Visiting New Orleans? Don’t Leave Without Checking Out These Seven Places

Visiting New Orleans? Don’t Leave Without Checking Out These Seven Places

Beautiful, mystical, and full of culture, New Orleans houses many sights that are not your average attractions. Here are some you shouldn’t miss on your next visit.

New Orleans is a haven of cultural diversity, which is apparent in everything from the local cuisine to architecture. And those visiting the historical hometown of jazz will have plenty of sights to marvel at, including museums, gardens, squares, and various cultural venues. 

The city is just oozing with history and character. If you make it a point to visit the highlights of the city, you’ll leave with a strong, lasting impression that will urge you to come back. 

Here are the seven amazing New Orleans locations that are guaranteed to make you fall in love with the city.

Jackson Square

New Orleans Jackson Square

Initially called Place d’Armes, the beautiful square is located in the French Quarter and by the banks of the Mississippi. Jackson Square is an idyllic spot as it’s surrounded by other New Orleans landmarks, such as the St. Louis Cathedral and Louisiana State Museums of Presbytère and Cabildo. 

Among the luscious greenery are various restaurants and shops. And the square’s centerpiece is a statue of Andrew Jackson on a horse, dating from the mid-19th century.

The National WWII Museum

New Orleans The National WWII Museum

The three sections of the museum document World War II history and are devoted to the European and the Pacific theaters, while the third section exhibits aircraft from the conflict.

There is an abundance of short films that illustrate how the people back then used the various items on display, including authentic testimonials. It’s also interactive, as the museum visitor takes on the role of a common soldier as they receive updates at several stations during the tour. 

Besides the exhibits, there are two noticeable amenities within the museum. 

You can get some refreshments while enjoying a matinee or a dinner show in the Stage Door Canteen. This era-appropriate entertainment contributes to the already great immersion provided by the museum environment that strives for authenticity.

There’s also a 4D Theater where you can see a showing of a documentary film while rumbling chairs and stage props enhance the experience. It’s an excellent addition to the exhibits and might be the main attraction for many visitors.

The French Quarter

New Orleans The French Quarter

Without a doubt, the historic French Quarter is the primary city location for most tourists. This aptly named part of New Orleans is full of intricate architecture, with buildings that are over three centuries old showcasing the French style of the era. 

There are plenty of restaurants and hotels, shops that sell various souvenirs, as well as galleries and jazz venues for those interested in the rich New Orleans culture. Note that the more high-end spots are mainly located along Royal Street. And if you want to catch some quality traditional jazz, many excellent joints can be found on Frenchmen Street.

Of course, there’s the world-famous Bourbon Street that might not be for everybody because it can get rather crowded and filthy, especially at night.

St. Louis Cathedral

New Orleans St. Louis Cathedral

Within the French Quarter and near Jackson Square is where you’ll find the fascinating St. Louis Cathedral. The oldest continually used cathedral in the U.S., the church was erected in 1794 during New Orleans’ rebuilding efforts after a considerable portion of the city experienced damage in a great fire.

Its construction lasted for more than five years and the location used to be the site of a previous church that didn’t survive the destructive fire. The cathedral received the internal decoration in 1825 and an organ four years later. 

Garden District

New Orleans Garden District

The Garden District offers an authentic, if somewhat stereotypical, sight of New Orleans, as it’s adorned with mansions and houses dating from the 19th century, and luscious greenery. 

This is primarily a residential area that’s more serene than some other spots. But it doesn’t mean the Garden District isn’t welcoming to tourists. Besides the captivating architecture, the area features various shops, boutiques, and eateries, although those are not as densely packed as their French Quarter counterparts.

If you’re interested in experiencing the history and beauty of the neighborhood, guided walking tours are available to take you through all the noticeable sites.

The Voodoo Museum

New Orleans The Voodoo Museum

Those that want to explore the history of New Orleans with a focus on the mystical will find themselves at home in the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum. The museum’s been offering fascinating tours since 1972 and it houses amazing relics and artwork. 

However, the attractions spread even beyond the museum building.

Through the Voodoo Museum, you can get in touch with authentic practitioners that perform various rituals, readings, and ceremonies. The museum isn’t the direct service provider but it will rather help you contact the mystic experts.

Another popular service the museum has in stock is the walking tours to the cemetery. While the idea might sound somewhat bleak, there are many interesting features to see in the St. Louis Cemetery, also known as the City of the Dead.

City Park

New Orleans City Park

The expansive park has plenty to offer to visitors, whether they’re interested in art, entertainment, sports, or just taking a long relaxing walk. City Park has a unique atmosphere, and its gorgeous landscape is even more mesmerizing in the evening, when the trees, monuments, and statues become highlighted through a subtle haze. 

In the park is where you can find the beautiful New Orleans Botanical Garden, filled with lush, interesting, and rare plants. Art lovers will expectedly rush to the nearby Museum of Art, but there’s also plenty to see under the open sky in the Sculpture Garden. 

If you’re visiting with kids, they’ll love the amusement park and Storyland. Those interested in sports can have a try at some of the tennis courts or even the golf course. However, the most captivating feature of the park is its walking areas. Take a stroll and see the majestic oaks that are centuries old, or simply take in the serene atmosphere.

New Orleans Has Something for Everyone

The captivating atmosphere and sights of New Orleans will leave you wanting for more. Whatever your tastes are, you’ll find a way to satisfy them in the gorgeous city and leave with long-lasting memories. 

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Visiting New Orleans? Don’t Leave Without Checking Out These Seven Places