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Martha’s Vineyard (And Six Other Attractions to Visit in Cape Cod)

Cape Cod Beaches

Martha’s Vineyard (And Six Other Attractions to Visit in Cape Cod)

Cape Cod may be very popular with young crowds looking to have fun. But its historical roots also make it a dream destination for history buffs.

Not many people know this but Cape Cod is more than just its beaches.

Yes, the seemingly never-ending shoreline does provide almost an endless supply of sandy beaches, diverse terrain, and perfect waters. But most attractions in Cape Cod have nothing to do with spending time on the beach.

Here are some attractions you might want to check out when you feel like exploring the region a bit more.

1. Martha’s Vineyard

It’s the most famous island and location in Cape Cod, and for good reason. 

Six unique little towns make up the Vineyard and the island is abundant with exciting boutiques and art galleries. But many visit it for the high-end antiques on offer.

Consider a visit to Edgartown, one of the Vineyard’s oldest settlements. There you can tour the Vincent House, a local museum that provides a detailed look at the history of Martha’s Vineyard.

Oak Bluffs is another popular holiday town. The 19th-century cottages and gothic-style architecture give it a very eclectic appeal.

Although dated as a ride, the Flying Horses Carousel is still a major draw. It’s actually among the oldest in America.

Martha’s Vineyard is a casual destination for everyone, whether spending time at the beach or enjoying the diverse landscapes.

2. Sandwich

One of the top attractions to visit in Cape Cod is Sandwich, a small town in the western part of Cape Cod. But don’t be fooled by its name. Because back in the 19th century, the city was a massive glass-making center.

Even today, some collectors go crazy over Sandwich glass. But there’s not a lot left in the local shops, so you can check out the Sandwich Glass Museum if you want to see them. The museum displays over 5,000 glassware items produced in the town. It also has a fully functioning furnace that’s often used for demonstrations.

The Heritage Museums & Gardens is another popular stop in Sandwich. It’s a complex consisting of different museums that sits in a beautiful 100-acre garden. You can immerse yourself in American folk art, antique car collections, Native American artifacts, and much more in a couple of hours.

Some visitors even end up spending more time enjoying the serenity of the gardens.

3. Nantucket

Nantucket was once the most important city in the whaling industry. At one point, it had well over 125 ships. That’s why today you can visit the Nantucket Whaling Museum to see a whale’s skeletal frame, model ships, industry equipment, long books, and other artifacts.

There are other popular attractions to see in Cape Cod that are also found in Nantucket. For example, you can tour a 19th-century firehouse and see the last remaining structure built in the original English settlement – Jethro Coffin House.

Nantucket also houses the oldest functioning windmill in the US. So when exploring Cape Cod, a visit to Nantucket can take you on a fascinating historical journey.

4. Provincetown

Like most towns around Cape Cod, Provincetown also has a deep-rooted history. Because in 1620, it’s where the Pilgrims landed on the Mayflower.

It’s an iconic location in American history, and, today, one of the busiest resorts in Cape Cod. After all, it offers a massive shoreline, trails, cruises, and a lively atmosphere.

The hottest attraction remains the Pilgrim Monument. It’s still the tallest structure in the country that’s made entirely of granite and 252 feet. You can climb it to get a splendid view of the resort and beaches.

There’s also a local museum featuring collections of maritime and Native American artifacts.

5. Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod has roughly 600 miles of gorgeous shoreline, of which a stretch of 40 miles is wild protected land called the Cape Cod National Seashore.

This untouched slice of paradise is most famous for its unusual park. If you stroll along the boardwalk, you can explore the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp.

It’s a beautiful piece of land filled with mossy hummocks and massive cedars. While it’s not the easiest place to explore freely, the location, terrific plantlife, and terrain make it a unique attraction to visit in Cape Cod.

The park also contains a bunch of historical buildings and plenty of room for activities like hiking, snorkeling, and canoeing.

Taking a walk through this area is among the unique things to do in Cape Cod.

6. Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary

You can find lots of whale-watching cruises in various harbors around Cape Cod. But an excursion to the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary, running from April through October, probably trumps all other alternatives.

It’s a perfect opportunity to spot humpback, minke, and finback whales. Each ride has its own experienced naturalists that can provide some insight into the local whale behavior and unique characteristics of different species.

A cruise can last anywhere between two to four hours.

7. The Chatham Lighthouse and Marconi Maritime Center

Chatham now has one of the best beaches in Cape Cod. But in the past, it served as a Marconi/RCA Wireless Receiving Station at the time of the Second World War.

Today, you can visit the museum and check out interactive exhibits detailing the story of wireless communication.

A whole section of the museum serves a very specific purpose. It tells the Enigma machine’s story, its creation, and the vital role it played in code interception during the war.

Close to the white sandy beaches of Chatham is another interesting attraction – the local lighthouse. It’s a turn-of-the-century installation that you can visit.

Which Spot Do You Plan to See First?

The whole area has a lot to offer. That’s why it’s best to come up with some Cape Cod vacation ideas before booking a stay to make sure you can see as many things that interest you as you can.

