Breweries That Beer Lovers Must Visit in Milwaukee

Breweries That Beer Lovers Must Visit in Milwaukee

Are you visiting Wisconsin’s largest city? Make sure you stop by some of its most popular breweries and brewpubs.

Since the 1840s, Milwaukee has become somewhat synonymous with brewing beer. It’s because many German immigrants set up shop in the area and started crafting beer in their unique style.

Today the brewing scene in Milwaukee shows fantastic variety and imagination. Yet, some of the older breweries still follow European processes and traditions. 

If you’re not sure where to get your first pint in the city, check out the following options.

Milwaukee Brewing Company

Milwaukee Brewing Company

Brewing beer since 1997, the Milwaukee Brewing Company is one of the best breweries in Milwaukee. It offers some of the most unique combinations of local ingredients and the tour guides know how to put on a show.

Polish Moon is one of the favorite local ales and it’s easy to find year-round. However, expect to run into some seasonal varieties, too, depending on when you visit.

Sprecher Brewery

Sprecher Brewery

Sprecher has been around for over three decades. The flavors they have available reflect regional preferences and the brewing process has deep roots in European beer-making. 

It’s not uncommon to find some seasonal ales at the brewery. That said, the majority of beers are of distinct Irish, English, or German taste and hardness. 

The tour allows you to sample up to four types of beer. You can also leave the Sprecher Brewery with a novelty glass.

Lakefront Brewery

The Lakefront Brewery

The Lakefront Brewery is not only one of the best breweries in Milwaukee, but it’s also arguably one of the most visited. The facility sits on the Milwaukee River and remains a family-run business.

Each year, the Lakefront Brewery makes around 33,000 barrels. What’s great about it is its spread of brews. 

In fact, you can sample a variety of pumpkin or fruit beers. But you can also taste traditional ales. Pickier guests have the choice of getting gluten-free and organic beers. 

Every tour includes four tastings and a souvenir novelty glass as a gift.

Buffalo Water Beer Company

Buffalo Water Beer Company

Bison Blonde is a relatively light beer that goes well with food. It goes even better with spicy food, so you can easily pair it with a plate of hot buffalo wings. 

Although the Buffalo Water Beer Co tour isn’t super impressive, it’s still exciting to see the brewing process. The company relies on a very simple recipe and a small facility as Bison Blonde is made from only water, hops, yeast, and barley.

If you like the beer, you can also enjoy it in most local bars.

Rock Bottom Brewery

Rock Bottom Brewery

Scrolling down on the Milwaukee breweries list, you’ll find the Rock Bottom Brewery. It has been in business for over four decades and is actually a historic brewery, at least to most locals.

The facility displays interesting and innovative brewing processes and the local brewmaster has a wealth of information on the subject.

What’s also cool about the Rock Bottom Brewery is that you can sit down and enjoy lunch or dinner here. It’s the best way to sample a broad range of beers without feeling woozy. 

Water Street Brewery

Water Street Brewery

Opened in 1987, it’s known as the first brewpub in Milwaukee. That’s why it occupies a special spot on the Milwaukee breweries tour.

The original brewmaster still oversees the process and guides people on tours. And some of the beers here are those you won’t find anywhere else. 

The Water Street Brewery is also in a downtown location, which makes it highly accessible. Stop by for a bite to eat and check out a long menu of innovative, traditional, and unique beers.

Brenner Brewing Company

Brenner Brewing Company

If you prefer more intimate tours, the Brenner Brewing Company’s own brewmaster can give you one. It’s a great experience for beer enthusiasts and even non-drinkers. 

The facility has a rather unique vibe as it combines a passion for brewing with that for music and art. And when it comes to the drinks, expect some bold and unique flavors as you settle in the tasting room.

Although it’s one of the newer breweries in Milwaukee, it’s nothing short of spectacular.

Eagle Park Brewing Company

Eagle Park Brewing Company

If you want an exhaustive selection of beers on tap, the Eagle Park Brewing Company will oblige you. It has something for everyone – sweet, sour, international, regional, tough, or light. 

You name it; they probably have one or two in that style. 

The brewery also features its own pub with an extensive beer menu and excellent service. Although populated by locals, no one turns away tourists looking for a good time.

Miller Brewery

The Miller Brewery

The Miller Brewery is one of the top Milwaukee breweries and is known as the oldest in the city. It doesn’t matter if you’re always up for Miller Time or not. A trip to this historic facility will overwhelm you with hospitality and great stories.

It offers a great interactive tour, plenty of tasting opportunities, and a variety of keepsakes like photos or trinkets you can pick up at the gift shop.

Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

Historic Pabst Brewery

Although this isn’t technically a brewery tour, spending some time at the location is well worth it. After all, Pabst Blue Ribbon is an iconic American beer.

If you visit the Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery, you can go on a history tour and sample some local crafts and cuisine. 

Third Space Brewing

Third Space Brewing

Opened by passionate and beer-loving friends, the Third Space brewery is one of the best breweries in Milwaukee of the up-and-coming variety. 

You can sample seasonal entries, specialty beers on rotation, and any of the brand’s primary five choices. Although it’s among the smallest breweries in Milwaukee, the brews feature a wide variety that’s guaranteed to satisfy any customer.

The facility offers tours where you can see the process, as well as a bar for sampling.

Learning the History of Brewing

Sadly, only Miller remains in Milwaukee as one of the largest and most iconic breweries in the country. But make no mistake – the city has no shortage of alternative facilities and award-winning craft beers for you to sample.

Whether you want to drink and eat, explore facilities, see the brewing process first-hand, or learn some beer history, Milwaukee is one of the best American cities to visit.

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Breweries That Beer Lovers Must Visit in Milwaukee