The Nine Top Family Activities in Perth

The Nine Top Family Activities in Perth

Embrace Perth’s family-friendly features. You’ll find fun, educational, and relaxing activities all year round.

The best way to turn a family vacation into a treasured memory is to engage in fun activities. It’s also an excellent opportunity for your kids to see and learn new things. 

But the greatest value comes from time spent together.

Luckily, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to family activities in Perth. You can explore the incredible native wildlife or indulge in various fun pursuits. When planning your trip, don’t forget these nine top activities for the whole family in Perth.

Visit the Avon Valley

Located near the city, Avon Valley is ideal for a day trip. It is a large countryside region of gentle nature that contains seven towns. There are also hills and streams to enjoy and historical architecture to admire.

The accommodation ranges from caravan parks to mansions and farms. Its diverse food options include everything – from country pubs to fine dining. And depending on the time of your visit, you’ll likely get to see some of the many festival events.

Avon Valley Avon Valley perth

Indulge in Vintage Gaming at The Nostalgia Box

The Nostalgia Box video game console museum houses over 100 playable consoles. The exhibition covers gaming platforms from the seventies to the noughties. 

There’s much to learn about the revolutionary development of the consoles during the last 50 years. And once you go over the theory, it’s time to stretch your gaming muscles with some practice. 

Relive your childhood experiences, take the controller, and show the kids what’s it all about. Whether it’s Sonic, Super Mario, Space Invaders, or even Pong, The Nostalgia Box offers a blast from the past.

Nostalgia Box Nostalgia Box perth

Admire the Aquatic Life at AQWA

The Aquarium of Western Australia opens up the incredible world of the region’s marine life. The tours cover different biomes, from the icy southern waters to the northern coral reefs. There are daily talks and tours, in-water experiences, and other features well suited for kids.

The creatures you’ll see while visiting AQWA include sharks, stingrays, turtles, and even rare, exotic species. Besides that, there are various in-water experiences, the Touch Pool, and the DANGERzone that showcases some of the deadliest species that inhabit the ocean depths.

The Aquarium of Western Australia pays special attention to exhibits that appeal to kids. This includes activities organized specifically for younger visitors.


Climb the Latitude

Latitude has obstacle courses, trampolines, rock climbing, and a ninja warrior course. Upon paying the entry fee, you’ll get access to every activity. Whether you like climbing or bouncing on trampolines, the whole family will surely have fun.

Those looking for a challenge will find it in The Grid, the ninja course, or on the professional trampolines. There’s a Kids Zone as well that has soft, safe surfaces.

Climb the Latitude Climb the Latitude Perth

Learn Through Fun in SciTech

This educational institution aims to make learning about science exciting. IT’s because SciTech has interactive galleries, performances, and puppet shows. The whole family can experiment in the controlled conditions of a hands-on lab. Finally, there’s the awe-inducing planetarium, the largest in Australia.

You can even get unique science memorabilia from the Discovery Shop. And there are also special events to catch throughout the year.

SciTech SciTech perth

Go Higher with Trees Adventure

One of the four Trees Adventures parks in Australia offers one-of-a-kind excitement in a gorgeous natural setting. Here you’ll find hundreds of obstacles nested in the treetops. These obstacles range from easy yet fun courses to very challenging ones. The hardest course bears the name Extreme Black Run – which says it all.

The whole family can enjoy climbing and swinging with all the associated thrills. But even those of a more serene spirit can have a more relaxing yet equally fun time.

Trees Adventure Trees Adventure Perth

Meet the Marsupials at Cohunu Koala Park

The very mention of the loveable koalas is enough to attract all nature lovers. The park features bush tracks that take you through the site. On the way, you’ll see many species unique to Australia, including emus, dingoes, and kangaroos. Of course, the eponymous koalas will be there, too. You can even hand feed the animals that roam free in the park.

The Cohunu Park Railway will take you on a ride throughout the park. That’s if you don’t get carried away chatting with the talking parrots. Cohunu Koala Park truly offers a unique showcase of Australia’s well-known wildlife in a natural setting.

Cohunu Koala Park Cohunu Koala Park Perth

Slide Away at Perth’s Outback Splash

Perth’s Outback Splash has all the spoils of outdoors fun. As the name suggests, there are many water-based attractions here. The waterslides include raft and body slides – from the casual fun ones to the insanely fast.

Besides the water park area, there’s a mini-golf course, mazes, and a playground for children. And if you need refreshment, there are outlets for food and drinks as well, including the local roasted coffee that’s highly recommended. You can enjoy a picnic-style snack on the park’s vast lawn. 

To go along with an authentic Australian outdoor experience, there are koalas you can pet. They’re not alone though – you can see kangaroos, emus, and the local star, Winnie the Wombat.

Outback Splash Outback Splash Perth

Go on an Adventure with Let’s Roam

Let’s Roam involves a treasure hunt throughout Perth. And solving the mystery will take you to many of the city’s landmarks. 

You’ll learn about Perth’s evolution and the hidden stories of its history during the exciting search. Before you know it, you’ll have a deep understanding of the city itself.

Let's Roam Let's Roam Perth

Take the Time to Explore the Wonders of Perth

The city has so much to offer, whether you’re looking for a getaway or an active vacation. Nature, wildlife, parks, and the countryside all combine for an unforgettable experience. 

There’s something for the whole family to dive into. Even when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s more to check out in Perth. It’s the ultimate destination to visit and revisit with family and friends.

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The Nine Top Family Activities in Perth