Don’t Leave Central Coast Without Checking Out These Bars

There’s more to Australian bars than wine, spritzers, and beer. Sample the entire offering and make the most of your trip to the Central Coast.

Not sure where to head to after visiting Sydney? A trip on the Central Coast makes for an excellent way to finish your vacation. But you can also have it as your starting point.

Either way, tourists find the coast teeming with people, bars, restaurants, clubs, and a jolly atmosphere all year round. Join in on the fun and check out some of its bars to feel some island vibes unique to the region.

The Box on the Water

Try your best to hit Ettalong Beach during your Central Coast vacation. It’s a relatively new foreshore developed with tons of venues and entertainment.

The Box on the Water is one of the hottest bars in the area. And no, you won’t feel like you’re inside a box at all. The venue has floor-to-ceiling windows and has a very open place that offers breathtaking panoramic views. You can see all the way from Broken Bay to Box Head and even glimpses of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

Keep in mind that there’s no food on offer at the Box bar, but you do get plenty of freedom to enjoy your drinks anywhere in or around the venue.

Pocket Bar

The Pocket Bar is very close to Terrigal Beach and is similar to Sydney’s Button or Stitch bars. But if you haven’t hit those spots yet, well, know that you’re in for a treat.

It’s a modern establishment with classic cocktails, local snacks, and experienced mixologists who are part of its staff. 

The bar offers the perfect blend of modern and classic menus. Cocktails are the most popular drinks, but you can also enjoy wine or beer with your tapas.

Mumbo Jumbo

One of the best Central Coast bars, the Mumbo Jumbo is an excellent place to find some good vibes. It’s a rooftop bar with a typical island décor and colorful furniture. Some of the tables and the bar even feature upcycled wood. 

Reggae rhythms give the venue a great atmosphere, which the Jamaican food menu complements to perfection. Tropical cocktails, classic beers and wine, and even espresso martinis are all on the menu. 

For a tiny Caribbean-themed bar, it offers enough variety for even the most demanding island guests.

The Margarita Daze

Don’t be surprised to find different types of bars on your Central Coast road trip. One of the best examples here is the Margarita Daze, which is not what you’d expect in an Australian beach bar.

It gives off more of an upscale Hampton vibe. Imagine a patio bar that also serves food, only with classy décor. Despite that, its location is also ideal, with sandy shores at the doorstep and endless waterfront as far as the eye can see.

It’s open from sunrise to sunset and features an exciting drink menu.

Six String Brewery

Not all Central Coast bars are dedicated venues. Some of them offer a little more than a place to sit, eat, and drink. 

One of the coolest watering holes on the coast is the Six String Brewery, particularly for beer lovers. In the taproom, you can find at least 12 taps on rotation. The craft beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized, which gives it a unique taste. 

The brewery offers a number of award-winning brews, small tours, and some fantastic burgers, too. And if you want to join one of its regular tours, make sure you book a spot in advance as they’re only available on Saturdays.

Avoca Surf House

Spritzes, sparkling wines, fried fish tacos…

There’s a bit of everything at the Avoca Surf House. And the venue is as Australian as it gets for a beachside bar/restaurant. 

It’s not only one of the top Central Coast bars, but it’s also a vibrant community hub. So, be sure to stop by, chat with some locals, and sample the expertly put-together menus.


It’s one of the most reputable and popular bars near Crowne Plaza. It’s not right on the beach, but the rooftop alfresco venue is almost always packed during the season.

It offers comfortable seating areas, Mediterranean food and drink menus, and a fantastic vantage point. Join the crowd if you fancy a cocktail and seeing contemporary artworks intertwined with the furniture.

Feel free to spend many hours at Rhonda’s, even well into the night when the local DJs start putting on shows.

Bar Toto

The coast has plenty of famed cocktails, that’s why sampling them is considered one of the best things to do on Central Coast, NSW. And one of the unique places to get them is at Bar Toto. 

The bar has been around since 2013. It’s not an old place, but it does have an old-world charm since its atmosphere will remind you of something straight out of chic Europe.

One of the best mixers on the entire coast works at Bar Toto – he’s one who can handle just about anything you throw at him. While there’s a heavy emphasis on Mediterranean-style drinks, there’s also tons of variety.

And in case you want to grab a bite to go with your drinks, you can sample the pizza created by an international prize winner. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?

Frankie’s Rooftop

Here’s another rooftop bar in the Central Coast with a unique angle. After all, you won’t find many other establishments that offer the entire Chartreuse range.

If you enjoy a strong and vibrant French liqueur, you can sample the whole line at Frankie’s. On top of that, there’s a broad selection of gin, whiskey, and rum. 

So, try to free up some time to hit the town of Woy Woy and party at Frankie’s rooftop bar as you sip some of their famous liqueur.

More Variety Than You Would Expect

Some people have misconceptions about the Central Coast. They’re quick to dismiss that it’s not a surfer’s paradise like the Gold Coast or that it doesn’t have that authentic island vibe. Those people are plain wrong.

If you want to vacation on the Central Coast, there’s no shortage of fun. The water and beaches are amazing, while the venues provide tons of entertainment and some of the most diverse menus in the entire country.

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Don’t Leave Central Coast Without Checking Out These Bars