Best Bars in New Orleans for a Night to Remember

Best Bars in New Orleans for a Night to Remember

New Orleans has no shortage of amazing watering holes and authentic venues. If you’re looking for a memorable night out, here are some bars you shouldn’t miss.

New Orleans has legendary bars of every kind – from the friendly neighborhood joints, through high-end venues, to pubs representing live historical sites. And when it comes to drinks, none are more prominent than cocktails – in fact, some of the bars still working today serve cocktails invented at the very spot.

If you want to feel the incredible atmosphere of the city’s nightlife, and drink an amazing cocktail or two, here are some of the best bars in New Orleans you shouldn’t miss.

Sazerac Bar

New Orleans Sazerac Bar

Located in the Roosevelt Hotel, this upscale bar is among the most authentic in the city. The interior abounds in wooden and leather highlights, but the most stand-out feature is the walls covered with fascinating murals. The striking wall paintings adorn the whole venue and present a picture of old New Orleans.

Avenue Pub

New Orleans Avenue Pub

The Avenue Pub is housed in a corner building with a gorgeous terrace on the upper floor. Inside the spacious, bright interior awaits an excellent selection of beers and whiskey waiting for new visitors. You’ll find this fantastic pub in the Garden District, a quieter residential area of New Orleans.

Vaughan’s Lounge

New Orleans Vaughan's Lounge

If you’re looking for a fun night filled with great music, Vaughan’s Lounge is among the best bars in New Orleans to visit. This Bywater venue has kept its charm for the 50 years it’s been around and is often full of long-time loyal customers. 

There’s an expansive dance floor for situations when the live band inspires you to move. And if you miss out on the show, you can get your kicks from a fully-stacked jukebox.


New Orleans Cure

The fire station building that houses this bar is over a century old. Today, it’s home to a high-end cocktail bar with a fascinating selection of its own mixes. The Cure offers classic cocktails with a twist, original concoctions, and even custom-made drinks that will suit even the picky drinker.

Twelve Mile Limit

New Orleans Twelve Mile Limit

Twelve Mile Limit is a bar that’s kept on growing for the past decade. Its signature offers are plentiful and affordable cocktails, but the bar also has a kitchen that dishes out fantastic, tasty meals. 

Although the interior is enticing, it would be best if you could visit on a sunny day for you to spend time on the bar patio.


New Orleans Bacchanal

This bar started out as a lesser-known, hidden place for customers of refined tastes. But it’s grown quite popular these days. So if you want to sit down while having your drink, try avoiding the busy weekend nights. 

Located in Bywater, this trendy venue has a fantastic offer of wines and cheeses, but you shouldn’t mistake it for a snobby, overpriced joint. In fact, the backyard is pretty casual and you’ll have a great time listening to authentic jazz among the mismatched chairs and the warm light of tiki torches.

Erin Rose

New Orleans Erin Rose

An Irish pub in the busy French Quarter, Erin Rose is a lively place made for enjoyment. Among the select beers is the world-famous Guinness, as well as some other great beverages. But if cocktails are more up your alley, there’s no shortage of choices in that department. Try their Irish coffee to feel the unique twist this bar brings to its mixes.

Barrel Proof

New Orleans Barrel Proof

Barrel Proof has lately pivoted to becoming a restaurant, but it’s kept the essence of its origins with excellent cocktails. Located in the Garden District, this bar houses a happy hour where you can grab their signature cocktail variants or a drink to go for a great price.

Carousel Bar and Lounge

New Orleans Carousel Bar and Lounge

It might take you some time to find an empty seat on the rotating centerpiece of the Monteleone Hotel’s fascinating bar, but the wait will be worth it. The seats are decorated with stylistic images of wild animals, making for a colorful spot in the classy interior. 

Carousel bar is among the many places that serve several cocktails of their own making. And if you’re big on mixed drinks, you should definitely give them a try.

Bar Tonique

New Orleans Bar Tonique

Bar Tonique has a very classical feel, with the interior abounding in wood, high ceilings, and a central bar with a backdrop of a bottle-covered wall. The bar is a prominent feature of the square space, so you’ll have a good overview of the lively place while you sip on their well-made cocktails. 

Bakery Bar

New Orleans Bakery Bar

If you’d like some authentic New Orleans food to go with your drinks, Bakery Bar offers all this in spades. The main delicacy you shouldn’t miss is the doberge – a layered cake with custard and icing that’s a staple of the local cuisine. 

When it comes to drinks, you’ll find everything from amazing cocktails to superb wines and beers. And if you don’t plan on sticking around, everything on the menu’s available to go.

Longway Tavern

New Orleans Longway Tavern

Stylish and quiet, the Longway Tavern will make you forget you’re in the middle of the French Quarter and its heavy tourist traffic. The selection of cocktails is wide and interesting, with classic mixes as well as original inventions. Besides the tasteful interior, the Longway Tavern features a wonderful courtyard teeming with greenery.


New Orleans Manolito

For a touch of Cuban flare, you need not look further than the French Quarter’s Manolito. Naturally, there are many classic Cuban cocktails on offer and other concoctions come with a unique twist. You’ll enjoy the tasty beverages in a pleasant setting filled with great music and photos of Cuba adorning the walls.

Latitude 29

New Orleans Latitude 29

Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29 moves away from the classic palette of cocktails found in other New Orleans bars. Instead, this bar focuses on the tropical vibe, which is well-represented in the choice of amazing food and drinks available.

Experience the Amazing Nightlife of New Orleans

Whether you want to feel the authentic atmosphere of the incredible Louisiana city or just want to have a good time, the best bars in New Orleans got you covered. There are many tasty drinks to try together with excellent local food in the colorful bars.

All these will undoubtedly give you a night to remember.

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Best Bars in New Orleans for a Night to Remember