be evident from visitors’ faces. But the highlight act is a Tina Turner impersonation, though you may enjoy the other performances just as much. 

For a lasting memento of your visit, you can take photos with the performers for a fee. 

Go Snorkeling

When thinking about what to do in Phuket, Thailand, snorkeling should be a priority. 

The Andaman Sea is balmy, clear, and calm that is perfect even if you and your friends are new to snorkeling. This is the best place to experience snorkeling for the first time, as the area is also known as a breeding ground for diverse marine life. 

The best places for snorkeling are the Kata Noi Beach, Ya Nui Beach, and Kata Beach. Owing to the tropical weather, snorkeling is possible throughout the year, though the best months are November to April. Don’t worry about your gear as you’ll be able to rent or buy everything you need there.

Ready, Steady, Party

Are you still wondering about what to do in Phuket with your friends? 

Just get together and pick a few activities and experiences from this write-up for non-stop adventures throughout your stay. 

Why not start your day at the Patong Boxing Stadium? Then follow it up with a relaxing spa treatment to get ready for the cabaret, after which you can party with your friends well into the night on Bangla Road. Perhaps that’ll even put you in the mood for the Hype cruise later.

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What to Do In Phuket with Friends