Take a Break from Reality on These Hidden Beaches in Crete

Take a Break from Reality on These Hidden Beaches in Crete

If you wish to discover incredible, serene beach landscapes and spend a day by the sea without distractions, Crete is the perfect destination for you.

Crete is a Mediterranean island paradise and a beloved holiday destination. The largest Greek island is teeming with history, culture, and lush beaches that attract millions of tourists every year.

However, hanging around the most frequented spots isn’t everybody’s image of the perfect holiday. If you’re looking for a gorgeous, secluded beach where you can enjoy the sun and peace of the Aegean, you’re in luck.

In the following, we’ll help you discover some of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Crete that will make you fall in love with the island.

1. Glyka Nera

One of the most beautiful Cretan beaches, Glyka Nera, or sweet water beach, is only accessible by boat. While there’s an alternative way to reach the beach, it involves long hikes along two different paths that can be somewhat stressful, especially when the tracks come near the cliff edge.

The beach gets its name from the spring where potable freshwater flows. Visitors can enjoy the deep-blue colored sea from the pebbled beach or the small tavern that offers refreshing drinks, food, and even beds. 

The nearest town is Hora Sfakion, a unique and beautiful place in its own right.

2. Seitan Limania

Quite near to Chania airport, Seitan Limania or Stefanou beach is a hidden gem that’s perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and cliff diving.

You can relax on the smooth pebbles or swim in the clear water, following the cliffs’ zigzag shape to reach the open sea. And if you’re looking for a secluded getaway, you might find the ideal solution on this beach – it’s possible to spend the day here and not see anyone else.

While stunning and peaceful, Seitan Limania attracts fewer visitors for two reasons. First, access is somewhat challenging as the hike requires good walking shoes. Second, you won’t find any stores or taverns here, which means you’ll need to pack food, water, and other necessities.

3. Kedromouri

In the east of Crete and near the town of Sitia, you’ll find a green valley where beyond it is a string of small coves surrounded by juniper trees. Named after those trees, Kedromouri is the most beautiful beach in this area.

Its sandy surface lies among the rocky terrain and offers a gorgeous view of the sea. 

You can reach Kedromouri by boat or by walking. But make sure to have the right hiking gear if you chose the latter option. Once you get there, you won’t find any amenities so bringing your own food and water is a must.

4. Kaminaki

If you’re looking for an authentic Cretan landscape, the cliffs, rocks, and gorges surrounding Kaminaki beach are among the most unique. It’s somewhat near Heraklion but the beach is rarely frequented by tourists due to the challenging terrain. So when it comes to peaceful spots, this makes Kaminaki one of the best beaches in Crete near Heraklion.

While you could reach it by land in theory, Kaminaki’s too far from the road. Not to mention the steep gorge cliffs present a considerable obstacle once you get near. That’s why the best way to access the beach is by boat. 

As is the case with many other secluded beaches, there are no shops or buildings of any kind.

5. Agadiko Beaches

Near the more extensive Agios Antonios beach, Mikro and Megalo Agadiko, are coves you can get to by boat or, in most cases, by swimming around the rocky outlets. 

They are a part of the rocky terrain filled with small caves and cliffs, hiding these wonderful hidden beaches. In Crete, this is not an unexpected sight to behold, but there’s something special in discovering them while swimming.

The coves are serene, colorful, and perfectly private. And if you want to get away from the sun for a while or are curious to explore the area, the cliffs and caves will provide plenty of shade.

Since you’ll most likely reach Agadiko by swimming, plan for a shorter visit and remember to rest well for the swim back.

6. Vathy

Vathy is a relatively new artificial beach, which is why it’s not as well-known as some others. It isn’t too secluded but the lack of visitors makes it a hidden gem. And because it can’t be seen from the road, the beach will likely remain undiscovered by many.

The narrow, almost rectangular bay shelters the Vathy beach from wind, while you can find shade from the sun under the parasols. The beach’s covered by fine white sand that makes the sea’s gorgeous blues stand out even more.

Although a luxurious local hotel operates the beach, you don’t have to stay there to gain access to Vathy. Reaching the beach is easy since there are both a concrete path and a staircase leading right down from the hotel.

7. Fotinari Beaches

Someway south from the ancient city of Rethymnon, two quiet beaches lie right next to each other. They are simply called Small and Big Fotinari, and the beaches are covered in pebbles resting on a rocky seabed.

The beaches are less frequented but they are adjacent both to the road and various amenities. You could find a room for rent nearby and several restaurants offer refreshments. But keep in mind that the beaches are wild and not organized.

Because they are more easily accessible than most other entries in our list, Fotinari beaches aren’t as devoid of visitors. But you won’t find large crowds sunbathing or swimming among the rocks. This makes this location ideal for those that want a peaceful and yet not completely isolated experience.

Exploring Crete and Its Hidden Wonders

The hidden beaches in Crete will give you a memorable, dreamlike holiday experience away from the tourist attractions. 

With the island’s size, chances are there are many undiscovered coves and private spots all along its coast. So a bit of exploration is bound to lead you to the perfect spot.

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Take a Break from Reality on These Hidden Beaches in Crete