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The Nine Top Family Activities in Perth

The Nine Top Family Activities in Perth

Embrace Perth’s family-friendly features. You’ll find fun, educational, and relaxing activities all year round.

The best way to turn a family vacation into a treasured memory is to engage in fun activities. It’s also an excellent opportunity for your kids to see and learn new things. 

But the greatest value comes from time spent together.

Luckily, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to family activities in Perth. You can explore the incredible native wildlife or indulge in various fun pursuits. When planning your trip, don’t forget these nine top activities for the whole family in Perth.

1. Visit the Avon Valley

Located near the city, Avon Valley is ideal for a day trip. It is a large countryside region of gentle nature that contains seven towns. There are also hills and streams to enjoy and historical architecture to admire.

The accommodation ranges from caravan parks to mansions and farms. Its diverse food options include everything – from country pubs to fine dining. And depending on the time of your visit, you’ll likely get to see some of the many festival events.

2. Indulge in Vintage Gaming at The Nostalgia Box

The Nostalgia Box video game console museum houses over 100 playable consoles. The exhibition covers gaming platforms from the seventies to the noughties. 

There’s much to learn about the revolutionary development of the consoles during the last 50 years. And once you go over the theory, it’s time to stretch your gaming muscles with some practice. 

Relive your childhood experiences, take the controller, and show the kids what’s it all about. Whether it’s Sonic, Super Mario, Space Invaders, or even Pong, The Nostalgia Box offers a blast from the past.

3. Admire the Aquatic Life at AQWA

The Aquarium of Western Australia opens up the incredible world of the region’s marine life. The tours cover different biomes, from the icy southern waters to the northern coral reefs. There are daily talks and tours, in-water experiences, and other features well-suited for kids.

The creatures you’ll see while visiting AQWA include sharks, stingrays, turtles, and even rare, exotic species. Besides that, there are various in-water experiences, the Touch Pool, and the DANGERzone that showcases some of the deadliest species that inhabit the ocean depths.

The Aquarium of Western Australia pays special attention to exhibits that appeal to kids. This includes activities organized specifically for younger visitors.

4. Climb the Latitude

Latitude has obstacle courses, trampolines, rock climbing, and a ninja warrior course. Upon paying the entry fee, you’ll get access to every activity. Whether you like climbing or bouncing on trampolines, the whole family will surely have fun.

Those looking for a challenge will find it in The Grid, the ninja course, or on the professional trampolines. There’s a Kids Zone as well that has soft, safe surfaces.

5. Learn Through Fun in SciTech

This educational institution aims to make learning about science exciting. It’s because SciTech has interactive galleries, performances, and puppet shows. The whole family can experiment in the controlled conditions of a hands-on lab. Finally, there’s the awe-inducing planetarium, the largest in Australia.

You can even get unique science memorabilia from the Discovery Shop. And there are also special events to catch throughout the year.

6. Go Higher with Trees Adventure

One of the four Trees Adventures parks in Australia offers one-of-a-kind excitement in a gorgeous natural setting. Here you’ll find hundreds of obstacles nested in the treetops. These obstacles range from easy yet fun courses to very challenging ones. The hardest course bears the name Extreme Black Run – which says it all.

The whole family can enjoy climbing and swinging with all the associated thrills. But even those of a more serene spirit can have a more relaxing yet equally fun time.

7. Meet the Marsupials at Cohunu Koala Park

The very mention of the loveable koalas is enough to attract all nature lovers. The park features bush tracks that take you through the site. On the way, you’ll see many species unique to Australia, including emus, dingoes, and kangaroos. Of course, the eponymous koalas will be there, too. You can even hand-feed the animals that roam free in the park.

The Cohunu Park Railway will take you on a ride throughout the park. That’s if you don’t get carried away chatting with the talking parrots. Cohunu Koala Park truly offers a unique showcase of Australia’s well-known wildlife in a natural setting.

8. Slide Away at Perth’s Outback Splash

Perth’s Outback Splash has all the spoils of outdoor fun. As the name suggests, there are many water-based attractions here. The waterslides include raft and body slides – from the casual fun ones to the insanely fast.