Hopefully, the suggestions in this article will help you have an easier time planning your itinerary. 

Remember that most towns in the region are very significant in American history. The sights and artifacts available helped raise Cape Cod’s profile to more than just a vacation destination that’s perfect for sunbathing.

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These Beaches Make Cape Cod an Ideal Summer Destination

These Beaches Make Cape Cod an Ideal Summer Destination

Cape Cod has enough attractions to keep you busy. But it’s the beaches that make it a wildly popular destination in the Northeast.

What do you think about when you hear Cape Cod? 

Is it the facilities, theme parks, museums, or the 600 miles of coastline?

Arguably, most regional tourists flock to Cape Cod to take in the sunshine (often a premium in the Northeast of America), sandy beaches, and water activities.

But unlike other places, Cape Cod’s coastline also offers some fantastic sightseeing opportunities, among others.

Have a Picnic at Veterans Park Beach

One of the quietest and best beaches in Cape Cod, Veterans Park Beach is a smaller beach that offers more than enough barbecue areas and picnic spaces.

It also has a playground and easy access to the Hyannis Yacht Club so you can enjoy a seaside picnic while looking at sailboats. And if you decide to go for a walk, make sure to visit the Korean War and John F. Kennedy memorials, too.

Make the Most of the Rough Waters at Race Point Beach

When in the mood for some water adventures, you’ll want to head to Race Point Beach. It’s where you can enjoy one of the best things to do in Cape Cod – surfing.

The rough waters at this spot create excellent surfing conditions. But it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing else to do there. The beach also has plenty of shallow areas that are ideal for swimming.

It also has the Province Lands Bike Trail, which provides a comfortable alternative for sightseeing or getting around.

The Calm Waters of Old Silver Beach

Not everyone looks for thrilling water conditions. Some enjoy a more peaceful beach, which is why the Old Silver Beach is ideal for kids and families – the calm waters provide excellent swimming conditions. 

The view of coastal towns, especially at night, is terrific. But note that a jetty splits it in two such that the beach has two sections, one free for the public and one that’s only for residents.

Avoid the Crowds at Craigville Beach

Most of the best beaches in Cape Cod get their fair share of tourists and locals. But Craigville Beach isn’t among the crowded ones.

The rather tame water and vast shoreline make it a top choice for sunbathers and swimmers. It’s also family-friendly and provides an excellent selection of restaurants for a quick bite to eat.

There’s plenty of parking space besides, perhaps more so than what’s available around other Cape Cod beaches.

Designated Swimming and Surfing at Nauset Beach

Nauset Beach isn’t massive, at only around 10 miles from end to end, yet it’s among the most popular in the region.

There’s a simple reason behind this. The beach has a number of protected areas. This organization helps swimmers stay safe from surfers and boogie boarders.

It’s also a good spot if you want to do some seal or shark watching. That said, it’s a safe location and one that provides live outdoor entertainment every week, especially between July and August.

Enjoy the Steady Breeze of Seagull Beach

Seagull Beach is easily one of the best beaches in Cape Cod for water activities. And the calm waters make it a prime choice for swimmers.

But what really puts Seagull Beach on the map is the steady breeze that creates perfect conditions for kiteboarding and windsurfing that most young adults and adventurous visitors prefer.

Bird watchers also seem to favor it due to the abundance of birdlife. Interestingly enough, there aren’t that many seagulls in the area.

See the Dunes and Views of the Marconi Beach

Marconi Beach has one feature that makes it instantly recognizable – the massive dunes. They give the spot a unique appeal.

And as one of the most popular beaches in Cape Cod, it also offers a bit of everything. Seal sightings are quite common, while the waves’ consistency creates good surfing conditions.

And the massive size means that it’s never too crowded, despite its huge draw with tourists and locals.

Have a Picturesque Walk at Mayflower Beach

One of the most popular activities at Mayflower Beach is to watch the sunset. And the low tide in the region created a vast patch of sand that’s conducive for walks along the beach.

The general family-friendly atmosphere and heavy lifeguard presence make it among the safest in Cape Cod. It also has very convenient access from the parking lot – something that not all beaches provide.

Various picnic areas are available, but there’s not as much on-site entertainment as in other places. That said, the waves’ consistency and location on the bayside make it very appealing.

The Sandy Neck Beach Refuge

One of the best beaches in Cape Cod is also one of the liveliest. But surprisingly, Sandy Neck Beach also acts as a wildlife refuge. It’s where you can spot the piping plover bird, among other semi-endangered species.

The sand isn’t the best around Cape Cod, as Sandy Neck has a reputation of being a pebbly beach. Yet its landscape that combines forests, marshes, and sand dunes is what makes it a hit with many.

There are plenty of walking trails and even a portion of the beach reserved for off-road vehicles. It’s a unique spot for anyone to spend a few days in.

Sightseeing at the Coast Guard Beach

Located in Eastham, Coast Guard Beach offers large waves and remarkable views. In fact, the dunes and majestic backdrop earned the beach many awards over the years.

You can access the beach by bike if you don’t want to drive there. Here you can have some fun on the volleyball courts or go boogie boarding. The former coast guard station, now a historical building, is also open to the public.

