11 Best Beaches to Visit on the Sunshine Coast

11 Best Beaches to Visit on the Sunshine Coast

The beaches of Sunshine Coast welcome everyone from kids to pro surfers. Do you want to see everything it has to offer? Check out some of the locations you can’t afford to miss on your next trip to Queensland.

Just 100km north of Brisbane is the picturesque Sunshine Coast. This stretch of land has some of the most pristine beaches in Australia. Not to mention surf breaks that cater to all levels of experience.

Whether traveling alone or with your family, the Sunshine Coast welcomes you. Take a look at some of the following beaches to make the most of your trip.

1. Golden Beach

Golden Beach in Caloundra is arguably one of the best beaches on the Sunshine Coast. And its calm waters make it a great destination for families.

You can even take up paddle boarding here, thanks to the nearby Bribie Island that shields off the water. It’s also possible to fish in the area if you want to take advantage of the public barbecues.

Planning on going on the Caloundra Coastal Walk? Golden Beach awaits you at the end.

2. Bulcock Beach

This is another amazing beach that caters to the younger crowds. Bulcock offers a beginner-friendly surf break near Happy Valley. It’s an ideal spot if you want to learn how to use a surfboard.

At the same time, the beach is family-friendly. There are tons of playgrounds for kids to play in, including a wooden pirate ship to explore. The grassy parkland that borders the beach adds just a hint of color to enhance the scenery.

3. Kings Beach

Are you looking for a real gem? Then try your luck at Kings Beach, Sunshine Coast’s go-to spot for families on vacation. It’s where you can swim in the calm waters or enjoy the convenience of the massive pool.

You also have access to public barbecues and plenty of cafes. Despite being a family-frequented beach, Kings Beach is surprisingly clean. It’s also an excellent place to experience the sunset in Queensland, with the sun coming against the waters from the grassy backdrop.

4. Coolum Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Australia. It’s a haven for serious surfers, but it also offers plenty of beginner-friendly breaks.

The beach has soft sands, rock pools, and enough vegetation on the borders. However, most people aren’t going there for the view. They are there to try their luck on the different waves it’s famous for.

Another perk is the availability of healthy bites. If you’re super conscious about what you eat, then you’ll love the selection of food and drinks at Coolum Beach.

5. Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads is an iconic location. It’s a beach that’s teeming with tourists and locals all year-round. That’s why you can find plenty of restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and other specialty venues here.

The white sands are inviting for anyone looking to spend a day at the beach. If you prefer something less remote and more lively, then Noosa Heads may fit your needs.

6. Sunshine Beach

It’s no surprise that one of the best beaches on the Sunshine Coast is Sunshine Beach. This is a picturesque stretch of sand and grassy land after all.

The tides provide plenty of excitement even for experienced surfers and swimmers. But what draws the biggest crowd is the space. It’s truly a great place to spend a day with the kids and pets.

There’s more than enough room here to run and plenty of places to grab something to eat, including dog-friendly cafes and restaurants.

7. Moffat Beach

Another gem nestled in Caloundra is Moffat Beach. It’s home to one of the longest-running surf competitions in the country – The Ma and Pa Bendall Classic.

The beach is in a surfer’s town. It means that it accommodates experienced and pro surfers. And it’s because the waves can be life-threatening. But there are areas where you can dip into calmer waters, too.

8. Wurtulla Beach

Do you want to visit secret beaches? Sunshine Coast offers you Wurtulla Beach. It’s a small stretch of sand and sea that acts as a haven for anyone looking to relax.

It doesn’t have many dangerous surf breaks and it’s not overly populated. It’s just ideal for peace and quiet, or swimming without fear of running into a surfboard.

9. Mooloolaba Spit

Here’s another fascinating Queensland destination – Mooloolaba Spit on Parkyn Parade. It’s a quiet pocket beach with protected waters and less traffic.

The waters are calm thanks to a rock wall. Because of this, Mooloolaba Spit is also a hot destination for amateur fishermen. If you always travel with your rods and reels, you might want to stop here for a while.

10. Tea Tree Bay

Tea Tree Bay is part of Noosa National Park. It’s an amazing destination for avid surfers. At the same time, it offers picturesque scenery for nature lovers.

It’s not the busiest beach on the Sunshine Coast. And it also lacks a range of amenities and facilities typical in more popular beaches. But it’s ideal for those looking to get away from the crowds and relax.

11. Rainbow Beach

If you’re looking for an adventure, perhaps Rainbow beach should make it on your itinerary. It’s right between Noosa and Fraser Island, so you can’t miss it.

The beautiful sands and dark blue waters offer breathtaking views and the whole beach is a big playground. You can do anything from sandy driving, scuba diving, gliding, and so on.

12. Alexandra Headland

Tourists do not overpopulate the Alexandra Headland Beach – at least, not yet. That’s why it’s one of the best places on the Sunshine Coast if you want to enjoy surfing until the late hours at night.

The locals did a great job of setting up facilities here and maintaining a clean environment. As a result, there are plenty of shops and cafes around. There are also bike paths and skate paths along the beach –  things that are, surprisingly, not too common on the Sunshine Coast.

Do You Still Need Convincing?

The Sunshine Coast has some of the finest beach resorts and surfing hotspots in Australia. But this place offers more than sandy beaches and clear waters. It also provides access to Great Sandy National Park and Noosa National Park.

Whatever you want to do on your trip, rest assured that there’s never a dull moment. You can pick where to go depending on your level of excitement or solitude. 

Few other places can offer such a rural yet exquisite beach experience.

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11 Best Beaches to Visit on the Sunshine Coast