Eight Things You Have to Do to Prepare for a Trip to Sydney

Eight Things You Have to Do to Prepare for a Trip to Sydney

A Sydney vacation can be a fascinating experience. But like any other big city, this city has its quirks. Know what to expect before planning your trip.

To truly enjoy your Sydney vacation, you need to plan. It’s easy to find out what places to hit for maximum cultural impact and fun.

But how do you plan on getting around the city? What would you like to eat? What time should you get up? What gifts do you want to buy for people back home? Do you know what the weather is like?

These are some of the things that you need to figure out before you step foot in Sydney. Here are some preparation tips to get you on the right track.

Tip #1 – Give Yourself Sufficient Time

Sydney Transportation system

What you need to understand is that Australia’s biggest city is a busy place. So before visiting Sydney, take your time to plan an itinerary. That’s because you may not have sufficient time to do that once you’re there.

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: the city has one of the slowest public transportation systems.

So if you want to visit museums and make your reservations on time, adequate planning is the key. It doesn’t even matter if you want to take the light rail extension, a cab, or rent a car. Always plan ahead and figure out the best route.

Sydney is as beautiful as it is crazy packed. With enough preparation, you can make sure that you don’t miss any of your stops.

Tip #2 – Consider Taking the Ferry

Sydney Ferry

Of the many things to do in Sydney, perhaps taking the ferry is the only mandatory one. These ferries offer a great alternative to the lack of consistency and poor timing of public transport. That means you can use this as a means of public transportation to quickly travel to and from different parts of the city.

It’s also one of the activities that travel agencies don’t advertise as much. But a ride on the ferry provides its own postcard-worthy scenery. It makes for efficient travel and a cheap way to do some sightseeing.

Tip #3 – Get Your Opal Card Fast and Use It Properly

Sydney Get Your Opal Card Fast and Use It Properly

All public transportation systems in Sydney share a unique integrated payment method – the Opal card. It’s something you’ll need if you don’t want to get around on foot.

Best of all, you can reload the card at any train station and select stores. It’s essential you do so because it only supports so many daily charges.

The card also has an interesting way of registering charges. That’s because if you forget to tap off when you get off, expenses can add up to a longer trip than the one you actually took.

Tip #4 – Learn to Avoid the Sydney Weather

Sydney Learn to Avoid the Sydney Weather

Visiting Sydney can put you in a tough spot if you can’t handle the heat. Needless to say, you have to pack summer clothing and plenty of sunscreen.

But there’s another trick to dealing with the hot weather.

Did you know that Sydney is a city of early risers? Almost all businesses open at 7 am. So if you want to get an early start to your day, there’s nothing to stop you. You can begin your tour as early as possible and avoid getting caught in a line somewhere under the unbearable noontime temperatures.

Despite the typical hot weather, Sydney has a subtropical climate. This means that the city gets its fair share of summer storms. So when making any trip to Australia, don’t forget to check the weather forecasts. A sunny day can quickly switch to torrential rain and howling winds without warning.

Tip #5 – Don’t Make Appointments Late in the Evening

Sydney Don’t Make Appointments Late in the Evening

One thing you should know about Sydney is that many shops and restaurants close early. That’s because, as mentioned earlier, establishments typically open ay 7 am.

That means grabbing a late dinner may not be one of the best things to do in Sydney at night. While there are some places that close later than that, the majority wrap up the kitchens by 9 pm.

The same thing happens with stores and boutiques. If you want to buy something to take back home, do your shopping earlier in the day.

See how you need to carefully plan ahead before you leave? And this tip isn’t even commonly noted in a standard Sydney travel guide.

Tip #6 – Mark Your Map for Smoke-Free Areas

Sydney Smoke Free Areas

There are many places in Sydney where you can’t smoke, even outside. It’s best to do your research before you visit if you’re a smoker. Make sure you mark out those locations to avoid getting a fine.

Just in case you miss the signs, here are some areas where you can’t smoke:

  • Near building entrances
  • In close proximity to playgrounds
  • In public recreation areas
  • Stadiums and sports grounds
  • Public transport stations

Tip #7 – You Don’t Need Money for Everything

Sydney You Don’t Need Money for Everything

If you can’t afford a lavish Sydney vacation, that’s ok. You can still visit the Sydney Opera House for free. The same goes for the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Sydney offers people a chance to view permanent art collections for free. While some exhibitions cost money, permanent displays are available to everyone. So, you can plan to see some cool stuff without spending money on anything but transport.

A piece of great news for art enthusiasts is that some art institutions stay open much later than restaurants. It’s a great alternative for a night out in Sydney, besides hitting the nightclubs.

Plan Smart for a Fun Vacation

It always pays off to know the lay of the land before you go somewhere new. It can help you to avoid rip-offs or be in a constant state of urgency. There’s enough time for you to see everything you want to see if you know how to get around.

And since Sydney can have some quirks and even more quirky weather, it’s even better to plan in advance for the unforeseen.

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Eight Things You Have to Do to Prepare for a Trip to Sydney