Besides the water park area, there’s a mini-golf course, mazes, and a playground for children. And if you need refreshment, there are outlets for food and drinks as well, including the local roasted coffee that’s highly recommended. You can enjoy a picnic-style snack on the park’s vast lawn. 

To go along with an authentic Australian outdoor experience, there are koalas you can pet. They’re not alone though – you can see kangaroos, emus, and the local star, Winnie the Wombat.

9. Go on an Adventure with Let’s Roam

Let’s Roam involves a treasure hunt throughout Perth. And solving the mystery will take you to many of the city’s landmarks. 

You’ll learn about Perth’s evolution and the hidden stories of its history during the exciting search. Before you know it, you’ll have a deep understanding of the city itself.

Take the Time to Explore the Wonders of Perth

The city has so much to offer, whether you’re looking for a getaway or an active vacation. Nature, wildlife, parks, and the countryside all combine for an unforgettable experience. 

There’s something for the whole family to dive into. Even when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s more to check out in Perth. It’s the ultimate destination to visit and revisit with family and friends.


A Quick Perth Vacation Checklist

Cottesloe Beach, Perth Australia

A Quick Perth Vacation Checklist

Are you worried that this isolated city doesn’t have much to offer? You’d be surprised at how many things you can do when you’re visiting Perth.

Perth is widely known as one of the most relaxing and livable cities despite its involvement in the mining industry and sprouting skyscrapers. You’ll find tons of tourist attractions, fun activities, and opportunities to explore nature.

Although sitting in a relatively remote part of Australia, the sun-soaked city of Perth has become a top tourist destination. 

Heading there for a short trip? Discover 10 of the best things you can do during your stay.

1. Spend a Day on the Swan River

You’ll find some of the most popular things to do in Perth on the Swan River. Book a cruise or have a picnic in the riverside parks. Hike the trails, catch some fish, or go swimming.

Why not try kayaking if you want a more thrilling experience? Alternatively, you can go sightseeing in some of the upscale riverfront suburbs.

Swan River is a central hub for both locals and tourists looking to get a lot done in a short amount of time.

2. Hit the Beaches

Are you a beach lover? You’ll be happy to know that you have a wide variety of Perth beaches to choose from, depending on what you want to do and who you’re traveling with. 

Visiting City Beach is one of the best things to do in Perth when traveling with kids. The family-friendly vibe and playground make it an ideal choice for families. Port Beach and Cottesloe Beach may be more suitable if you’re looking for a vibrant atmosphere. Meanwhile, you can hit Trigg Point Beach if you’re looking for good surf breaks.

Perth is surrounded by amazing beaches, each with its own particular hook. You won’t run out of options.

3. Visit an Oasis of Peace

Make no mistake. Perth is a busy city, no matter when you visit. This might make you want to escape the crowds and the noise at some point.

When the moment comes, here’s one of the best things to do in Perth – explore the Kings Park and Botanic Garden. It’s among the world’s largest inner-city parks as it sits on 1,000 acres of natural bush. 

It’s where you’ll find displays of uniquely Western Australian plant life and other exotic specimens. You can also see various birds and get stunning views of the city from the Kings Park War Memorial,\ sitting atop Mount Eliza.

4. Tour the Perth Mint

If you’re a coin collector or history buff who knows a thing or two about the Australian Gold Rush a trip to the Perth Mint is definitely worth your time. 

It’s one of the most popular Perth attractions and even those who visit just out of curiosity will find it fascinating. The Perth Mint boasts an impressive gold nuggets collection, a working melting house, and other interactive exhibits.

Tours run every hour, so it’s very easy to get in without messing up your itinerary.

5. Visit the Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is a tourist hotspot located in Barrack Square. 

From the outside, it looks like something out of a futuristic space-themed movie. But go inside and you’ll find massive 14th-century bells that make the building one of the biggest musical instruments in the world.

Make sure to catch a live demonstration of the bell ringing. Then, go up to the observation deck to see a fantastic 360-degree view of the city and its iconic Swan River.

