The Top Beaches in Hawaii That You Have to Visit

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The Top Beaches in Hawaii That You Have to Visit

If you think Hawaii has the best beaches in the world, you’re not wrong. The island state is famous for its scenery, sands, and waters. No water activity is off-limits here.

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in the US. And as the only island state, it has no shortage of beaches and places to visit. What’s also true is that some of the beaches are unique and unlike anything else in the world.

And there are so many to choose from, too. The following beaches have some of the most breathtaking sands and backdrops you can hope to see in your lifetime.

1.   Makena Beach


Makena Beach, or Big Beach, is a very popular beach on Maui. It offers a 100 ft-wide stretch of white sand bordered by the Makena State Park. The place is breathtaking all year round and is quite secluded compared to other beaches on the islands of Hawaii.

The crystalline waters provide plenty of thrills, as Big Beach has some of the strongest shore breaks. This undeveloped piece of land attracts tourists and locals alike throughout the year.

2.   Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach Hawaii

Waikiki Beach is on Oahu. It’s one of the top beaches in Hawaii and among the oldest attractions in the area. Since the early 1900s, tourists have been flocking to Waikiki Beach all year round to kick back and relax.

This is a highly-developed beach now and there are plenty of hotels and bars to choose from. The scenery offers a nice blend of island living and high-rises. Of course, most pick this spot for the golden sands and clear waters.

It’s also one of the best places to go if you want to mingle with the locals.

3.    Wailea Beach

Wailea Beach Hawaii

On the southwestern coast of Maui, you have Wailea Beach. It’s not the biggest stretch of golden sands in Hawaii, but it’s among the most glamorous. Unsurprisingly, this is where many celebrities drop by to relax.

You can take part in the nightly hula shows, live performances, and enjoy some fine dining. The beach, although small by comparison, offers a fantastic view of the Molokini Crater. And it’s also a prime location for whale watching.

4. Kaihalulu Beach

Kaihalulu Beach Hawaii

If you want a unique experience, then head to Kaihalulu Beach. Here you can find the bluest waters and rust-red sands. It’s a beach like no other, with a lava cinder cone as a backdrop. Granted, this is not the best beach for sunbathing, but it is an excellent location for photoshoots.

You can also do some hiking in the area and enjoy quiet time since it’s one of the least crowded beaches in Hawaii.

5. Sunset Beach


Sunset Beach, located on the North Shore of Oahu, is easily one of the top 5 beaches in Hawaii. The stretch of golden sand is quite broad and accommodates large crowds. It’s also one of the most active beaches in the region.

Did you know that Sunset Beach is famous for its amazing surf breaks? You may get to see swells of up to 25 feet high when the weather conditions align in your favor. This is a spot you can’t miss if you’re an experienced surfer. It’s also where you’d go to catch the Vans World Cup of Surfing.

6. Makalawena Beach

Makalawena Beach Hawaii

Hawaii’s Big Island has plenty of amazing beaches. Makalawena Beach is one of them and it’s surprisingly not crowded. While this stretch of white sands beach takes a bit of effort to reach, yet the promised view and solitude make everything worthwhile.

You’ll spot lots of black lava rocks on the beach. You can explore and relax in one of the many coves. Or if you prefer, relax under the shade of the many palm trees. It’s also an excellent spot for snorkeling, thanks to the gorgeous coral reef offshore.

7. Kapalua Beach

Kapalua Beach Hawaii

This is one of the top beaches in Hawaii for snorkeling enthusiasts. The Kapalua beach has protection from two reefs that also create a crescent cove. The water here is calm, clear, and teeming with aquatic life.

Even its rocky northern region offers excellent visibility because it doesn’t have as much sand. And although it’s a popular tourist destination, it remains a peaceful and clean beach.

8. Lanikai beach


One of the smallest beaches on Oahu is also one of the best. Lanikai beach is a hot destination for watersports enthusiasts. It doesn’t have shore-breaking waves but rather calm waters that are excellent for paddle boarding and swimming. You can even do windsurfing and sailing in the area, or go snorkeling.

The beach is a 40-minute drive out of Honolulu, and yet it’s not as crowded as you may think. The view is also impressive thanks to the powder-white sands and the leafy backdrop.

9. Punalu’u Beach

Punaluu Beach Hawaii

Punalu’u Beach makes for a fabulous Hawaii vacation spot. It’s a family-friendly location with calm waters that’s ideal for sunbathing. It’s also easily accessible, unlike other more secluded places on the islands.

Turtle watching is a popular activity in the area, and so are picnics or bathing in natural freshwater pools. One of the things that make this beach so eye-catching is its jet-black sand. You can also catch plenty of shade under coconut palm trees.

10. Ko Olina Beach

Ko Olina Beach Hawaii

Located on the west side of Oahu, Ko Olina Beach is a great spot for younger crowds. It doesn’t have the biggest waves, and it’s one of the cleanest beaches in all of Hawaii.

But what’s most amazing is that it has four lagoons. This means that the water has perfect temperatures and is calm enough to venture in even with young children. You can also see some sea turtles in the lagoons and learn to do snorkeling in a calm environment.

11. Hanalei Bay Beach


The Hanalei Bay Beach is a garden island located in the Northern part of Kauai Island. While it doesn’t have the most expansive stretch of sand, the turquoise and emerald waters offer a mesmerizing view.

The backdrop is also one of the most beautiful in all of Hawaii. Hanalei Bay Beach has a background of green peaks and waterfalls. It’s a picturesque vacation spot and one that’s far from being a tourist magnet.

Don’t Miss Out on Hawaii’s Finest Beaches

The next time you visit Hawaii alone or with friends or family, make sure to hit some of these locations.

There’s nothing like sunbathing on jet-black sands, watching lush volcanic peaks, or venturing on some of the world’s most famous surf breaks.

Hawaii is a prime tourist destination for many reasons, with its gorgeous beaches being the number one reason.

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The Top Beaches in Hawaii That You Have to Visit