Enjoy a Feast For Your Taste Buds In These 12 Unique Restaurants in Perth

Enjoy a Feast For Your Taste Buds In These 12 Unique Restaurants in Perth

Do you want to go on a food adventure in Perth? Visit restaurants full of personality and enjoy world-class cuisine.

After you taste international cuisine in Perth, you’d never guess how isolated this city actually is. It’s because many restaurants in Perth offer a wide range of dishes. Some are traditional from around the globe, while others represent modern cuisine.

There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to dining in this city. What’s even more impressive is you’ll find exotic foods from each part of the world that’s served in unique environments. 

The hardest decision you’ll need to make is which restaurant you’ll go to first. To help you out, here are 12 interesting places for your dining pleasure.

  1. Mother (Formerly The Raw Kitchen)

A century-old warehouse houses the restaurant, a store, and a studio. Brick walls and greenery dominate the interior, giving it a rustic feel. And the furniture contributes to the old-timey vibe.

Mother is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, as their cuisine is entirely plant-based with an accent on raw ingredients. Dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, the restaurant uses only healthy oils. The ingredients are all-natural and wholefood – no processed food to be found here.

  1. Wildflower

A native-inspired modern restaurant, Wildflower is situated on a rooftop and offers a great view of the city.

The menu uses ingredients harvested following the calendar of the Noongar people. That’s why every couple of months, the dishes they offer changes. And to make the dining experience even more amazing, a vast selection of wines accompanies the exquisite meals.

  1. The Old Synagogue

Rather than one restaurant, this historic site houses several venues. 

Tonic + Ginger specializes in Southeast Asian tastes. The Arbor has a great food menu, in addition to beers and wines. Mr. Chapple is a bar with superb food and snacks. Finally, L’Chaim is a cocktail bar with an intimate atmosphere.

The four venues under the same roof offer everything your taste buds need. And the drinks and cuisine complement the ambiance of the Old Synagogue.

  1. Petite Mort

Petite Mort is a French-inspired restaurant that’s known not just for the food but also for their amazing plating. The dishes are presented with care and intricacy. Some desserts are particularly famous but all have delicate flavors.

Fancy some wine? French and Australian wines dominate the wine list. But there are also some lesser-known brands for those willing to try out something new. The restaurant also has a cigar menu that offers selected Cuban brands.

  1. Garum

Garum is the name of the original Roman fish sauce. As the name suggests, Roman cuisine is what inspires the restaurant. Yet, the menu is modern with a mix of contemporary Italian cuisine. It changes seasonally based on what’s fresh at the time.

Greenery adorns the ceilings above a beautiful open space. The venue is especially charming in the evening due to the cozy lights.

  1. Bollywood Restobar

From its name alone, you’ll know this restaurant has a Bollywood movie theme. It has a bold yet tasteful design, so you’ll have to divide your attention between the interior and the dishes.

Bollywood Restobar’s menu consists mostly of Indian meals. Their food offering is as colorful as the surroundings and the tastes match the looks.

  1. Silks

Silks is a high-style Chinese restaurant with an amazing theme. You’ll admire the decors that surround you as much as the overall interior design.

The dishes are mostly Cantonese, but other regions are also represented. Some entries in the massive menu are Pan-Asian, especially the desserts. Surprisingly, the cuisine is mainly supported by local produce.

The offer of drinks is a mix of traditional Chinese teas and spirits and international beverages. But the wine list contains worldwide brands, including some premium choices.

  1. Island Market

Island Market sits on the coast and offers a wonderful view of the oceanside. The interior radiates bright white and tender pink that’s supplemented by neon signs. This design choice might seem a bit over-the-top if you haven’t seen it. But all of the elements work well together.

The menu has a selection of Middle-Eastern dishes and delicious seafood. But if you’re unsure what to order, there’s a banquet menu waiting for you. You’ll get a selection of five courses that’ll give you an idea of the range of flavors on offer.

  1. Long Chim

Long Chim offers food from modern Thailand markets and streets. The dishes are flavorful, spicy, and exciting. And once a week, there’s a special street food offer on the menu.

The interior is bright and open, divided by arches. And the mix of colors and materials give it an exciting feel that’s a feast for the eyes.

  1. Post

A gorgeous tree inside the restaurant enhances the unique setting. The interior has mild colors with black and grey accents. It’s a pleasant, open space for long, comfortable dining.

The dishes are modern Australian but with a French twist. There’s an extensive menu with many healthy meals, as well as vegetarian options. Besides that, the express lunch menu is inexpensive and quite tempting.

  1. Bread in Common

A former warehouse housing the restaurant gives it a distinct look. Brick walls lined with wine bottles and the high ceilings adorned with gorgeous lights contribute to the unique ambiance. And the long tables give this large open space a cozy, upbeat atmosphere.

The menu focuses on local seasonal ingredients and foods. While the house-made bread is the centerpiece of the offer, the inventive menu of Bread in Common offers much more.

  1. Propeller

The site was once a bus garage, but it’s now a vibrant restaurant with a friendly atmosphere. The colors, combined with the setting, make it a fun, lively venue. Whether indoor or outdoor, Propeller is memorable and warm.

The menu has Mediterranean, Australian, and Middle-Eastern dishes. The flavors are as bold and perky as the restaurant’s design. Propeller offers meals throughout the day, including take-away. And the menu includes gluten-free options.

From Fine Dining to Themed Venues

Perth has many unique restaurants featuring cuisine from all over the world. That’s why you can easily go for the local foods or the lesser-known, exotic options.

The best choice would be to visit all of the venues, but that’s impossible to achieve. Still, the unique restaurants of Perth will satisfy all your senses and leave you craving for more.

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Enjoy a Feast For Your Taste Buds In These 12 Unique Restaurants in Perth