6. Keep the Kids Entertained

If you’re looking for things to do in Perth with kids, a tour of the Scitech facility is a solid idea. It’s one of the city’s most family-friendly museums. In addition, the various science, engineering, and technology exhibits offer immersive learning experiences.

Explore the various sections like Discoverland, Waterlandia, and others. Then, catch a show at the puppet theater or learn about the universe at the local planetarium.

SciTech may be designed for kids, but it offers loads of fun for visitors of all ages.

7. Discover the Local Wildlife

You may think that if you’ve seen one zoo, you’ve seen them all. That said, going to the Perth Zoo is still among the most common tourist activities – and for good reason.

You can interact with kangaroos, wombats, Tasmanian devils, and other native animals. And when you exit the Australian Bushwalk, you’ll get to enter a different ecosystem, like the African Savannah.

Experience going around the world at the Perth Zoo and seeing animals native to the Asian and South American rainforests. There are plenty of interactive shows, too, and they are guaranteed to grab your attention.

8. Admire International and Australian Art

Many capital cities across Australian states and territories have amazing museums and art galleries. Perth is no exception, of course.

That’s why one of the best things to do in Perth is to visit the Perth Cultural Center. 

It houses the national gallery of Western Australia whose collection includes both Australian and international art dating back from 1829 to today. Most of the exhibits focus on works coming from the Indian Ocean Rim and Australian artists.

You’ll also be able to admire indigenous works of art, which is hard to find elsewhere in the world.

9. Enjoy Some Quiet Time at the Cathedral

Perth’s St. Mary’s Cathedral is a massive neo-Gothic church that sits on the exact site chosen for it in the first plan for the city, which was outlined in 1838. The church went through several renovations over the years, but it still has that old-world appearance.

By night, it’s one of the quietest places in the city. It’s also a fantastic sight to behold due to the carefully designed lighting and impressive architecture.

10. Explore Elizabeth Quay

This is one of those neighborhoods in Perth that has a bit of everything. 

It’s a renowned tourist hotspot with many landmarks, points of interest, boardwalks, and other attractions. 

Here, you can check out some of the city’s monuments while enjoying a cup of coffee or some ice cream. You can also have lunch on the pier or book one of the many day cruises leaving from Elizabeth Quay.

It’s a spot where you can quickly find something interesting to do, from exciting Perth water activities to simply relaxing on a gorgeous rooftop terrace.

Take Your Time and Experience Perth the Right Way

If you’re looking for nature walks, sightseeing, thrilling water adventures, or anything in between, Perth is a must-see Australian city.

But to see everything in and around the city, you should take some time to plan your Perth itinerary. The city has so many attractions for you to see and places for you to visit that you can easily miss out on an interesting activity to do.

And you don’t want that to happen, right?

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Enjoy a Feast For Your Taste Buds In These 11 Unique Restaurants in Perth

Enjoy a Feast For Your Taste Buds In These 11 Unique Restaurants in Perth

Do you want to go on a food adventure in Perth? Visit restaurants full of personality and enjoy world-class cuisine.

After you taste international cuisine in Perth, you’d never guess how isolated this city actually is. It’s because many restaurants in Perth offer a wide range of dishes. Some are traditional from around the globe, while others represent modern cuisine.

There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to dining in this city. What’s even more impressive is you’ll find exotic foods from each part of the world that’s served in unique environments. 

The hardest decision you’ll need to make is which restaurant you’ll go to first. To help you out, here are 11 interesting places for your dining pleasure.

1. Wildflower

A native-inspired modern restaurant, Wildflower is situated on a rooftop and offers a great view of the city.

The menu uses ingredients harvested following the calendar of the Noongar people. That’s why every couple of months, the dishes they offer changes. And to make the dining experience even more amazing, a vast selection of wines accompanies the exquisite meals.

2. The Old Synagogue

Rather than one restaurant, this historic site houses several venues. 

