Best Restaurants for Dining Out in Portland

Best Restaurants for Dining Out in Portland

Whether you’re up for local or international cuisine, chances are there’s a fantastic place in Portland that serves just your kind of dish. Here are some of the top contenders.

The list of the best restaurants in Portland could easily fill out a small book, with possibly hundreds of places offering exquisite dishes from every corner of the world found in the city. 

With such a broad and overwhelming choice, it’s no wonder deciding on an eatery in the city famous for its cuisine can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best restaurants in Portland that will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Gracie’s Apizza

Starting the list with a universal classic, Gracie’s Apizza is more than an excellent pizzeria. It’s a place that dishes out delicious pies made from homemade dough and cheese. Patrons of this eatery based in St. Johns would probably like to keep it a secret, but the small pizzeria deserves all the attention it gets.

Everyone will notice an expert’s hand in the amazing pizzas whose taste can only be compared with the very best. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll enjoy the unique homemade ice creams with fresh and unusual flavors like honey, black pepper, and amarena cherry.


If you’re looking for exceptional Mexican cuisine in Portland, head straight to Division Street, locate Xico, and start indulging in their delicacies. 

Their tortillas, tacos, and burritos are homemade and filled with amazing stuffing. And for those who are into mexi-dogs, their version is sublimely spicy.

You can grab lunch or dinner here or drop by for a Saturday or Sunday brunch and enjoy the mouthwatering bites. Once you do, it will quickly convince you that Xico deserves a place among the best restaurants in Portland.


Transport to the Mediterranean region right in Portland’s Pearl District and feel the joy of Italian pastry offered in this incredible all-in-one place. Cooperativa has a restaurant where you can enjoy a serving of fresh pasta, a cafe that serves hot drinks as well as pastries, and a fantastic gelato shop. 

To top it all off, you can check out their bar whose main highlight is the cocktails that you can even order to go. Additionally, Cooperativa is a real market that sells various pantry items, flowers, and wine. 

St. Jack

The masterful French dishes that come out of St. Jack are delicate, tasty treats for everyone who visits the place. Here you can have a taste of everything from crepes and steak frites to a tartare or the majestic duck l’orange. 

However, St. Jack managed to pull off something that even the best would find challenging, if not impossible. Their exquisite dishes are available for takeout and delivery, even reputedly known to arrive just as fresh and enticing as if they were served on the spot. 

Danwei Canting

Chinese cuisine has long been widely popular, but Danwei Canting offers a variant more focused on fun. With a street-food take on the traditional recipes, this restaurant will delight you with dumplings, noodles, lamb or tofu burgers, skewers, and much more. 

You can have your fill of fantastic Chinese tastes in the Beijing style. Once you try some of the meals that Danwei Canting dishes out, you’ll be back more likely than not.


Another gem of Mexican cuisine in Portland, Republica has a strong focus on home cooking. While they excel at the classics, there are some dishes you could only taste in an authentic Mexican household. One of the things not to miss is guisados, which are stewed meats that will make your taste buds go wild.

Republica offers tacos, sopes, and various Mexican pastries. Not to mention there are family feasts where you can try different courses, which is an excellent opportunity to discover the best this restaurant has to offer.

Paley’s Place

Paley’s is among the best places for those who want to taste authentic Oregon produce. They offer fresh seafood from the Pacific Northwest, meats from farms and ranches that deal with humane livestock raising, and locally grown ingredients.

The restaurant is located in a lovely house in Northwest Portland. And although it’s been struggling lately, it remains a phenomenal place for the best Oregon cuisine.

Bar Casa Vale

Returning to the Mediterranean, Bar Casa Vale takes you on a culinary journey through Spain. While you could try a bit of everything when it comes to snacks, such an option will become almost impossible once it gets to the main dish.

There’s plenty of superb fresh seafood, such as octopus, clams, and salt cod fritters, as well as Spanish classics like paella and roasted pork. But perhaps the best choice is to order the family feast and let the chef compile a best-of selection.


Langbaan is a fabulous Thai restaurant that has transformed from a tasting menu principle to a specialized Thai soup venue. After all, their soups are rich, insanely aromatic, and present a unique experience in the Portland dining landscape. 

You likely won’t have enough of their wonderful noodles, tasteful broths, and excellent meat, but make sure to leave some space for the equally tasty dumplings and salads. Finally, nothing quite tops off a Thai soup meal like an authentic cocktail, and Langbaan excels at those, too.


For an amazing serving of Indian food, look no further than Bhuna. This restaurant takes great care when it comes to the delicate balance of the staple spices, allowing each aroma to flow in concert with others. 

While the dishes are inspired by the Indian culinary tradition, what you’ll find in Bhuna is unique. From rogan josh and masterfully prepared basmati rice to pork vindaloo and Chettinad chicken, nothing there will bring you anything less than complete enjoyment. 

This Northwest Portland gem deserves your full attention.

Indulge Your Taste Buds in Portland’s Best

There are many places that could be counted among the best restaurants in Portland. Quite simply, the rich culinary scene present in the City of Roses has something for everyone. 

Make sure to go on an adventure among the finest eateries in the city and you’ll discover places that will stay in your memory for a long time.

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Best Restaurants for Dining Out in Portland