A Scenic Destination for All Ages

Not every beach in Cape Cod offers free parking. But that’s about the only bad thing one could say about them.

There’s a constant lifeguard presence on all popular beaches, plenty of calm and shallow swimming areas, and consistent waves that are perfect for surfing. The vast coastline also ensures that Cape Cod beaches don’t get too crowded.

With the various activities available in different spots, there’s enough sand to go around for everyone. The award-winning views and diverse landscape help raise the profile even higher.

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What Sports Fans Should Do When Visiting Boston


What Sports Fans Should Do When Visiting Boston

Boston has some of the most celebrated sports teams in the country. Fan or not, here’s how you can learn about their history.

Boston has arguably some of the best and loudest sports fans in the world. And it’s understandable, as the city has a team in every major pro sports league like the NFL, the NHL, the NBA, and the oldest, the MLB. 

So if you want to go on a tour of sports history, Boston’s one of the best cities you can visit.

The city is accustomed to a winning culture through different periods. Although it experienced a semblance of a drought in the 70s and 80s, things have looked up since then. Since the turn of the millennium, 12 major American pro sports trophies have resided in Boston at one time or another, even simultaneously at times.

So how do you ensure you’ll make the most out of your trip? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Consider Visiting in the Spring

If you want to experience sports madness, make sure to come for the Boston Marathon. It’s Boston for sports fans at its finest after all. This legendary 26.2-mile race happens every year on St Patriot’s Day. Go in early, sign up, qualify, and test your resilience. 

But if that doesn’t appeal to you, at least check out the runners from multiple locations, particularly between Hopkinton and Copley Square.

Check Out the New TD Garden

TD Garden replaced the old Boston Garden in September 1995. Although the old building hosted some amazing games over the years, the new arena looks more impressive. That’s even if it does not boast of all the amenities often found in the latest generation of US pro stadiums.

Today, TD Garden is the home stadium for the Celtics and the Bruins. The Garden also has memorabilia for both teams on display for everyone to check out – something no true sports fan should miss out on while visiting the city. As you may know, both the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins were among the founding teams in their respective league.

What’s even better about TD Garden?

It’s right next to North Station. This puts the venue in close proximity to public transportation and makes for very easy access from all over the city.

Book Your Ticket to the Beanpot Hockey Tournament

Bostonians are hot for hockey, making you almost feel like you’re in Canada. That’s why another great idea for a stop on your Boston for sports fans tour is the Beanpot Hockey Tournament that starts every year in October and runs through March.

Hockey is Boston’s main college sport, quite unlike the South and the Midwest where football is king by a mile. What’s interesting is that the tournament features teams from all major universities in the city. So you can just tell that the rivalry is going to be fierce in the matches.

Visit the Iconic Fenway Park

You can’t plan a trip to Boston and not put Fenway Park on your itinerary. It’s the country’s oldest Major League stadium after all and the site of the first World Series.

The city was under the Curse of the Bambino for some 86 years until it was broken by the Red Sox in 2004. You could say that Red Sox fans have become even more crazed since then.

Finding a ticket on game day is probably among the hardest things to do in Boston unless you’re willing to shell out on Stubhub. But with a bit of planning, you can enjoy a Red Sox game on your next trip. Also, there are plenty of tours of the park available should you want to go beyond the stands.

While in Fenway, give bowling a try, too. The Lucky Strike complex features a full bar, a game room, and 16 bowling lanes. The on-site brewery is a massive hit with locals and tourists alike, and the vast amount of entertainment is perfect for a night out.

Feel Some Thrills at the Gillette Stadium

Tom Brady may have left for fairer weather, but that doesn’t mean Boston sports fans stopped supporting their team.

Gillette Stadium in the Greater Boston area is something you don’t want to miss. A tour of this fairly modern football stadium is quite easy to arrange. But catching a game on your trip is definitely going to make for an amazing experience. 

Don’t worry if the weather isn’t kind. The stadium is equipped with excellent heating, what with all the postseason games that the Patriots have hosted in the last couple of decades. Still, bring a blanket just in case.

Don’t Forget About the Local Sports Bars

Not everyone can get a ticket for the big game day. But don’t think that’s ever going to stop Bostonians and all other sports fans from rooting for their teams together.

Boston’s sports bar scene is amazing. And Bar Louie and the Scorpion Bar are two of the most popular locations. But you can also check out the massive screens in Foxboro. Meanwhile, Cask ‘n Flagon is a popular Fenway hangout, and Parlor Sports, Champions, and Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill are also fan favorites.

If you’re traveling alone, hitting a sports bar is one of the best decisions you can make. Feel free to enjoy the atmosphere and endless beer on tap at any other sports bar near you. As long as you root for the home teams, Bostonites will show you a good time.

Respect the Tradition

It’s true that not everyone likes Boston sports fans. But the city’s rich sports history is the main reason why the city spawned generations of very loyal fans. And to the local teams, that means everything. 

It also means that Boston can be a sports fan’s dream city. There’s a camaraderie around the city that’s hard to match anywhere else.

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