Tonic + Ginger specializes in Southeast Asian tastes. The Arbor has a great food menu, in addition to beers and wines. Mr. Chapple is a bar with superb food and snacks. Finally, L’Chaim is a cocktail bar with an intimate atmosphere.

The four venues under the same roof offer everything your taste buds need. And the drinks and cuisine complement the ambiance of the Old Synagogue.

3. Petite Mort

Petite Mort is a French-inspired restaurant that’s known not just for the food but also for their amazing plating. The dishes are presented with care and intricacy. Some desserts are particularly famous but all have delicate flavors.

Fancy some wine? French and Australian wines dominate the wine list. But there are also some lesser-known brands for those willing to try out something new. The restaurant also has a cigar menu that offers selected Cuban brands.

4. Garum

Garum is the name of the original Roman fish sauce. As the name suggests, Roman cuisine is what inspires the restaurant. Yet, the menu is modern with a mix of contemporary Italian cuisine. It changes seasonally based on what’s fresh at the time.

Greenery adorns the ceilings above a beautiful open space. The venue is especially charming in the evening due to the cozy lights.

5. Bollywood Restobar

From its name alone, you’ll know this restaurant has a Bollywood movie theme. It has a bold yet tasteful design, so you’ll have to divide your attention between the interior and the dishes.

Bollywood Restobar’s menu consists mostly of Indian meals. Their food offering is as colorful as the surroundings and the tastes match the looks.

6. Silks

Silks is a high-style Chinese restaurant with an amazing theme. You’ll admire the decors that surround you as much as the overall interior design.

The dishes are mostly Cantonese, but other regions are also represented. Some entries in the massive menu are Pan-Asian, especially the desserts. Surprisingly, the cuisine is mainly supported by local produce.

The offer of drinks is a mix of traditional Chinese teas and spirits and international beverages. But the wine list contains worldwide brands, including some premium choices.

7. Island Market

Island Market sits on the coast and offers a wonderful view of the oceanside. The interior radiates bright white and tender pink that’s supplemented by neon signs. This design choice might seem a bit over-the-top if you haven’t seen it. But all of the elements work well together.

The menu has a selection of Middle-Eastern dishes and delicious seafood. But if you’re unsure what to order, there’s a banquet menu waiting for you. You’ll get a selection of five courses that’ll give you an idea of the range of flavors on offer.

8. Long Chim

Long Chim offers food from modern Thailand markets and streets. The dishes are flavorful, spicy, and exciting. And once a week, there’s a special street food offer on the menu.

The interior is bright and open, divided by arches. And the mix of colors and materials give it an exciting feel that’s a feast for the eyes.

9. Post

A gorgeous tree inside the restaurant enhances the unique setting. The interior has mild colors with black and grey accents. It’s a pleasant, open space for long, comfortable dining.

The dishes are modern Australian but with a French twist. There’s an extensive menu with many healthy meals, as well as vegetarian options. Besides that, the express lunch menu is inexpensive and quite tempting.

10. Bread in Common

A former warehouse housing the restaurant gives it a distinct look. Brick walls lined with wine bottles and the high ceilings adorned with gorgeous lights contribute to the unique ambiance. And the long tables give this large open space a cozy, upbeat atmosphere.

The menu focuses on local seasonal ingredients and foods. While the house-made bread is the centerpiece of the offer, the inventive menu of Bread in Common offers much more.

11. Propeller

The site was once a bus garage, but it’s now a vibrant restaurant with a friendly atmosphere. The colors, combined with the setting, make it a fun, lively venue. Whether indoor or outdoor, Propeller is memorable and warm.

The menu has Mediterranean, Australian, and Middle-Eastern dishes. The flavors are as bold and perky as the restaurant’s design. Propeller offers meals throughout the day, including take-away. And the menu includes gluten-free options.

From Fine Dining to Themed Venues

Perth has many unique restaurants featuring cuisine from all over the world. That’s why you can easily go for the local foods or the lesser-known, exotic options.

The best choice would be to visit all of the venues, but that’s impossible to achieve. Still, the unique restaurants of Perth will satisfy all your senses and leave you craving for more.

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